Month: February 2014

Dive in and find out about the latest news, tips, digital marketing ideas and trends in graphic & web design, printing and branding from the team at Hopping Mad Designs

Publish Content or Perish, You have been Warned.

February 12 2014 It's not often I warn my clients about things you MUST do for your business, but if there is one very important things that you have to do for your business, then you have to publish content on your website. You can do this via your blog or through social MORE →

5 things business owners should focus on in 2014

February 9 2014 I tell all my clients that the years 2010 to 2014 will be what is terms a 'get to know period'. This will be a time where you get a grace period to work out exactly where your business is headed online and the strategies necessary to get it there. MORE →


February 9 2014 So you have great looking and fully working WordPress website, however you want to change hosting service providors and are a little unsure about what to do. Well, this is not a problem, as I am able to help you do this at Hopping Mad Designs. We actually do these MORE →
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