How to Increase the Sales Conversion Rate of My Website?

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Is your website not performing? Are sales down and the phone not ringing yet you have decent Google rankings? Then the issue is your websites conversion rates. See how you can quickly improve these with a few simple tips.

Getting a decent amount of traffic to your website is the name of the game. 

You have to get as many qualified customers to your website as possible to have any chance of making sales.

To get your website ranking on Google for your main core keywords is the end game. But wait, there’s more. Great website rankings are only 50% of the challenge; the other 50% happens when they land on your website. Do they arrive on your page and make an inquiry or leave your website without making a sale or inquiry

If you find that you are ranking well, but the phones are not ringing, something is wrong, and you need to take action ASAP. After all, you’ve put all the hard work and effort into getting decent Google rankings; now, you need to convert these site visitors into paying customers. 

Known as conversion rate optimisation, you must keep people excited and engaged once they land on your website. Moz describes conversion rate optimisation (CRO) as the systematic process of increasing the percentage of website visitors who take the desired action — filling out a form, becoming customers, or otherwise.

As a business owner, you always have to be looking for ways to improve your CRO rates. If you start to let them slide, you’ll soon see what happens. It’s a disaster. People will not engage with the site and start shopping or buying from your competition.

In this blog, I will highlight a few simple ways to help you improve your websites conversion rates and get more sales leads, inquiries and revenue.

What Is a Good Conversion Rate?

Many people ask this question, and it’s not as cut and dry as you’d think. Conversion rates vary between industries and competitive keywords, so we can not give specifics on this. Crazy Egg tells us that your conversion rate represents the percentage of website visitors who take action on an offer you present to them. It’s a way to track the effectiveness of your messaging and the product behind the message.

Obviously, if you’re an eCommerce business, you want to get conversion rates as high as possible. CRO Experts tell us that having a conversion rate of between 5-10% is a decent figure. Anything higher and then you’re getting into some serious conversions. You can add PPC or Adwords into the mix here, and you would like to have the maximum CRO rates as each click on Google ends up costing you money.

Conversion Rate Optimisation Tips

A quick search for “conversion rate optimisation tips“, and you will find plenty of information online. But before you go ahead and rush into making any changes to your website to improve CRO rates, you first have to know your web goals and understand your audience. Once you know what you want to achieve and what your audience wants, you can then go about the necessary web changes to improve conversion rates.

The best strategy for a business that sells directly to another company could mean a lifelong client worth many thousands of dollars or an eCommerce store where the average sale is $15 to follow these conversion boosting tips.

Write Killer Headlines

Headlines attract the eye and are the most crucial part of your landing pages—the more attention-grabbing the headline, the more chances of consumer engagement and interaction with the site. If they like the headline, then they will read further. If what they initially read is garbage, expect them to exit the page.

David Ogilvy explains that many people read the headline five times as read the body copy on average. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.

If you think about that statistic, you’ll come to appreciate how strong your headline is for each page of your website. If you get stuck writing headlines or don’t have the experience, I suggest getting an SEO copywriter to help you with this.

How can you write killer headlines?

  • You have to understand your audience and write headlines that will immediately appeal to them.
  • What’s your unique selling point? Do you know it? Well, you should, and it must be included in your headline. Ulrika from Sparrow Loans has done this on the website’s home page by highlighting that their loans help businesses within 48 hours. It’s those types of headlines that catch the readers eye very quickly.
  • Use words in an offer that solve a person inquiry, such as; ‘Do you want?” ‘Learn How To’ or’ Did You Know?’
  • Test and retest again. There’s no harm in doing this and seeing what works and what doesn’t. For example, I will change the headline 4 or 5 times before I’m satisfied with it and check bounce rates in my Analytics account frequently to see if the heading change has had any impact.

Reduce Complicated Forms

Just imagine you want to sign up for a cooking class, but you had to fill in a 3-page form before you could. Or, perhaps you want to buy a new iPhone online, but you needed to sign up to create an account without having a guest option? 

Extensive sign-up forms are a massive roadblock to the check out process and are a massive contributor to reducing conversion rates. Consumers and your customers want to get into your site, make the inquiry or buy the product as quickly as possible. Forms complicate the process and make it a hassle. If you want to improve website conversion rates, get rid of clunky, lengthy forms.

Remember, people don’t want to give you all their personal information; they want to buy without handing over all their details. Search Engine Journal puts it nicely when they tell us Don’t ask someone for their credit card number, social security, grandmother’s pension, and children’s names right off the bat – your user doesn’t trust you yet.

Hopping Mad Designs Tip: if you have to have forms keep it to a maximum of 3 to 4 fields only.

Add Live Chat

Adding a live chat feature is now super-common and at the bottom of most websites. If you were not sure about a product or service and are still sitting on the fence, then the ability to talk to a customer service rep online immediately is a great way to sway them over. Plus, it adds a level of trust where you know that there is an actual person at the end of the chat feature responding to your questions.

Include Reviews

Did you know that 70% of people will leave a positive review when asked by the business, according to Search Engine Land? Always and I mean always, ask your customers to leave a Google Review when you can. Obviously, the experience needs to be positive, just like the guys at Bali Villa Escapes do. They rely heavily on TrustPilot for their reviews, and it works really well for them. Consumers like social proof and will respond favourably to your product or service if they can browse the reviews. 95% of shoppers read the reviews posted on business review sites such as Yelp, Google, Facebook, and TripAdvisor before making a purchase.

So, the take-away here is to get as many reviews as possible as this will increase your websites trust factor and inturn your conversion rates.

Place Call To Action Buttons Strategically

Your websites primary goal is to send clear messages to your customers. You must be able to guide them to certain hot buttons or a clear call to action throughout your website. Do you want them to call you? Then place a prominent phone number at the top of the page. If you want them to submit an inquiry form, create large submit inquiry form buttons on these pages. The trick here is to make it super simple for customers to contact you or sign up for your quarterly newsletter. Whatever your intention is, make it loud, clear and very simple to find.

WordStream highlights some common examples of call-to-action buttons are:

  • Add to cart buttons
  • Free trial sign-up buttons
  • Download buttons
  • Try Our Free Trial
  • Reserve Your Seat
  • Download Whitepaper

Perhaps create a sense of urgency as well with your CTA buttons such as:

  • Sign Up and Get 50% Off Today Only!
  • Download the E-Course for $10!

Even just adding “now” builds a subtly sense of urgency for users:

  • Register For The Ultimate PPC Webinar Now!

Do You Need Help Improving Your Websites Conversion Rate?

As we’ve mentioned above, there are loads of other conversion tips that would radically help improve your website’s conversion rates, but I’ve kept them to a minimum for the sake of this article. Conversion rates are not a set and forget proposition. You have to keep testing, refining and improving your website’s performance, and over time, you will see significant improvements in your customer conversions. 

Most businesses, unfortunately, do not fully understand or grasp the power of CRO and its benefits, but those that do will be seeing vast improvements in sales and inquiries – it’s as simple as that. 

If you need a web design team to help you boost your conversion rate, you should get in touch with Hopping Mad Designs.

Contact us now, and we’ll review your conversion rates and see what we can do to help you get more sales.

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