Affordable Packaging Design – Case Studies

Packaging design can be one of the hardest things to implement successfully.

Trying to create something interesting, effective and competitive in the midst of colours, logos, typography and product information, can easily get off track and steer away from the brief into a mess.

Choosing the right design agency for packaging is crucial, even if you’ve made an impression on your potential customers at every other junction – online and offline – packaging is the final hurdle between potential and purchase. It’s your last and best chance to make a sale.

Choose carefully and most importantly, you do not have to pay those excessive ad agency fees any longer. Ditch the idea that quality packaging design comes with a heavy price tag.

Contact us at Hopping Mad Designs on 02 9360 8514 and you will soon see why our rates for all types of packaging; including FMCG are so affordable.

As a brand, you need to be clear on the purpose that packaging plays to adapt to placement, different markets and consumers expectations. Many people focus solely on product and overlook the packaging, but in such a competitive market great branding and packaging design is something that will set you apart from competitors on shelves. Purchases can be solely based on emotion, especially when deciding between competitive brands, so it’s not surprising that the biggest brands have the best packaging.

Depending on how your campaign is structured, product and packaging could be the first interaction that someone has with your brand and although packaging in the most basic form is something that protects the product it can be so much more.

We make packaging design accessible for all businesses

Designing packaging for a product let alone an entire product line can be a time-consuming process. Time equals money, and if you are a small business, that’s something that you don’t have much to spare. When you work with a large agency, your primary contact is generally an account manager and your information is passed through too many sets of hands.

Working with a smaller packaging design agency like us at Hopping Mad Designs is not only more cost-effective but more often than not you will be speaking directly with a designer, who will be able to better convey your ideas and take on your feedback. It is far far easier to deal with us than a larger more expensive agency where you will be treated like a number, in a production manner.

We offer a much better level of service and commitment to seeing that you get the best possible end result.

Creative packaging design case studies

The Art of Wholefoods

is a relatively new, small boutique run by a nutritionist. With a passion for quality cooking and health, all products are produced to provide optimum nutrition. When designing the bone broth range, we wanted to be able to convey this to the customer. We decided to create a striking, modern image for the packs, in conjunction with quirky illustrations, to give it an authentic, homemade touch. The graphic treatment of the label contrasts with a background image, creating a stylish pack that leaps off the shelf.

 _52_  _48_

The Art of Wholefoods decided to extend their range of products into sauces, jus and dressings. Deciding that this would be a more premium, high-end range, we decided to go for a different look that would still fit their brand image. We went with a striking typographic label on black, and colour coding each flavour. The label is complemented with a black lid, finishing off with a strong, bold look for a boutique market. By making some strategic design decisions, our original branding was flexible enough to extend into this category, while still maintaining its own identity.

 _96_  _529_

Huntington Estate originally approached us to create an eCommerce site and in the process of updating their brand, we were lucky enough to have the opportunity to design the labels of their four seasons range. This project incorporated their signature Four Seasons range and a musical element, to be used in conjunction with an event run by the estate. This gave us an opportunity to find a creative way to combine these two elements. The end result was a series of quirky illustrations, using music notes, lyrics and grapevines.


Affordable Pharmaceutical Packaging Design

Care Pharmaceuticals

came to us for the launch of a new product in the children’s cough syrup category. Being a natural product with ivy leaf as an active ingredient, we wanted to depict that, but still, maintain its medical credibility and the brand’s integrity. We created a fun, vibrant logo that provides continuity throughout the “Little” products produced by Care Pharmaceuticals. The colour of the pack has created a strong branding device, which has aided recognition on shelves.


Care Pharmaceuticals also came to us to design their new brand Lacto-Free – a tablet that supports the digestion of lactose and the relief of symptoms caused by its consumption. We used a strong blue, to link it to the dairy sections, with clinical and medical inklings. The distinct bold look makes it stand out on the shelf and gives customers a sense of assurance.



Medilicious, we designed the logo, brand identity and product packaging. Creating a logo as well a packaging gave us the opportunity to create something unique that would speak to their customers. The logo is easily recognisable, using custom illustration and simple typography it immediately invigorates a sense of taste. The olive tones of the colour palette speak to the nature of the product, and handwritten font works with the boutique style.

 _770_  _988_


Packaging is no longer just about grabbing consumers attention, it’s about creating a strong brand identity, better supporting the product that it holds and fueling the entire brand experience. Creative packaging using the fundamentals of great design and innovative thinking will have an impact on the consumer.

