7 Tips for Choosing the Best Domain Name

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Struggling to find a good domain name for your buisness? How do you choose a name that also works well on the search engines? The following artilce will help you make the right choice.

Most websites we design are with clients that already have a domain name.

They have an existing business, so their domain name has been going strong for many years.

But, there are occasions where we have new business startups that require us to help them choose a domain name.

So I’ve listed 7 tips that I use to help businesses choose a fab new domain name.

1. Keep the domain name concise

Short domain names are easier to remember, and they are also easier to type into the search box on Google. They also allow you to have longer sub-domain pages that will fit neatly onto the search. Long lengthy domain names look like you are creating that name specifically for Google and can look odd. You see then all the time, and they look ridiculous.

2. Make the domain name easy to type

Complicated domain names with hard to spell words can put users off. You might end up losing a few customers if they can’t spell your name. Sure, Google has an auto spell, but hard to remember and hard to spell and your off to a bad start. Plus, Aussies like Anglo Saxon sounding pronunciations. Anything foreign-sounding is a huge turn-off.

3. Using keywords is a good idea

Most businesses want to rank on Google. That’s the plain truth, and in the competitive landscape of Google, anything that can help is a huge bonus. Think about having your core keywords in the title as we have done for one of our other businesses, SEO Sydney Experts, where the domain name is Known as exact match domains, keywords in the URL give you a leg up because most people will type the keywords SEO Sydney when searching for this service.

4. Set domain expectations

Make the domain about your business. If you have XYZ in the name, then the company should be about XYZ. Users who have never been to your site before should know what it’s about by the domain name.

5. Add some humour

I can’t tell you the number of times people have commented on our business name, Hopping Mad Designs. Its memorable, funny and just a bit quirky. A lot of thought went into choosing this name, and it has worked well for us. Spend the time thinking of a name that will set your business apart. It can be challenging, especially if you have to put some keywords in there.

6. Consider your market

We are in Australia so buy a and not a .com domain name unless you want to target other countries – if you get the .com, your likely to be targeting the US market. Many people don’t realise this and go for the .com, which they regret later. Having the Australian domain name is much better for Google rankings.

7. Own the intellectual property

Make sure you register the domain name and don’t leave it to your web agency. This way, you own the rights and intellectual property. If they buy it on your behalf & things don’t work out, they’ll end up owning your domain name, which can get tricky. It’s so easy to register your domain name with companies like:

Go Daddy or Crazy Domains

and it cost about $20 per domain name.


Getting the right domain name is not so easy. Most of them are already gone, and you have to be super-creative to develop something new and catchy. Think of using these great domain names and adding a hyphen or number. If you get stuck or need some creative help, why not call us here at Hopping Mad Designs on 02 9360 8514. I’ve been helping businesses throughout Sydney buy cool domain names that work well on Google. Don’t stuff this part of the business process up. Do it right from the beginning.

inlineMy name is Steve and I’m one of the marketing team at Hopping Mad Designs. Let me help you get more business and sales through SEO and conversion-focused web design.


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