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signs that it’s time to redesign your website

Signs that it’s time to redesign your website

August 24 2020 Rebranding your website is plausibly the last thing you want to do especially during COVID-19. Why spend all that effort, time and expense when business confidence, sales and inquiries are down? Well, now is the perfect time to invest your energy and time into rebranding your website and giving it MORE →
WordPress Web Design Tips for Small Businesses

10 WordPress Web Design Tips for Small Businesses

August 17 2020 In today’s competitive online space, you have to build a brand for your small business which can take the shape of many forms. And the beauty is having a  WordPress website makes this possible. Many small businesses should consider blogging, content marketing, e-newsletters and website updates to keep the content MORE →

Is your new website redesign hurting your SEO rankings?

September 26 2016 Many businesses will get their website redesigned and wonder why their Google rankings have taken a dive. With the old website they were doing nicely and sitting on page 1, but since the launch of the brand new website their online SEO has taken a big hit. This is common MORE →
Why your website MUST NOT be a DIY project

Why your website MUST NOT be a DIY project

January 24 2016 Most new business start ups are looking to save as much money as they can. Ideally, they want to minimise their risk and the best way to do this is start the business with as little cash outlay as possible. One of the best ways they can trim their start MORE →

Hopping Mad Designs Reviews Graphic Design Trends for 2016

November 13 2015 Hopping Mad Designs reviews whats in store for 2016 when it comes to graphic design trends. There is so much going on and happening that we thought we would give you a preview of our insights as to the next ‘big thing’ in the graphics world. Dramatic Typography. Typography is MORE →

Is your Website Really Trustworthy?

July 23 2015 Think about this scenario. You have a retail shop. You rely on passing foot traffic for the survival of your business, yet your shop is dark, poorly staffed, cluttered, with little or no signage. What does this say about your business and what do you think those customers who walk MORE →

Does Your Website Need to be Modernised?

July 17 2015 When was the last time you updated or overhauled your website. Does it look outdated? Does it look at though it was done in the 90’s? Your website is probably your most powerful marketing tool and for this reason, it must be kept updated all the time. Failing to do MORE →

A recent (and awesome!) review for Hopping Mad Designs

June 28 2015 Every so often a client writes a review for Hopping Mad Designs that we just love to publish and tell everyone about. Yes, we do get a lot of compliments, but to get a client to write a review like this is something that we are extremely grateful for. MORE →

Why does my website need to be responsive?

June 21 2015 All websites nowadays need to be responsive or what is termed mobile friendly. A responsive website means that it is viewable on all hand held devices and tablets. Essentially it provides the user with a much better viewing experience and allows them to navigate your site so much easier that MORE →

Build a New Website Design in Sydney that is Search Engine Optimisation Friendly.

October 4 2013 Do you want to build a new website for your business that is 100% search engine friendly? If you are thinking about having a new website designed and built for your company, Hopping Mad Designs can help. This article provides information about some aspects of the web design industry in MORE →