How to avoid being annoying with social media marketing

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The easiest way to turn people off your brand is to bombard them with social media publication. Whether you are tweeting or just posting information of Facebook, the overuse of this can seriously damage your brand. Like all other marketing strategies, thought MUST be put into this, having a ‘bull at a gate’ attitude and oversupplying users with irrelevant content will not win you any new customers or loyal followers. In fact, the opposite will happen, you will just end up annoying them. Following are some golden rules to keep your social media marketing relevant and fresh.

1. Post when necessary

Followers on your social media platforms know you are there, so stay current but avoid over posting. That is, posting 2 to 3 times a day. I have personally seen on my LinkedIn account a guy who posts around 6-10 times a day. This is frustrating and very annoying. Although I haven’t deleted him, I never really pay much attention to what he is saying anymore. It’s total over kill and it’s just diluting his main core message.

Post gradually, this way you will stay in the minds of people, but are respectful of their social media space.

2. Keep your content marketing interesting

Yawning at social media postings is a brand killer. The best way to smash your brand is to publish boring, mechanical content. Speak to a copywriter, with web and social media skills on how best to position your company and post accordingly. At Hopping Mad Designs we have a team of copy experts that implement the following strategies that will ensure your business is getting the MOST out of what social media can offer:

Brand Differentiation
– SEO – search engine optimisation
Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn etc)
– Infographics, that are designed by graphic experts
– Email Marketing Campaigns
– Link Generation from the best possible sources
– Video Filming and Marketing
– News Aggregator Strategies
– Google Analytics and Reporting
– RSS and Article Marketing

3. Use your feedback to promote yourself.

Never be afraid of the public. They have engaged with your brand or product online and if they have something to say; whether positive or negative, you should be responding to them in a timely and very courteous manner.

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