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Mobile-friendly, SEO-focused websites that deliver results for your business, converting visitors into customers.

Hopping Mad Designs is a talented, established Sydney-based Web design agency that designs, builds and markets websites, providing a range of online digital marketing solutions, social media & SEO services for Australian businesses since 1998.

So, if you want more customers, we offer affordable and creative website design solutions that will generate more sales leads & grow your business. We are known for creating very successful businesses through our design & marketing skills.

See more of our web design portfolio.

Full-service web design agency

Our web design studio is located in Sydney. It is here that our team of web designers, developers, copywriters, SEO experts and digital strategists bring your brand, product or service to life — through customised website design and online digital marketing strategies. So, if you are looking for a hands-on web design agency that is surprisingly affordable – get in touch with a team that really cares about your business on 02 9360 8514.

We will not only design you are great-looking, customer conversion-focused website (that is super easy to manage through our WordPress CMS), but we will also rank your website on Google. Make sure you ask us about our great SEO packages!

Boost sales, drive revenue & grow your business online.

Websites are a fantastic business tool, and many of our clients are amazed by how their customised website has transformed their business into their most powerful marketing tool. This is because we don’t just design websites to look amazing, but we also offer a full web and digital marketing service, which begins with your website design and carries through to SEO, web copywriting, user interface design and much more! We can turn your website into a profit, lead-generating, money-making platform for businesses.

Responsive/mobile websites. One design to fit all screen shapes and sizes.

When we build your new website, we make sure it is 100% mobile-friendly. We design sites so they seamlessly integrate across multiple devices and all screen sizes.

  • Impressive design
    We custom design an impressive website to appeal to your market and deliver more customers to your business than you ever thought possible.
  • Google Analytics
    We want you to be able to know accurate statistics and visitor numbers when it comes to your website. Knowing how many people are visiting and what pages they are accessing is great for improving customer conversion rates. We know how to use Analytics to help you improve your website’s performance.
  • Web Content
    With a great website up and running, you will soon want to add to your content to keep your customers informed and your website fresh. We work with specialist content writers who are able to create content specific to the online space. This content can be used for e-newsletters, social media, blogs, specific landing page copy, product pages and more.
  • Digital Strategy and Social Media
    When you’re ready to take full advantage of all our online marketplace has to offer, talk to our team about creating a digital strategy. We can assist you with the planning and execution of a range of digital campaigns incorporating social media, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Adwords management, remarketing, blogging and more.
  • Domain Name
    Selecting and registering the best domain name is important. Does the name support your SEO objectives? Will it create easy-to-remember email addresses? Are there any spelling issues or concerns? Is it too similar to a competitor? We can help you decide on the best URL for your business, so it’s important to call us from the moment you decide to start a new website.
  • Content Management Systems
    A website should be a live tool that continues to engage your audience with new material. The key to making this simple for our clients is matching their needs to an appropriate content management system (CMS). With the right CMS, your staff will be able to easily update your website with fresh new content quickly and easily. When we hear about the charges some companies incur from web designers for each and every change, we cringe. With the right CMS, you can do the majority of changes yourself, saving you money. Our WordPress CMS also allows us to add extra features to your website over time so you can build your website as your business grows. Never be locked into lengthy, unnecessary hosting fees or contracts with our open-source platforms.
  • Hosting
    Who hosts your website is actually really important. With improved security among the larger corporations, the host you choose could impact whether your emails or site are considered legitimate content in the eyes of other systems. With our years of experience in the online digital space, we can provide you with frank advice as to the better hosting servers, ensuring your investment in your website is one that pays off.

When you choose Hopping Mad Designs as your website partner, you are accessing a range of digital and online knowledge that will ensure your website is designed and built right the first time.

Let’s get started with your new website.

If you are ready to start making your website work for you and bring in all those juicy new sales leads, speak to one of our team today on 02 9360 8514.

Your website will include

Fully customised & tailor made for your business

We design a great looking website built around your business, with a strategy to boost your sales and drive growth

Full support and service

We train and support you on your website, and are there to help you with technical questions or whenever you need help.

Giving you full control and flexibility

Every website we create is built around an open source WordPress CMS, so that you have control of your content.

Digital marketing strategies

Tailored solutions for targeted, measurable results that drive your business growth. Simply put, we will get you more sales through a great looking website that is geared towards better online conversion rates.

Mobile friendly - responsive websites

A responsive website to reach your market on the go, at all times. We create stunning looking mobile websites.

Great (SEO) search engine optimisation services

We offer ethical and proven SEO strategies to deliver results. If you want your website to rank on Google….speak to us.

Why use Hopping Mad Designs for your next web design?


