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You might think that word of mouth is the best form of marketing, or a referral from a friend. But all businesses need a professional website in today’s market. It doesn’t matter if you are a retail shop front in a very high profile shopping centre or a well known business that has been around for fifty years. The truth of the matter is that your business must have a website if it is going to stay ahead of the market in today’s volatile and highly dynamic business environment.

Relying on what used to be popular or old school marketing campaigns is just not going to work anymore. And, your website is the very first step in the ladder that is the online world. Getting a professionally designed website will give the business advantage that your competitors may not have.
The Australian Bureau of Statistics states that only 41% of businesses in Sydney and throughout Australia have a website – I find this an amazing statistic, considering the longevity of the internet and how long Google has been around. I will make a bet that these companies slow on the uptake used to be real strong advocates for the Yellow Pages. The reason for their reluctance to embrace the internet is either through a lack of understanding or their business is all local and through word of mouth. It is these types of businesses that really need to get their head around the online world and this can only begin once they get a website designed. From this point onwards, they can then use their website as a great marketing vehicle.

So What Can A Professionally Designed Website Do For My Business?

Let’s say you are a accountant and you have never had a website. You have relied on word of mouth, events and get togethers to hand out your designed business card and in turn wait for the business to come through the door. But what happens if they loose your card or they some how forget who you are or what your firm does? These people will go to Google and search for you. If you are not there or cannot be located easily, then this will result in a lost opportunity. Your website is your online business card or brochure.

Alternatively, if you have a website that has been search engine optimised for Google, then not only is your website going to be found but it will also highlight so much information about your business. It is such a good marketing tool, that any business that thinks that they can get by without having a website is sorrily mistaken.

Burying ones head in the sand and thinking that this is a passing fad is just bad business. Eventually, this ignorance will consume your business to the point where there is nothing left. I know this is a really harsh statement but lets have a dose of reality here – you know in the back of your mind that what I’m saying is 100% truthful and inevitable.

So What Are Some Other Advantages of Having a Website.

1) You can post information online that will help customers know more about your business. Think about opening times, new services you may be offering, product specials, new staff members etc.

2) If you want to market to a new audience who are on mobile phones, then a website is the perfect medium for this. Get you web developers to design a mobile website for you along with your new site.

3) You can link to your social media from your website. Business owners who are not in the web space will most probably not have any social media presence, but even a small amount of activity on Facebook or Twitter and even Linked In will show the world that you exist – AND this can all be linked from your website.

Why Use Hopping Mad Designs?

There are so many reasons why you should consider using us for your next web design project. But if I can give you just 1 main reason it would have to be this: WE KNOW WHAT IT TAKES TO BUILD SUCCESSFUL WEBSITES. Our sites are recognised Australia wide for their creativity, usability and performance. Plus and I will emphasise this point; we know how to rank your finished final website on Google.

Hopping Mad Designs has a whole range of solutions to get your business online – call us today on 02 9360 8514 to for a FREE 1 HOUR CONSULTATION.

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