Month: October 2015

Dive in and find out about the latest news, tips, digital marketing ideas and trends in graphic & web design, printing and branding from the team at Hopping Mad Designs

Mistakes Most Businesses Make When Choosing a Digital Agency

October 28 2015 Most businesses have little or no idea exactly what a digital marketing agency does.They have heard the term thrown about yet they really do not have a thorough understanding how a digital agency can benefit their business. Most Australian business owners know that they need help with their SEO, social MORE →

Easy 15 Point SEO Checklist for Launching New Websites

October 20 2015 Launching your new website is not so easy. There are many pitfalls and hurdles you need to avoid but the following list should help you set off in the right direction. If you are launching a website you need SEO. It’s as simple as that. The online world and I MORE →

Seriously, How Expensive has Adwords (PPC) become!

October 15 2015 Shock horror I just checked the cost per click in Adwords for the keyword: “SEO” and guess what? It’s over $63 per click. Can you believe that? How expensive has Adwords become. In my opinion for most business Adwords or what is commonly referred to as Pay Per Click is MORE →

The Advantage of Blogs for your Business

October 12 2015 Blog your way to the top of Google and dominate your niche Businesses will swear blindly that blogging is helping them attract customers. They have been able to write informative articles which their customer base has found useful and in turn are attracting a loyal client base that keeps on MORE →
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