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So you have great looking and fully working WordPress website, however you want to change hosting service providors and are a little unsure about what to do. Well, this is not a problem, as I am able to help you do this at Hopping Mad Designs. We actually do these kind of migrations on a weekly basis. Following are the ways that we move your existing or new WordPress web site to a new hosting platform.

Back-up your exiting working files

We login to your hosting account and go to the folder wp-content. This is a simple enough process and from there we are able to download all the contents of this folder to your desktop.

Back Up Your current Database

Your settings as well as the content of your WordPress website are always saved to a database. Think of it like a excel spreadsheet, to put this in its simplest terms.
Your database is a matrix of words and numerals that your website code will draw upon. Basically, this is the basis for your website and it is what makes you able to add or delete content as well as making it fully dynamic.
So, if you are adding a new page to your site, it is really adding a new row in this matrix.

To  back up the database you must look at the hosting cPanel.

Once you have accessed this, make sure you view the matrix and see a list of tables. These all have the prefix of wp.
Then hit the export button
A .sql file should then download to your desktop.

You have to then Install WordPress on Your Next Hosting Platform.

You will find that most hosting providers offer applications to install the database through their cPanels.
If your new host will facilitate this then follow their steps to initiate WordPress in your root directory.
Upload Your Files
All you have to do from here is simple upload these files.

Now, Update Your Permalinks

Please remember that, permalinks do set your URL structure of the website and these must be re saved.


Why Should I Need to Migrate My WordPress Website?

Sometimes you need to get away from your current web developers who have organised the hosting and built the website. The best way to do this is transfer all the design files over to a WordPress platform and change the hosting.
Many small business website owners are really unhappy with their web designers and are locked into using their content management system ( CMS). Changing the hosting and CMS will solve all these issues and free these businesses up from over priced hosting contracts.
It’s a simple process and one that can be implemented quickly and surprisingly cheaply.

Never be held hostage again by your web people!

Break free, and get us to handle this entire process for you.


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