Why Work with a Digital Marketing Agency?

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Let’s be very honest and frank here; traditional forms of advertising as we used to know it are fast becoming a thing of the past or completely useless. Old-fashioned marketing mediums like magazines, newspaper adverts, Yellow pages directory listings, even radio are now considered pointless. The internet, Google and social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and You Tube are reshaping the way we think, search for services and even the way we shop. Just look at the explosion of eCommerce websites and the way consumer behaviour has radically shifted over the last 5 years.

If your business is not up to speed and not connecting with the tech savvy, mobile consumer base, then the future looks grim I’m afraid to say. This is why its vital for the survival of your business that you start thinking about using the services of a digital marketing agency. An agency that is immersed with the latest trends online and knows what it takes to connect with a new generation of consumers. Businesses in Australia now have a great opportunity to really engage with their audience but firstly they must hook up with the right digital marketing agency to make this a reality.

What is a Digital Marketing Agency?

A digital marketing agency, simply put will help your business grow online. They have a thorough understanding of all online marketing platforms that are at their finger tips to help push, promote and drive your brand digitally online. These platforms are extensive and growing all the time, but the most common and popular digital marketing platforms are: search engine optimisation or (SEO), Google Adwords, Retargeting, Web Design, Conversion Rate Optimisation, Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing (blogging). This may seem like a huge shopping list but this is really the main areas that businesses need to focus on if they are to stay ahead of the curve in this very fast evolving digital age. This is where a company like Hopping Mad Designs can step in and help with your entire digital marketing strategy and campaign.

We have the perfect blend and mix of designers and tech people that can look at your business holistically and see how it is positioned in the digital space. We then come back with a complete marketing digital marketing framework that you can put into place so that your business becomes increasingly competitive and attractive online. This is not an overnight solution but one that needs nurturing time and constant attention. I would suggest calling us on  02 9360 8514 to learn more about Digital marketing and the massive benefits it can bring to your business, company or organisation.

Why Do You Need to Work with a Digital Agency?

Like any part of your business you need professional advice and help from only industries best. You would never have a DIY approach to legal or accounting matter and the same goes with your digital marketing. Let me break this down for you and give you an example.

Probably the most complex, yet profitable thing you can do with your digital marketing is search engine optimisation. For anyone who doesn’t know about SEO or has never done this in the past, it’s really all about getting your website on the first page of Google. There is so much literature and information about this online that people tend to try and have a go at it themselves or use a friend or go with a recommended company that has no experience in this space (this last point always baffles me). The point I am trying to make is that SEO is a risk / return marketing medium. By this I mean, make the right choice, go with the best digital partner and the rewards will be huge. Risk it and go with a dodgy providor and the downside is huge. Cause SEO makes up the fabric of so much of the digital space I have seen businesses have to close their doors cause they chose poorly from the get go.

Again, I really want to emphasise here that it is imperative and absolute MUST that you find the right digital agency as the consequences for your business of a poor selection are too horrific to contemplate.

4 Tips to be on the Lookout When Selecting Your Digital Agency Partner.

Tip # 1: make sure they can prove to you past performance and online digital marketing work they done in the past. This is all about measurable results and return and investment and you want to see physical proof. Without this it can be a case of all smoke n mirrors and a bunch of cheap sales talk.

Tip # 2: Watch out for those SEO or Digital agencies that will do your internet marketing for free till your websites keywords are sitting on page 1 of Google. These guys are a bunch of rip off merchants and are out there to completely scam you of your money. The tactics they use to rank: really underperforming, easy as hell to rank keywords….just to prove their worth and sign you up) are going to come back and bite you later on once Google sees the linking activity with your website. This can get technical and I do not want to bore you, but just stay well clear of these agencies. They are easy to spot and even advertise themselves using Google Adwords….BE WARNED! Seek out the best and the rewards will be huge.

Tip # 3: Use an agency that will do all your work in house. You want to find that right digital agency that has the perfect mix of web design, copywriting, SEO and social media skills. This is very hard to find as most companies then to pigeon hole and specialise in 1 area of work. Be on the look out for this as you DO NOT want to work with a digital agency that just focuses on SEO or web design.

As an example if you browse our own portfolio of work you will see that we are able to easily straddle of types of digital marketing including web design; which is really a strong point for us. Needless to say, check our own SEO rankings and how good they are. This should give you an idea of what we can do for your company. Not only does our own website look great but it’s ranking on the search engines for all of our keywords.

Tip # 4: Content marketing takes on many forms but now should be an essential and vital part of your digital marketing. Consumers, internet users and your client base, need to be informed about your business and the best way to do this online is through blogging and using your social media platforms. Whatever you post, tweet or publish will be read by the masses. This means that your content has to have a plan, a strategy behind it, so having an agency with team of copy writing specialist is a huge advantage for your digital marketing – make sure you do not forget about this point and be very u8pfront with whoever you interview to see if they can provide this niche service.

I just want to say here that this is not a self promotion, or a cheap plug for hopping mad designs; this comes directly from someone who has been there and done that in the digital space and has seen first hand how awesomely good things can be, if they are done properly. I have also seen, unfortunately what can and does eventually happen to businesses that base their decisions purely on the marketing dollar and are always on the look out for the cheapest option on the table. It’s a bloody disaster – take my word for this.


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