We’re very experienced at designing and building websites that rank on Google. We want our customers’ websites to rank and help them develop their business online, so we implement search engine optimisation strategies in all our web designs. After all, that’s the goal, right? We build our websites using the safe WordPress CMS platform with the latest plug-ins for safety. Designing and building a website nowadays is complicated if you want to beat your competition on Google, which is continuously updating its algorithm. Many new websites won’t rank because the web design agency didn’t have a strategy. From small business websites to large-scale eCommerce sites, they have one common thread: they need SEO front and centre before, during and after the site is launched. Websites built by Hopping Mad Designs follow a strict go-live process and protocols to protect your investment. We want your rankings to climb from day 1!


Slow website speed is a killer; if your website takes longer than 2 seconds to load, you will miss potential business. Every second the website loads is precious timing; if your customers are left waiting, they’ll look elsewhere. Google studies show 47% of users expect a website to load in under two seconds. Our goal is to build super-lightening fast websites that load in under a second. No one understands the urgency of web speed more than we do—websites developed by hopping-mad designs display breakneck page speeds. Our expert team of developers look at all critical factors like CMS plug-ins, graphics through to content, images and even local hosting.


Any agency can design a website. However, only a few Sydney web designers know what it takes to create a website that ranks on Google and converts browsers into buyers by building high-impact, imaginative websites. We understand the user’s journey and sales funnels and incorporate this into all our designs for a higher ROI, that is, more eyeballs on your web page with customers keen to buy from you. Our creative director has over 23 years of experience in the website and digital design world, so you’ll get all that experience and design know-how working on your site.


Every team member brings years of experience creating digital marketing & SEO campaigns and the design and UX experience to help your website leap off the page. You need a company you can rely on and speak to someone who understands small business needs. Like you, we are a small business, so we will treat your website as if it were our own. With 24 years of experience and over 1,000 websites, HMD is a team of professional web designers and creative designers. We are a long-standing and well-respected agency with a solid reputation. We have great Google reviews from happy clients, which you can read here, and our web design portfolio showcases the range of websites we have done.


We learned long ago that remaining flexible and reactive to our client’s needs was better long term. Building successful relationships means they need to be mutually beneficial. We are a lean, no-frills agency that provides high-quality, affordable web design for small businesses without unnecessary fanfare. Our web & graphic designers are your account and project managers.


We have happy clients. Our designers strive for client satisfaction with quality service. We work to build genuine partnerships with our clients and deliver impressive website design solutions balanced with experienced advice. Over time, we have worked with a broad range of clients, delivering everything from branding, websites, and all forms of marketing collateral to infographics, packaging and explainer videos. We are always within budget and always meet a deadline. Our aim with every project is to do the best for your brand, its performance, and your results.

Our Web Design Process


Understanding a client’s needs and target market is crucial to every web & graphic design project. Taking a comprehensive brief from the client and establishing goals is an important first step. It’s also just as important to understand what competitors look like and how they are positioned online.


Once we have established what we need to do, we create a plan for how we will do it. We create website wireframes, evaluate the brand and make any necessary recommendations for change. We also start planning your website copy and content marketing strategy, which are critical ingredients for consumer engagement and Google rankings.


Creating a website is more than just making it look good. We consider conversion and consumer engagement every step of the way. UX is at the heart of everything we do. Our aim is to provide your customers with the most seamless and intuitive web experience. It’s also crucial to design a responsive website that looks its best on all mobile devices.


We have a partnership with reputable hosting providers who are all Australian-based, providing fast, secure and reliable web hosting services. Our support doesn’t stop post-launch; we offer ongoing maintenance and support to ensure your website grows with your business and your needs.


Our web developers have the skills to work with a varied array of content management systems and web platforms. Our preferred choice is WordPress, with which we custom design and integrate to ensure the best results for our client’s business needs. We will teach you how to make changes in the WordPress dashboard, giving you complete control over the website. The beauty of WordPress is its scalability – it grows as your business grows.


It’s not enough to have a great-looking site; your customers and clients need to find you, too. Our team has experience marketing your website in the digital world, from search engine optimisation to social media marketing; we will make your business visible and build your brand online. At Hopping Mad, you get speedy, super-reliable marketing services to make your new website a powerful marketing tool 24/7!

Speak to us about how we can build your business

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Web Design FAQs

Read some of the frequently asked web design questions clients ask us all the time. Have more questions? Call us on 02 9360 8514 or email anytime and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

What is the hopping mad advantage?

At Hopping Mad Designs, we do the following so you get the best web and graphic design results.

1. We do your work—we never outsource. All of our web design and graphic design work is done at our Sydney studio under the watchful eye of our skilled Creative Director.

2. We take your call—whether you’re a multinational or just starting out, we never go MIA. Our web and graphic design team is always quick to respond.

3. We’re qualified and experienced—all of our web and graphic designers are technically qualified and experienced in their field. No interns or juniors.

