5 things business owners should focus on in 2014

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I tell all my clients that the years 2010 to 2014 will be what is terms a ‘get to know period’. This will be a time where you get a grace period to work out exactly where your business is headed online and the strategies necessary to get it there. You will need to be totally up to speed on the digital environment within these years – beyond that, most business owners who have their ‘head in the sand’ will be left behind. Those entrepreneurs and business people who have made the transition and who completely understand this new digital world, will be the ones that really benefit.

What this means for businesses is that you have to get it right, or the following 5 years are going to be very tough for your business. This may sound harsh, but the reality it undeniable. The internet is moving so quickly that, it is really a matter of being as dynamic as quick to act as you can.

 Saying that here are my 5 tips that you should really pay attention to in 2014:

1. Offer a Whole Lot of Giveaways.

This will sound hard, but you have to go the extra mile for all your clients. Give things away, offer discounts, give free advice and consultation. It is going to be a collaborative effort between yourself and your clients, if you want both to be successful. Think of it as a win win scenario. Charging for every single service is going to go out of fashion as savvy consumers will simple look elsewhere for a better deal. I say kill em with kindness and you will be rewarded.

2. Your business and website is also a powerful media tool.

I tell all my clients this. You have to use your website as a marketing tool. I don’t care what business you are in; builders, architects, dentists, whatever, you have to be pumping out content if you want to survive in the digital age. This is not simply blogging. This is all your social media. Look at everything thats at your disposal and become very good at this. For example, if you have not heard of Instagram yet, then you are really behind the times. I say, learn it, use it and market your business on this daily. You ave all these great tools at your fingertips, so why not use them?

3.Understand what your should be paying for IT services.

I am amazed that businesses can still be thousands of dollars for an IT service that they can get for half the price. The days of overpriced ad agencies,  search engine optimisation firms, marketing companies and IT providers are over. You need to be looking online and getting the best value that your money can buy, without being ripped off or going with dodgy suppliers. Learn the market, do your home work and them make an informed decision. We get a lot of businesses coming to us at Hopping Mad Designs, who have previously paid over the top prices and have now ‘seen the light’ and are now getting real value for money – I am not just saying this because it is my company – but we really offer value for money. Savvy business owners will know what I am talking about.

4. Understand the power of the mobile phone

Look around you next time you are in a public place and and take note of all the people on their mobile phones. Its absolutely amazing. Now, ask yourself, has my website been optimised for this mobile environment? Is my website responsive and will it work on all mobile platforms and devices? If not, big mistake!. Your next customer or client could find you on their mobile phone after being recommended to you by a friend. So, if your website is not 100% totally mobile friendly, then this is going to present big problems for your business in the future. In 2014, do something about this make sure you have a mobile phone.web design.

5. Get to LOVE SEO

Most people do not know what SEO is, and this is a big issue when it comes to marketing your business online. make this year the year that you really begin to get acquanted with search engine optimisation. make it the time to work with a credible SEO company, someone that really understands how it works and how they can improve your online rankings. There is so much information about this online, so really there is no excuse for entrepreneurs and all businesses, no matter the size to engage with the SEO process.
I would say that this point is the most important one. Far too many businesses are getting ripped off by SEO companies delivering poor results and charging a fortune. It’s time to wake up and in 2014 try using a better SEO service provider. If unclear about this point, I would strongly urge you to give me a call to go over your SEO and internet marketing options.


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