If you have a product and are looking for some very creative yet affordable packaging design, please contact us at Hopping Mad Designs.

Great Ways to Promote Your Business on Facebook

Following are some great tips on how to get the most out of Facebook and the best part of it it’s free.

Facebook currently has 2.9 billion monthly active users according to Backlinko, so if your business is not taking advantage of this then it is losing out. Let’s break that down even further to a mind-blowing statistic that nearly 40% of the world’s total population uses Facebook every month. Its take-up is so vast and so saturated that it dwarfs all over social media platforms.

Love Your Product

Make sure that every product you have is on you when you are taking a photo. This may be hard but it’s a great way to promote yourself. People will see this and if they like the product they will start to engage with you more and more. Even better, they will start recommending this to their friends. This is the viral effect of Facebook and the associated social media marketing effect as if it takes off it can be very rewarding. So if you are passionate about your brand and are seriously promoting it, then others will follow.

Highlight your portfolio of work

This is great for tradies. Imagine you are a builder r architect and want to show off the latest home build or design Just snap away and upload it to Facebook. Even service-related industries can showcase what they offer: accountants, lawyers etc. All you need to do is take a photo add some content and press publish. It’s as simple as that. You just need a bit of imagination and some creativity and once you get the hang of it you will be relying on Facebook for new business.

Show you love your product with your customer base

You love surfing and you sell surf and ski related products. Make sure that on your next surf trip to you take your GoPro and get some really good pics to promote your products and brand whilst you are on holiday. It shows your product in action and your customers will absolutely love this. If you have Villas in Bali and are promoting these, make sure you take many snaps of yourself, your friends having a great time and then pop them immediately on Facebook. It works wonders and will have an immediate effect. People are visual, so the more creative you can be the better the results. The surfing community is huge with this type of promotion. For that matter, so is the ski, car racing, football, basically, any type of sport and recreation business is huge on Facebook.

Invest in a decent digital camera

Facebook requires that you publish good quality images and for this reason, I recommend getting a good quality phone with an inbuilt camera ( let’s face it, most people have one). To take it to the next level and really blow people out of the water, get a Go-Pro and start publishing videos. You will see the difference very quickly.

Don’t oversell

Facebook really wants you to post interesting stories. It’s a platform to engage your customer base with stories that are interesting. Try not to be too pushy or sell too hard in your posts all the time. They have space for this in the ads section.

Take your time, don’t rush

A lot of people think that if they post something every 5 minutes it will help their business. WRONG! It will just dilute your brand. The idea is to post an interesting article or story that’s worthwhile reading. Let people digest this information and then once you see the number of likes, you can then publish another. If you drown them with too much information they will just turn away. Keep them wanting more. That’s the best way to tackle Facebook.

Be bold

If you are the type of personality that is somewhat larger than life, then takes heaps of pics with you and your brand and post them. Make people a little envious of your extravagant lifestyle. Make them wish they were you and subtly promote your brand or product simultaneously. It’s a very clever way to get your business noticed. Make the posts more about you rather than the product. Sell the dream and the sales will follow. Think of the high flyers out there. It’s their personality that sells the product. Why do you think so many people want the Kardashians to represent their product? Of course, you don’t have that kind of profile, but if you are a personality push it on Facebook.

Is your business sponsoring anything?

Sponsoring a local football team is a great way to get your brand out there. It’s cheap promotion and the photos you take over the weekend will all be liked by the parents who in turn will be endorsing your business.

Pay to boost your posts

Simply put, there are far too many stories on Facebook and it is becoming really cluttered online. Braking through can be too hard as Facebook will not show every post to your followers. They discriminate what they want to show based on a number of variables. Needless to say, only a percentage of what you put out there gets seen.

So, if you have a seriously good post or article you may like to spend some money to boost it. It can be as cheap as $5 and go up from there. And, the advantage of paid advertising on Facebook is that it’s immediate. That’s right! Got something to sell then you can be up there online in a matter of minutes once it gets approved. Plus, you can also filter the ads to make sure they don’t show up on URL’s you don’t want, saving you wasted clicks and unwanted eyes on your site. The Queensland Government has released an article titled benefits of Facebook for business which is worth a read.

Make sure you monitor how your free posts are going before you decide to spend. If you can see that 1 post is getting more likes than others, test the waters and boost it. See the results and go from there.

Overall, Facebook is just one marketing platform. For businesses looking to get customers online, there needs to be a wider net cast and this includes a complete digital marketing campaign. For this, I suggest getting in touch with us to see how we are able to get you more business from the online world.