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Its about the quality of those sales leads

June 7 2017 There is a school of thought out there among many business owners that all they need to do is get to page 1 of Google and that’s the end game. They can then sit back and watch those juicy sales leads roll on in. Well, that’s wrong. It used to MORE →

You MUST Construct Landing Pages that Convert

July 6 2016 Simply put if you intend to use Adwords, some type of social media or even an email marketing campaign to capture leads the page the customer lands on must convert. Essentially, it needs to stand out and leave no doubt in the potential customers mind that they have come to MORE →

15 gorgeous landing pages that are conversion focused

September 2 2015 Here at Hopping Mad we are committed to delivering results for our clients. In order to grow your business you need click-through from your website, and we employ some of the best techniques to help you get there. This is known as conversion rate optimisation and is at the heart MORE →

Why My Website Needs Conversion Rate Optimisation

August 14 2015 If anyone ever told you all you have to do to build your brand online is to have a website – they lied. The truth is - simply building a fantastic website isn't enough. A site could attract thousands of visitors each day, but unless the content has the power to MORE →

Using your websites landing pages to convert visitors to leads

July 9 2015 If you want to maximize your websites potential and convert online visitors into leads and eventually customers, then you need to have the best looking web landing pages around. They have to be seriously on message and be able to captivate your audience immediately. MORE →


March 19 2013 First impressions count and this is why you need to make the best first impression, especially when it comes to your logo design. This is one area of your business that needs to hit client right between the eye's and blow them away with a logo design that has MORE →


March 18 2013 Most websites should have a newsletter sign up area, which is so common place nowadays. This means that you are interested in gaining more customers and want then to have updated information about your company or business. Some newsletters work and some don't. The best way to ensure the success MORE →


March 15 2013 Google Panda attack is here, and businesses should be made aware of this. For those of you who don't know this yet, the Panda we are referring to is not the cute little animal in the zoo. Our Panda is a algorithm change implemented by Google that affects around 5% MORE →

Duplicate Content is Killing your Online Marketing.

March 13 2013 I have seen over the last couple of month's a growing trend of duplicate and poorly written content in client's websites who come to us for their search engine optimisation. What is duplicate content? This is content that has been duplicated from one website to another. Or even worse, MORE →


March 9 2013 The importance of local SEO cannot be underestimated. A local SEO strategy will increase sales by targeting a specific local market looking for your product or service. Most people are happy to shop locally and this includes the virtual world. Take advantage of this opportunity and speak with one of MORE →
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