Psychological Triggers to MAKE PEOPLE BUY From YOU! (How to Increase Conversions) Sales Tricks

In this post, I will be giving you a secret edge over your competition when it comes to driving customers to your website with ten simple tips. Getting more sales has more to do with psychology than you would imagine.

Being in the web industry business for over 20 years, plus having my own business, I have learnt a few simple psychological sales tricks that I’m happy to share with you.

Try implementing these and see what happens to your sales. I use them all the time and BOOM they are super good! Killer results all the time.

You will be amazed at what a few simple tweaks to your website can do for you.

Tip # 1. Get as many great customer & product reviews.

People read reviews. Yes, they do see many fake reviews and can see the real ones from the fake ones, but actual honest reviews that are positive will have a massive impact on a consumers buying decision. If you have a Shopify Sore, an e-Commerce shop, are selling anything online, or are any business that has reviews, you should focus attention to nurturing all your positive reviews.

You might even go so far as to implement third party software like TrustPilot, where customers can leave reviews. The beauty of software like this is that you can’t alter any negative reviews. They are there to stay for everyone to read. These negative reviews add to the authenticity of the positive ones. But, the psychology behind these is enormous. Potential buyers or customers will trawl through these right before they hit the buy button.

Make sure you address all negative reviews courteously and professionally and never ignore these as they WILL stand out and have a massive impact on the buying decision.

Tip # 2. Create curiosity among buyers.

The more curious people are, the more likely they are going to trawl through your site and look for answers.

The best way to trigger a customers curiosity is to have little gimmicks like spin to win or pop up boxes with snippets of information that get them aroused mentally about specials, giveaways, promotions, freebies etc.

Try to create some cool pop up boxes with attention-grabbing headings that spark that curious element in someone. Offer them the opportunity to win a random coupon or a price reduction if they click on the learn more button – I bet anything they will!!

Tip #3. Use Photos or Videos to Help Customers Visualize

I bet you didn’t know that photos or a video on your web page were the # 1 conversion factors as to whether they buy from you. If your customers can visualise the product and see themselves using it, they are more likely to buy from you. Simple as that!

For example, a photo of a soccer ball here is a great way to show parents how much the kids are going to love playing with their new present. If you have an online e-Commerce store, then photos are vital in the consumer conversion process. Also, try as you can see here to use pictures in a real-life scenario or context. It makes a huge difference to see these photos used by someone.

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Tip #4. Use Price Anchoring to Push Prices Higher

Price anchoring is a great way to get people to hit that all-important buy now button. What you do is place two products you’re selling side by side and put three pricing tiers under each product. Most people ( and you are probably saying that this is you ) will take the middle row which you can label most popular. It looks excellent value compared to the most expensive option and looks better quality than the cheaper option. It’s the middle path, and this is where most people will click. They are more than happy to compromise and hit the middle buy now button. You might also like to highlight this row with a shaded background to highlight this even further.

If you are running an e-Commerce store, never have one price set at say $14.95. Offer more options, so consumers feel as though they are getting the best deal from you.

Tip # 5. Include Product Pictures with Human Faces

If you use a human face to sell products, buyers are more likely to identify with this. If the consumer can identify with another person, it creates a sense of aspiration that they want to be like that person in the photo. It makes sense. If I want to buy a lounge for my house, I would want to see a smiling happy photo of two people sitting on their lounge. This type of sales psychology works across all industries and niches. For example, dentists would use pictures of smiling happy people with white teeth, and a gym would have fit healthy people on their website. Using another person image creates trust.

Even better, if you could have a video of someone promoting the product or service, this would be such a powerful psychological trigger to buy.

Tip # 6. Fear of missing out

We see this all the time, and it’s such a vast psychological sales trigger. Fear of missing out drives people to buy because they feel as though they will miss out on a great deal if they don’t buy it now.

Everyone uses it from real estate agents through to online shops. Reason being, it works so well. Think about statements like:

  • 25% off for today only
  • first 50 callers will receive a 50% discount
  • don’t miss your chance to win a free holiday
  • last 2 rooms available
  • go in-store for today only and get 70% off the retail price

All these create the fear of missing a great deal and encourage consumers to buy. If you want to sell products quickly leverage off people fear of missing out on a great deal. It works all the time.

Tip 7: Clearly State Your Prices as Low

Never just put one price and leave it at that. Always put words like: from only or just before the price and see what happens to sales. Even better, why not put phrases like; for a limited time only just…..

Its statements like this before telling them the price that creates a fear of missing out and encourages them to buy now. If you walk around Westfield Shopping centres, you see signs like this all the time outside the shops. You walk past them and before you know it your inside browsing. It’s these signs that create the sense that you’re missing out that causes you to rush in and buy.

For online businesses, you can employ the same tactics and see the results.

Tip 8. Give something for FREE

Everyone loves freebies. Who doesn’t? I do and so do your customers. Offer them a free consultation or a free giveaway in your marketing and see what happens. You might even throw in a time frame to get them moving. Like, a FREE giveaway for the next 7 days or something along those lines. At Hopping Mad Designs, we love to do a FREE 30-minute design consultation or a FREE 30 min SEO consultation. All of these trigger a very positive buying response in potential and existing customers.

Stuck for ideas?

Don’t stress we are here to help you come up with some great ways to help you improve your sales and overall website conversion rates. It’s not rocket science and can be done really easily.

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