Do you need more sales leads and don't know what to do? Is business slowing down and you need to new sales leads for your website desperately? We can help!
Lead generation is the one thing that can make or break your business. Conversely, it's also one of the most commonly over looked marketing tactics by business owners. Let us help you bring in those juicy new sales leads by starting a lead generation campaign today.
At Hopping Mad Designs we know how to generate better quality leads, more often through our trusted & proven SEO (search engine optimisation), social media & digital marketing strategies.

We can double, even triple sales very quickly!

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Lead generation through SEO, social media & digital strategies that really work

Contrary to popular belief of those not in the marketing industry, you can’t just build a website or open a business and wait for people to show up. You have to be proactive in bringing people to you. Otherwise, you’re simply helping drive your prospective clients to the competition.

At Hopping Mad Designs, we have an arsenal of lead generation & digital strategies that will get your business noticed, get the interest of prospective clients and increase your conversion rates exponentially. We only utilize proven lead generation methods that are guaranteed to have customers knocking at your door; very quickly.

If sales are slowing down, the phones not ringing and online inquiries are drying up – then you need to take immediate action. Waiting is no longer an option.

Our aim is to bring in a serious amount of website traffic

We take a multifaceted approach to lead generation that incorporates some of the best SEO, social media and digital marketing strategies to create the desired result. We’ve seen our lead generation service bring success to hundreds of clients and are certain we can achieve the same success for you.



All Sorts Fitness
All Sorts Fitness
New website & SEO campaign with micro sites for All Sorts FItness and Wellbeing Centre.
Impact AV
Impact AV
Website for an audiovisual specialist in sound, vision and lighting.
Laser Tattoff
Laser Tattoff
New brand and website for a tattoo removal business
Evolution Laser
Evolution Laser
Brand redevelopment, new website and an SEO campaign for Evolution Laser Clinic
World Surf Adventures
World Surf Adventures
Responsive website with video for a surf charter & resort travel agency. A full SEO and social media campaign.
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Our lead generation services include:

Strategic Web Design and Web Development – Hopping Mad Designs creates highly optimized websites that provide an enhanced user experience. Our web design and development services focus on enhancing the user experience with responsive design, effective keyword placement, easy navigation and appealing aesthetics. Our designs make it easy for prospective clients to find the information they need and get straight to the point of answering your questions. All our sites are designed with the consumer in mind and are conversion focused.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – SEO is the most important thing you can start for lead generation because, when done right, it improves your search engine ranking and places your website ahead of the competition in search engine results. Various studies have shown that the majority of Internet searchers never venture past the first page of results when doing an online search. The higher your ranking are, the better its chances of being clicked on and the more likely it is that those clicks will turn into clients.

We have been doing SEO for over 18 years and know what Google looks for when ranking websites. So if you want to seriously increase the amount of incoming leads to your business you must start an SEO campaign with Hopping Mad Designs. You will notice an immediate improvement in your Google rankings.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) – With over 2 billion active accounts in use each month, there is definitely marketing power and potential in social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Google+ & Twitter.

Hopping Mad Designs can harness that power and make it work for your business, using proven SMM tactics to generate huge interest in your brand and bring traffic to your site. These are very powerful lead generating platforms and we can help you be very active in this space.

We can create a BUZZ around your brand online – we get people to take notice of your business.

Adwords Management – if you let us handle your Adwords or PPC campaign, we will ensure that every cent you spend has been done so for maximum conversion. Don’t throw money out the window and waste it on an effective Adwords campaign. Let us manage it for you and you will notice a dramatic and immediate increase in leads.

Content Marketing – Recent changes in Google’s algorithms put strong emphasis on quality content and how it affects a website’s search engine placement. Hopping Mad Design can devise a content marketing strategy for you that includes professionally written content that improves your search engine ranking and offers something tangible to your readers. Then, we optimize that content and link to it via social media and other online platforms – making it easier for prospective clients to find and read more about your brand.

Website Landing Page Optimisation – The main reason a website isn’t converting (turning those clicks into clients) is because of a lackluster, uninformative, confusing,  dull landing page.

An effective landing page should be short and to the point – stating the basics of what, why and how. What you want them to do, why they should do it now and how they can buy or contact you. We optimise your websites main landing pages based on your conversion goals (do you want them to buy from you, fill out a form, make a call or send an email inquiry) and use our proven strategies to produce the conversion rates that really bring in quality leads.

Optimising landing pages for the best customer experience is critical if you are going to improve sales leads and we have the in house design specialists at Hopping Mad that can make this happen for you.

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