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sam and jo skin care - packaging design example

What does Hopping Mad think makes a good packaging design?

April 13 2021 When holding a product you’ve never used before, the first thing you do is judge it by the packaging. You admire the design, the look, feel, style and even the packaging texture. It all comes together to form one neat unit that’s screaming buy me! It’s that state of mind MORE →
Digital Marketing Trends that will Dominate 2021 & Beyond

Digital Marketing Trends that will Dominate 2021 & Beyond

April 9 2021 2020 has been a crazy year. Everyone is still reeling from the pandemic, but business continues evolving in the digital space.  As we all adapt to so-called ‘new normals’ in 2021, people stuck at home have set the tone for seeing an absolute explosion in digital marketing trends. The only MORE →
Benefits of adding FAQ's to your website - hopping mad designs

Benefits of adding a FAQ page to your website

March 24 2021 Thinking about adding an FAQ page to your website? Great idea. It's a fantastic marketing & sales tool for your business and has heaps of benefits. Who would have thought? MORE →
Conversion-Boosting Benefits of Online Videos

6 Conversion-Boosting Benefits of Online Videos

March 15 2021 Did you know that video was one of the most powerful marketing tools for your business? Do you want to know why explainer videos are going to help you boost sales and inquiries? MORE →
7 Tips for Choosing the Best Domain Name

7 Tips for Choosing the Best Domain Name

March 2 2021 Struggling to find a good domain name for your buisness? How do you choose a name that also works well on the search engines? The following artilce will help you make the right choice. MORE →
DIY website are they right for your business?

DIY websites: pros and cons

February 25 2021 Every business needs a website, and if you’re in the process of building your first, second or third site, you have probably heard about free websites like WIX, WordPress, or SquareSpace. These are great options for many business owners that want a cheap n cheerful site up and running in MORE →
Can bad web design harm your SEO efforts?

Can bad web design harm your SEO efforts?

February 17 2021 Web design and SEO are intricately intertwined. So, in short, the answer is yes. Having lousy web design will harm your SEO Google rankings. You may ask how this works, and the answer is simple. If a user conducts a search online and lands on your website, that’s excellent news. MORE →
Tips to Speed Up Your WordPress Website

11 Tips to Speed Up Your WordPress Website

January 20 2021 If your WordPress website is not running at lightning speed, unfortunately, this will significantly impact your customer conversion rates and Google rankings. A two to three-second download would seem adequate for most people, but this is no longer the case. Start thinking one to two seconds. So, let’s take a MORE →
tips to make people buy from you

Psychological Triggers to MAKE PEOPLE BUY From YOU! (How to Increase Conversions) Sales Tricks

November 12 2020 In this post, I will be giving you a secret edge over your competition when it comes to driving customers to your website with ten simple tips. Getting more sales has more to do with psychology than you would imagine. Being in the web industry business for over 20 years, MORE →
wordpress plugins for 2021

WordPress Plugins you can’t live without for 2021

October 27 2020 WordPress websites are at the core of many businesses. And, for this reason, there are some fantastic plugins you should keep an eye out for in 2021 that will help your website remain current and help with some nifty marketing. WordPress websites have many benefits which most people already know MORE →
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