Month: May 2013

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May 30 2013 There are a many quick, easy to implement web design strategies FOR ONLINE SUCCESS you can do to turn your website into a fully operational sales machine. Following are a few strategies to get you on the right path to web success. MORE →

How to Reduce Ecommerce Cart Abandonment

May 28 2013 The biggest problem e-commerce websites commonly have is customers abandoning the shopping cart during the buying process or even worse leaving the cart, the second before they buy. Following are 10 helpful tips that will reduce your shopping cart abandonment rates and help increase online sales. MORE →

Really Bad Mistakes that SEO Companies Make.

May 27 2013 There are a few critical mistakes that many SEO companies have made in the past and continue to still make them. They never learn and consistently make the same errors time and time again. MORE →

Why Web Companies Lie To Get Your Business

May 19 2013 It is a shame in this day and age that many web design companies will lie and bend the truth in order to secure your business. This practice goes on day after day in an unregulated manner. Ease of entry into this industry, with rampant out sourcing makes this business MORE →

How to avoid being annoying with social media marketing

May 16 2013 The easiest way to turn people off your brand is to bombard them with social media publication. Whether you are tweeting or just posting information of Facebook, the overuse of this can seriously damage your brand. Like all other marketing strategies, thought MUST be put into this, having a 'bull MORE →

Give your brand engagement a big boost

May 15 2013 Its so easy to put content up on your website or other social media platforms. Any person or business owner will be able to do this, but getting your readers to engage with you and really interact with your content and ultimately your brand is another story. Web browsers might MORE →

Mobile and Responsive Web Design

May 13 2013 The future is here and more people are now accessing the internet using their mobile and hand held devices than traditional desktop computers. If you business has not heard of responsive web design and how it can impact the browsing experience on mobile phones, then the unfortunate truth is that MORE →

Who Are The Best SEO Companies in Sydney?

May 6 2013 Have you used a SEO company in the past and been completely underwhelmed and ripped off? Not getting the kind of SEO results and rankings that were promised to you over the phone by the SEO sales person? Paying for a monthly SEO service that you want to terminate? Being MORE →

You should give your online content strategy a makeover

May 3 2013 As a business owner you are probably way too busy to look at your online content strategy and perhaps do not even have a content marketing strategy in place. But, if you do, then you might want to spend some time going over your content strategy and look art ways MORE →

Help With Your Social Media Strategy

May 2 2013 Like most businesses you may have heard of social media, and know of some of the more well known social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google+, but you are really a bit unsure of how all this can help with your business and how it applies to your marketing MORE →
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