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Hopping Mad Designs has an expert team of talented annual report designers in Sydney that can design, produce and print manage your company’s next Annual Report. We deliver smart and intelligent designs that will enhance your next Annual Report.

Based in Surry Hills, Hopping Mad Designs has been designing Annual Reports for Sydney companies and government agencies for over 20 years. We have a solid formula for bringing your next annual report to life in a no-nonsense approach from start to finish. Our design process means we can easily handle all aspects of the annual report design process. From managing images, copywriting, proofreading through to the actual graphics and finally print.

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Looking for a creative team to design & produce your next Annual Report?

With over 22 years of design experience, our team help you bring your next report to life!

Based in Surry Hills, Sydney we offer a complete Annual Report design solution, that is surprisingly affordable for all levels of business.

The design and production of an Annual Report require immense focus, patience and understanding. We know your financials have to go through many hands before they get approved and that they need to be exactly represented. Hopping Mad is a design company that is able to nurture an important document such as a Corporate Annual Report Design with complete professionalism and trustworthiness, and a desire to give you the best finished Annual Report or IPO possible.

Hopping Mad Designs makes the whole design process seamless and hassle-free.

We manage every stage of the design and print process

As a graphic design studio, we have an intimate understanding of the entire graphic design process. We know what it takes to get an Annual Report project over the line, with a minimum of fuss or design amends. We manage each stage of the project to make certain that all key project milestones are met.

Our internal in-house job processing system allows us to monitor each stage of the Annual Report Design, ensuring that all work is tracked, all changes are noted and if there are any potential issues they are mitigated early and brought to the attention of all stakeholders.

The briefing process

We take time to listen to what your expectations are. An Annual Report is not just pretty pictures and graphs, it is a showcase of the companies achievements and milestones reached over the year and our job is to present this in a stylish, contemporary fashion that reflects the personality of your company. We want to produce an Annual Report that distinguishes your company and makes a precise corporate statement.

The design process

Our team of Annual Report Designers will pool out talent to conceptualise a few initial concepts for the Report. The designs will unfold the story of the company based on the brief taken combining the use of images, photography and clever graphics. We will lay out and index the report so that key complicated factors and financial are easily understood. We don’t want it to look like the Financial Review but more like a modern magazine fused with financials.

The annual report content

As a public record, an annual report must be accurate, credible and open. Over the course of the year, there is a huge amount of information to digest, process and articulate to the public. If need be, we are able to draw on a team of copywriters who have a wealth of corporate copywriting experience in this field and are able to assist in writing informative and engaging content. Our writers can:

  • Clarify the implications of your triumphs over the year – never think that your readers are up to speed with your companies performance – they must be told.
  • Provide an external perspective on your company and effectively communicate that to the public and shareholders.
  • Ensure that your report mirrors the core values of your company.

Give boring Annual reporting the flick with dynamic and engaging design by Hopping Mad Designs

Whether you are a familiar face who has worked with us before or a prospective client looking for a new graphic design partnership, we would love to discuss how we can strengthen your brand or create your next stunning annual report.

Get in touch with us today on 02 9360 8514 for a no-obligation discussion.

Annual Report Design FAQ's

Do you provide print managment?

We work with several printers and are able to provide print management to all budgets. Alternatively, we can provide print-ready artwork, review proofs and liaise with your printers to ensure the final results are the highest quality achievable.

How does Hopping Mad manage the annual report design process?

The annual report design process usually requires an established timeframe of deliverables. Hopping Mad is dedicated to committing to deadlines and delivering. We work with you to establish reasonable timeframes for both you and our design team, to make sure expectations are understood and agreed upon right from the start.

The design process

We start with initial design concepts to ensure the design is agreeable to all stakeholders and within branding guidelines. Our design team are talented and creative with experience at understanding a brief and delivering. Once content is provided, full layouts are created with staged delivery. Rounds of edits are tracked and returned in a timely manner with clear and direct communication. Once layouts are approved we create print and web pdf artwork.

Has Hopping Mad created many annual reports?

We have been designing and producing report documents for over 23 years. From prospectuses to annual reports, we have work with large corporates to government agencies to create comprehensive and creative documents. Examples of our work can be viewed in our portfolio.

What if we only need a digital version, not a printed version?

Hopping Mad is experienced at creating online and interactive pdf versions of annual report documents. Businesses are no longer relying on traditional hard copy print versions. In today’s online world, reports are often displayed on the company website. This can be achieved in a variety of ways, from HTML pages to flip books or simple pdf versions. We work with you to create a creative solution that suits your client’s and your needs.

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