Month: August 2014

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dodgy SEO

How to Recognise the TOP 4 Dodgy SEO Practices

August 11 2014 If your dentist didn't look at your mouth for a check up and gave you the all clear you would be very angry. This is what many Australian businesses experience when they really look into the practices of their search engine optimisation ( SEO ) company. They get a huge MORE →
see sydney rip offs

5 Ways To Tell That Your SEO Team is Ripping You Off.

August 18 2014 Have you got that sinking feeling that your SEO company is ripping you off BUT cannot prove it? Are your SEO rankings plummeting and you don't know what to do? Are you being told the same lies month after month and feel it's time to make a switch to a MORE →
responsive web design

The advantages of having a mobile responsive web design

August 27 2014 Internet access from mobile devices is exploding as more and more people use their hand helds ( iphones and androids) to connect to the internet. All you need to do is look at anyone in a public space and you will see the uptake. It is amazing. Bear in mind MORE →

Cheap Web Design is a Waste of your Money

August 30 2014 The temptation, I know in business is to save as much money as possible. But to look around for the cheapest web designer and get a stock standard template design, is really quite harmful and detrimental to your business. I get so many calls from people who are just starting MORE →

Interesting Social Media Statistics for Australia in June 2014

August 4 2014 I want all business owners to pay close attention to these insanely important social media statistics that apply in Australia in 2014. If you have a website or a business owner I think that you should pay very close attention to the amount of online users who are actively engaging MORE →
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