4. We meet deadlines—our web and graphic design team understands that our time is your money. We provide accurate estimates, always work to deadline, and if we need your input, we let you know early.

5. We inform you—design projects can expand, but we will never assume your budget will. If your project is growing, we always seek your permission first.

6. We produce quality—as a niche studio, every web and graphic design piece we produce reflects the highest of standards. We wouldn’t put our name to anything less.

7. We understand business—as a small business ourselves, we know every dollar counts. From printing to hosting, we’re always seeking the best value for your money.

8. We give you direct access—you deal directly with your web or graphic designer, not an account manager. Your designer will better understand your needs, saving you time and money.

9. We design to brief—we never use templates for web design and all the final artwork has been created through a careful design process that’s based on research, competitor analysis, and understanding your business.

10. We want your business—at Hopping Mad Designs we love what we do, and we enjoy doing it well. We’re not a sales team, we’re a design team, and we approach each design challenge with enthusiasm and commitment.

11. We create a professional voice for you—our professional copywriting services ensure that not only do you look great but also that your brand and product information is expressed in clear and powerful prose that engages your audience.

12. We help customers find you—our expert SEO service keeps your website high in the search engine rankings, so more customers will come to you.

13. We protect your reputation—our Online Reputation Management service ensures that negative reviews or online critique are kept buried in the search results, away from potential customers.

14. We increase your online presence—through the clever and strategic use of Social Media, our team can help you make the most of the various promotional channels the Internet offers.

15. We deliver complete solutions—the combination of quality graphic and web design with complimentary services such as Copywriting, SEO, Online Reputation Management and Social Media Strategy, means that you can gain the best results from your investment in your company image.

How long does it take to design a website?

Timings are always different with each project, but a simple brochure-style website would take 2-3 weeks in a perfect world. The more complex the site and its functionality, the longer it will take. We will always communicate with you throughout the process, updating you on timings. If you have a deadline, we will confirm if it’s achievable and commit to meeting it.

What platform do you work with to create a website?

We prefer to work with WordPress, as it’s open-source and provides our clients with a more flexible long-term solution. We also work with Joomla, Shopify, Magento, and Wix.

Do you have ongoing costs?

The only ongoing costs are your yearly hosting, domain name registration and renewal of your SSL certificate. However, if you make any design amends to the website structure, this will need to be quoted.

Hosting: Every website on the Internet needs to be ‘hosted’ on a server somewhere (preferably in Australia ). Without this hosting, your website would not show online, and no one would be able to view it. A hosting company charges a yearly rental fee for your hosting, and the cost is roughly $695+gst per year. If you have an extensive eCommerce website that uses a lot of bandwidth and data, the hosting fee will increase.

Domain Name Renewal: Each year, your domain name will require renewal.

Do I own my website once the job it completed?

You own your website and all the intellectual property. Some agencies will not allow this, but at Hopping Mad Designs, we are happy to hand the whole site over to you with all the necessary logins and passwords.

Will my new website rank on Google?

We design and build every new site with the goal of setting it up so it will have the best chance of ranking on Google. We optimise every page with the correct meta titles and descriptions so that once launched, your web design in Sydney will be easily indexed by Google. According to Statista, in February 2021, the online search engine Bing accounted for 6.7 per cent of the global search market, while market leader Google had a market share of 86.6 per cent. So we make sure that you have the best chance of taking advantage of this with an SEO-Google-friendly website. See our SEO Sydney service.

Can I make changes to my website after it's published? How much does it cost to make changes?

You have total control over the website and can make as many changes as you like and the best part is; that it’s completely free. We will show you how you can make content amends through the back end of the WordPress website and if you run into any dramas or are still unclear, we are here to help you.

Can I see some examples of your past website design work?

Yes!  Over the past 23 years, we have created many fantastic web design Sydney sites for happy clients. Please visit our web design portfolio page.

Is your web design mobile-friendly?

With over 70% of searches on mobile, your new website comes mobile responsive at no extra charge. This is part of the web design process, and we also ensure your mobile website works across iPhone & Android devices. If you have a website and are unsure if it’s mobile-friendly, you can use this Google Mobile Friendly Test.

Do you use free web design templates or do you customise the design?

We never use free templates, and all our work is fully customised based on your particular business needs. Our designs are based on the brief given by you & we offer a complete bespoke Sydney web design service.

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Can you make me an online store?

Yes, we can!!

We will create a unique eCommerce website custom-designed and built for your business. Our WordPress eCommerce websites provide a robust platform from which you can operate your business online easily and quickly. Plus, the best part is that you can control everything!!

​Will my website be viewable on all Apple and Android devices?

Absolutely, all of our web designs are smartphone and tablet-friendly and viewable on all Apple and Android devices.

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