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Hopping Mad Designs is a boutique graphic design agency in Sydney with creative and talented strategic designers with proven expertise in providing outstanding infographics. We work to prioritise communication, clarity and creativity.

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Infographics are a great way to get your point across in an information-saturated online market. Infographics will speak volumes about what you are trying to communicate to your customer base.

Internet users are drowning in information overload. They are getting hit daily with eNewsletters, blog articles, spam and other forms of online clutter, so if your infographic has that wow factor and leaps out of the page it will be a valuable marketing tool for your business.

Why are infographics an important marketing tool?

  • Infographics can go viral. Simple as that. If it looks great and has a powerful underlying message then it will get retweeted, pinned and liked. All these send a strong message to the search engines about your infographic, which in turn will do wonders for your online SEO ranking. Infographics get people to share these bits of information which is an awesome way to get your message out there.
  • If people, customers or potential clients are looking at your infographic then it is more than likely that they will come through to your website. This added benefit means that there is more traffic through to your site, which in turn will drive sales or inquiries. The name of the game in the online digital space is to generate site-wide traffic and increase conversion rates and if your infographic is able to facilitate this then you have a useful marketing mouthpiece. If it can grab users’ short online attention then you are a winner.
  • Infographics are gaining in popularity and if you do not embrace this new marketing tool then your competition will. You do not want to be left behind in the online race by just supplying content. A graphically impressive infographic will keep users on your site or on your social media pages for longer than average.
  • Infographics are transferable across many mediums and platforms both print and web, meaning that once you have had it designed you can use them almost anywhere. Think about it; an infographic can go on a flyer, on your website or even on your Facebook page. They are so versatile that this should really be now considered a major part of your marketing and sales communication tools.

For better Infographics, you need a professional graphic design agency

If you are going to spend the time and money in creating an infographic then it needs to be planned properly and designed by a graphic design company.

Anything that you do publish online, is there for the long term; viewable by a worldwide audience that will judge your business or company by what they see. For this reason, the infographic has to have that professional edge.

This is why you must look at engaging the services of a graphic design agency to come up with creative concepts around a topic or point that you are trying to make.

Having a DIY approach to your infographic may seem like a good idea if it is going to save you money but remember, this is going to be viewed by many people and must reflect the style of your business. Saving dollars upfront may mean that you are sending out the wrong message and might just end up costing you money and clients. This is such a great marketing tool and should be done by a professional studio. At Hopping Mad Designs we are happy to work across a range of industries and business sizes – all at affordable prices!

Ready to get started?

At Hopping Mad Designs we have a team of graphic designers who love to design and come up with creative infographics that push design boundaries. We have been around for over 22 years and would consider ourselves to be design experts in Sydney.

Infographic design FAQ’s

Got more questions about you’re next infographic design project? The following FAQ’s should help you in the right direction. More questions? Call or fill out the inquiry form and we’ll be more than happy to help.

Can you meet our deadline?

Many infographic projects that come through our graphic design agency turn around between 1-2 weeks. But, whatever your deadlines times are, we will try to meet them. If they are super urgent, we will be very clear about realistic delivery expectations before starting the project.

How much does your infographic design cost?

Prices for infographics can vary depending on the size and complexity of the job. Will, there be many illustrations or key points, and how many infographics do you need? All these need to be taken into account when determining the cost of an infographic design.

Can I turn my infographic into a video?

If they are vector-based or high-res files, we can transform them into animated features you can put onto an explainer video. Have a look at how we turned these infographics into a video for the NSW government; Get Healthy while pregnant. And see this case study for NSW education.

Can you turn my blogs and reports into infographics

The team at Hopping Mad Designs have over 22 years of experience summarising critical information into infographics. We will work out key messages you want to get through to your readers and craft intelligent infographics to leave nothing out.

Can you incorporate our branding guidelines into the infographics?

Absolutely! we can replicate corporate branding style across new infographic concepts. We will work all this out at the briefing stage to see how the new infographic fits neatly with your branding.

Who owns the intellectual property of the infographic?

Once we have completed the job we will email you all the completed artwork files. You will own them including all the intellectual property rights. Unlike other design agencies who become possessive with the graphics, we are more than happy to pass the ownership over to you.

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