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Its so easy to put content up on your website or other social media platforms. Any person or business owner will be able to do this, but getting your readers to engage with you and really interact with your content and ultimately your brand is another story. Web browsers might be happy enough to look over your custom content, but ensuring that they follow up with a sale or purchase as well as encourage customer loyalty is harder than it looks.

Following are some pointers to help your users engage with your content in a much more positive fashion.

1. Your content just does not hit the mark

Having content that is truly engaging, that is, funny, informative, entertaining, ‘hits the spot’, needs to be written, by a professional copy writer. Copy that falls flat will leave the reader in no doubt about your companies online profile and integrity in the market. You will be able to get a much larger and more loyal base of followers if you are able to publish content that is a ‘must read’.

2. Bad Timing Can Kill Your Message

Know your audience and know what time they are active online. Professionals are more likely to be active during the day, with the younger market at night. Posting articles or news to social media platforms, whilst expecting a response can be fruitless if you mistime your marketing strategy.

3. Obtain True Followers with Appropriate Content

Having as many followers, or ‘likes’ as you can may not necessarily be the best move. You don’t want school kids or teenagers following your law firm if your piers and colleagues are viewing your site. Catering and targeting specific content to your audience will ensure the right fit for your company.

4. Leave Ego at the Front Door

Write without too much ego. Be true in your delivery and the audience will love you for this. Over indulgence in your abilities or overselling yourself may be perceived as offensive and your user engagement will suffer in the long run. Be humble yet informative and always be on message.

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