Signs that it’s time to redesign your website

Rebranding your website is plausibly the last thing you want to do especially during COVID-19. Why spend all that effort, time and expense when business confidence, sales and inquiries are down?

Well, now is the perfect time to invest your energy and time into rebranding your website and giving it a complete overhaul, refresh and a new lease of life.

Posted by Steven Waldberg 24 August 2020

When COVID-19 settles and it will, you will be one step ahead of your competitors by having a new website.

So how can you tell that your site is old, outdated and in need of some much TLC? Following are five telltale signs that you’re current website needs to be deleted, dumped, trashed and replaced with a fab new design that you’ll love.

1. Staff photos are outdated

Old staff photos will immediately tell you’re clients that your website is old and that the owners aren’t particularly concerned about their image. Delete staff photos that are over two or three years and replace them with new up-to-date pictures. Also, make sure they are all the same style with the same background. Different forms of staff photos look odd and don’t reinforce your branding.

See the following example of updated staff photos for a Bali Real Estate Agency with a team staff photo on the home page banner. Taking better staff photos creates trust and reinforces your branding.

Current staff photos add credibility and trust to your business. Photo Credit: Bali Realty website

2. The site is not mobile-friendly

Most websites are mobile-friendly and will render correctly on a mobile, making it easier for the user to use the site. But if your small business website is not rendering correctly on mobile or handheld device, it’s time to take action and do something about it. If you have a WordPress site, then it may be a quick fix. You should also note that Google will index and promote mobile-friendly websites above others that are not. So, if you rely on Google rankings and you want users to be able to browse all pages of your site quickly, then making it mobile responsive is super important.

3. Does you’re website take forever to load?

If your website takes longer than a few seconds to load, then it’s time to look at either upgrading it or giving it a complete overhaul to speed load times up. If your current site is a few years old, then it’s a good idea to get in there and look at optimising all images and pictures to speed up download times. I know this may be hard to understand for most people, but WordPress has a plugin called Smush It that you can use. Read this:

If you are still unclear, it’s probably a good idea to get your web developers or IT team to do this for you.

Long download times kill so many things about your website and user experience, including your Google rankings, that it must be a priority. You can time it yourself and see how long pages take to load. If you are sitting there waiting this is not a good sign.

Slow website load times kill the customer experience & can harm sales.

4. Your branding has changed.

The most important message you must keep consistent is the branding of your business. Everything must be uniform, consistent and in harmony. Business cards, signage, menus, emails signatures, even you’re website have to have consistent messaging. Many businesses ignore this, which sends a confusing message to your customer base.

If you have recently changed your logo or updated your branding make sure your website reflects this.

5. Outdated CMS

If you haven’t updated your website in a few years the chances are that your content management system is outdated. Plus you might have old plugins that are in desperate need of updating.

Outdated plugins are seriously dangerous and not only open the door to hackers but will affect the performance of the site. Most small businesses will have had their site designed and built by an agency who might be using their own CMS. If this is the case and you are still paying a monthly fee for a CMS then it’s time to overhaul your site and move it over to a more user-friendly WordPress CMS.

There are so many advantages of having a WordPress CMS that if you’re not taking advantage of this then you are simply loosing out. Read this for more insights on WordPress CMS.

6. The sites not ranking well on Google

No one can tell you exactly what Google is looking for but one thing for certain, they are not going to rank an old website that is uninformative, poorly designed with outdated content. If, like most businesses you rely on Google for leads and sales then you have to get stuck into your site and always be updating it with new graphics, information and current news. This is the best way to help improve rankings and drive new business leads.

It makes perfect sense as Google will only want to display current websites that are trustworthy with up-to-date information. So if you haven’t touched your website in years or never published a blog or news item then now is the time to do something about it.

7. You just hate the look of it

If looking at your website makes you embarrassed, or you can’t stand the sight of it, then imagine what you’re customers, think of it. Wouldn’t you love a website that you can be proud of and show your mates? Then do something about it! The site won’t change itself; you have to be proactive and get in touch with a web design agency that can craft a new, more contemporary look for you.

Note that there are lots of free websites online where you can build it yourself. We definitely suggest leaving it to experts who can customise the design based on your exact business news, look and style.

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8. There are no ‘call to action’ buttons

How are customers going to contact you? How do they know what specials you have? What new products have you got to market and what price discounts are on offer? These are all critical call to action buttons that need to be within easy reach of customers browsing experience. If your site doesn’t have any of these, then take action on these call to actions! Get an agency that knows about user experience and high conversion landing pages to take a look at your site and redesign it.

You can see a classic example of what call to action buttons look like on our own Hopping Mad Designs home page where we encourage people to contact us. They are front and centre, highly visible and work!

Two visible call to action buttons on the home page banner on the Hopping Mad Designs page are great for customer conversion rates.

9. Your site is over 4 years old

We are not saying that just because your site is more than four years old that it needs a refresh. But, with advances in technologies, consumers expectations, styles and web trends plus what Google is looking for all contribute to one thing; overhauling your website will address all of these issues. Just like any consumer good, fashion or product, these get outdated and replacing these are the norm. Same with your website, it just looks old and needs some TLC.

10. There are dead links all over the site

Over time pages disappear. You may have deleted these and without even knowing some of these deleted pages may have had internal links pointing to them. For example, you might have been promoting a new service on the home page, and this service is now obsolete. So you have gone and deleted this page resulting in an obsolete link from the home page. Having too many dead links will turn customers away and can harm your Google rankings.

inline_331_ article was written by Steven Walberg who is one of the marketing team of Hopping Mad Designs. He’s had years of experience in helping small businesses improve their websites performance, customer conversion rates and Google rankings.

He’s passionate about small business and has helped many Sydney businesses get more out of their online marketing.

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