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Can bad web design harm your SEO efforts?

Can bad web design harm your SEO efforts?

February 17 2021 Web design and SEO are intricately intertwined. So, in short, the answer is yes. Having lousy web design will harm your SEO Google rankings. You may ask how this works, and the answer is simple. If a user conducts a search online and lands on your website, that’s excellent news. MORE →

Is your new website redesign hurting your SEO rankings?

September 26 2016 Many businesses will get their website redesigned and wonder why their Google rankings have taken a dive. With the old website they were doing nicely and sitting on page 1, but since the launch of the brand new website their online SEO has taken a big hit. This is common MORE →

20 Questions Your Potential SEO Partner Must Know

August 19 2016 Before you even think of hiring an SEO agency you have to be sure that you have made the right decision. If you hire a SEO company that doesn’t know what they are doing (and let’s be perfectly frank here, most SEO agencies are simply out for your money and MORE →

The Do’s and Dont’s of Backlinks. Tips to make Google LOVE your link profile.

June 16 2016 What is a back link? A backlink is a link that points from one website to another or if you prefer one unique domain to another. Don’t be fooled by people that say back links are not important because they are and they form the building blocks of all SEO MORE →

Mistakes Most Businesses Make When Choosing an SEO agency

February 15 2016 Most businesses I speak to in regards to SEO are always on their second or even third SEO agency. They seem to bounce from one to the other and they are never completely happy. There is always an issue and their rankings never seem to be quite where they want MORE →

SEO in 2016. 5 critical factors You MUST know.

December 30 2015 Ranking your website on Google is every businesses dream. Getting to page 1 is nirvana. But, SEO in 2106 is only going to get harder as Google tightens it’s ranking criteria through constant daily algorithmic updates. If your business, company or eComemrce website has any chance of ranking on MORE →

SEO Agency or In-house SEO: Which is the right choice for your business?

July 5 2015 To outsource your SEO to an agency or do it in house is a very common question. Many people I speak to have tried to do SEO in house and have a go at it themselves or even employ their own SEO team. Results have been mixed, with varying degrees MORE →

4 website critical stuff ups that will hurt your business

February 15 2015 The online landscape is getting more and more competitive and if you are going to survive your website needs to be far better than the next persons site. It's easy to make critical stuff ups and following are some tips to help you avoid these. If you follow what I MORE →

Website Rip Offs You Should Know About

June 18 2014 Business owners looking to get a website designed, should be aware of the following rip offs that can fleece them of thousands of dollars. These are things your web agency will either lie to you about of NEVER tell you about. It's a real tragedy that they behave in this MORE →

6 SEO Questions I’m Always Asked

December 9 2014 Being in the Web & SEO industry, when talking to people who do not have a clear understanding of SEO or design, I am always asked a heap of really good questions. Some of those are pretty relevant so I thought that I would share a few of these with MORE →
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