Need SEO help? Are you looking for an SEO Agency in Sydney that can seriously improve your Google rankings & website traffic / visitors? Have you tried SEO in the past and were unhappy with the results? Do you want to work with a local based SEO agency in Surry Hills, Sydney?

Hopping Mad Designs provides ethical SEO results based on planned and proven strategies. If you are serious about increasing sales leads, revenues and traffic to your website then call us now on 02 9360 8514. Let's get together and work out a plan to turn your business around and get all those new, fantastic sales leads.

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Hopping Mad Designs is a proven and trusted Sydney SEO company delivering real and sustainable online rankings. Our methods are proven and effective – all of our client’s are sitting comfortably on the top of the search results and have been there for years. A great example is the work we have recently done for a Bali Villa Management agency where the rankings are now sitting comfortably on page 1 of Google and have been for the last 18 months. This is a tremendous result and this is why we are considered one of the best SEO agencies in Sydney.

We know SEO better than anyone else… see why!

The starting point of our strategy is determining what your clients or customers are searching for and working a campaign around keywords that will work effectively. We will also:

There are so many reasons to choose carefully when it comes to selecting your SEO provider. Many businesses are offered ‘out of this world’ SEO deals, claiming long-term results at a fraction of standard fees. We believe in the results we deliver and steer well clear of these kinds of statements.

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Bali Villa Escapes
Bali Villa Escapes
Logo design, website design, SEO & social media marketing for a Villa Booking website
Kings Security Doors
Kings Security Doors
New responsive website, SEO, social media & digital marketing campaign for Kings Security Doors
An eCommerce solution for Motorola Australia
First Class Slate
First Class Slate
Responsive, conversion focussed website for a Sydney slate roofer
Pioneer Shades
Pioneer Shades
Production information website for a shade structure company
Marubeni Equipment Finance
Marubeni Equipment Finance
New website for a financial services company specialising in large scale equipment.
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We are a Specialist SEO company in Sydney.

Nowadays it’s not enough to just get a stunning website designed and developed by Hopping Mad Designs. You need to be found on Google and other popular search engines, and this process is referred to as SEO. Our SEO team consists of some of the industry’s most respected strategists. They are up-to-date on the ever-changing Google landscape, and have a superior knowledge of both the technical and marketing science behind results-driven SEO. Put simply, we know Google better than anyone else.

At Hopping Mad Designs, we’ve developed an expert range of products and services over the years, facilitated by a hard-working, professional team. We have spent over 18 years building an industry leading reputation, and we strive to ensure each element of our service offering mirrors the quality and performance of the others—giving our clients a one-stop shop for all of their online creative and digital marketing needs.

By using key terms, labeling your content, structuring your site in a way that enables search engines to quickly and easily identify your products, services, locations and contact details & combined with our industry leading back linking campaign, your going to seriously out rank and out perform your competition.  If you let us handle your SEO you will notice the difference in your Google rankings within 30 days.

SEO is an on-going process

The Internet is always changing — its content continues to grow, more and more websites are being created, and the engines themselves are becoming ever more sophisticated in how they ‘read’ and ‘catalogue’ your website. If your website isn’t optimised for search engines, search engines simply won’t offer your website as a result that matches your potential customers’ search.

SEO helps users as much as it helps your business

Your future customers want to find the product or service they need with relative ease. We have become an impatient society, so the easier you make it to find you, the happier your customers will be.

Ultimately a search engine’s goal is to return relevant information to its visitors. As such, search engines have become very sophisticated at figuring out whether or not content is relevant to the search term, and indeed, whether a human would find it interesting. It can be a complicated process that benefits greatly from expert know-how.

The more common your product or service, the more you need SEO

Each of our customer’s needs is different, as are their SEO needs, but there are common components to SEO—and we’re happy to share them. Here’s a sample of our SEO process:

Taking the Brief: We take the time to get to know your business, products and market, to help us narrow our focus and be cost-effective with your research.

Knowing your Target Demographic: Our marketing team can help you to determine your target demographics—the users who you’d like to be able to locate your product or service.

Conducting Keyword Research: We can help determine the most effective key words to assist in your SEO. Often more common search terms are so over-ranked they become redundant. Real cut through can only be achieved by knowing which search terms offer the greatest marketing opportunity for your company, product or service. This is one of the key differences a specialist at SEO can determine.

Locating, Placing and Positioning Your Keywords: Once the keywords have been identified, we then look at the opportunities for placement and positioning. The best SEO websites master this balance. They bring visitors to the website, without impeding the website experience. This ensures that once your visitors are there, they enjoy the experience.

Optimising URL Structures & Title Elements
We can help you to incorporate your key words into the URL structures, to ensure you are maximising your SEO potential. We also ensure your images, pages, links and downloadable elements are carefully labelled. These small details can make a significant difference to the overall result, showing Google you are able to work within their best practice.


Our SEO service is better for your business

We are accountable: We provide monthly ranking reports for your main keywords. If we see any drop in ranking, we will act on this immediately, and provide feedback on what we are doing to ensure that your website sits on page one of Google.

Our team of SEO experts knows their stuff: We have been around for over 20 years working with some of Australia’s biggest names, getting them consistently high Google rankings. We don’t just build back links (like some other companies); we offer you a strategic, well-planned campaign executed from the ground up.

We offer flexible packages: As SEO is a relatively new discipline, there are a few companies who are still coming to grips with having to absorb this as part of their marketing mix. For this reason we can offer flexible packages that can suit your marketing spend. We never lock you into long term contracts, but allow you the freedom and flexibility of an opt in/opt out process.

We understand web design and the importance of conversion rates: SEO when optimised as part of a website build should be done seamlessly and without detracting from your website design. Our design and SEO team work side-by-side, helping you to build a powerful, yet beautiful website that works and is conversion focused.

Our content is fresh, unique and well written: In the race to get rankings, many businesses add content without considering the importance of quality. Yes, you will get found, but what will your customers find—and what will they think of you once they’ve read it? We work with professional copywriters to ensure that not only is your content well optimised, it’s well written, and adds to the value of your brand.

We help you from start to finish: Domain names (URLs) are a key component in SEO rankings. Talk to our SEO strategist before purchasing your domain name. It’s a quick call that will help you in greatly in the long-term.

We get Google: Our Sydney SEO team eat, sleep and breathe the Google algorithm, and if there are any major changes we know about it before most people do. Change is inherent in the technology that underpins SEO, and our ability to adapt is what makes us different.

We explain the whole SEO process thoroughly: Some companies will promise instant rankings with guarantees and money back offers. What we offer is a guarantee of a professional and dedicated approach to SEO that will lead to long-term, sustainable rankings. Our business is dedicated to an ongoing client relationship, and we know our consistent results are key to this.

We do what others overlook: The SEO Audit process can be a revealing one, with many well-designed websites revealing their true worth. Our team is thorough, and ensures that your website has all SEO elements covered.

We offer White Label SEO Services: If you have a business or digital marketing agency and want to offer SEO without the hassle or expense of setting it up then we offer a White Label SEO service to help you start another revenue stream

If Google can’t find your website, neither will customers

It’s a well known fact – if you’re website is not ranking on page 1 of Google for your main keywords, you are going to miss out on new business. At Hopping Mad Designs, we are seriously good at SEO. We have the in house expertise, years of industry experience to create an SEO campaign for your business that will ensure that you get to PAGE 1 of Google, radically boost the number of visitors to your website, and in turn convert those visitors into actual sales.

So how to do start my SEO Campaign?

If you have used an SEO providor in the past or you are trying SEO for the first time, all we ask is that you give us a call on 02 9360 8514 and we can show you what to expect from your marketing campaign and how we are going to drive enormous amounts of traffic to your website.