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Tips for choosing a creative graphic design agency

October 8 2019

If your looking for a creative graphic design agency for your next marketing project then finding the right agency online is really not as easy as it looks.

Essentially, the choices are limitless and you can find anything from freelancers advertising on sites like Fiveer, Gumtree, even Air Tasker, right through to high end agencies that will never deal with small businesses.

So how on earth are you going to find a graphic design agency that is the perfect fit for your business, company or organisation? It’s not easy, so following are some really handy tips to get you started in the right direction on your quest to find a top graphic design team.

# 1: Never go with an agency purely based on price. Yes it’s a competitive market place and yes as a business you want to source the best deal for your design project but it can be risky going for the cheapest graphic designer. In 2019 going on to 2020 ( when this was written) there are so many options online when it comes to finding a designer and this creates a market where designers are basically cutting their design fees in order to get the job. The issue here is who are you getting, what experience do they have and even more important are they actually doing the job or are they outsourcing the graphics to someone else.

When you go online and find graphic designers online you don’t really know who your dealing with. Sure they may have a flashy design portfolio but can you be 100% certain that it’s really theirs? You have to be so careful when trusting any old person with your marketing. Plus, if they come in too cheap then the chances are they’ll only spend a small amount of time on your project. This could work out against you if you decide you don’t like the designated want to make some changes.

This happens all the time, because graphic design is so subjective. Changes are part and parcel of the design process so cheap quotes may not include these. Moral of this point is to go with a graphic design studio that is not too cheap nor overly expensive. Middle of the road is your best option.

# 2: Make sure they have a physical studio or agency. Many design projects whether they be: brochure design, logo design or even some packaging design needs a face to face meeting in order for you to get the right design brief. Your graphic designer must have a clear understanding of what your looking for and what your trying to communicate. Doing this via email is not so easy and your idea of what your looking for in a design outcome can be vastly different to theirs.

This is where projects go pear shaped, and they can easily derail when the design brief is not met. This is why you have to meet with local graphic designer. Preferably one that’s Sydney based.

# 3: In today’s world design is not limited to print only, therefor your graphic design team should have the ability to take what they have produced and be able to put it on your website and perhaps your social media. Therefore it’s best to go with a graphic agency that has a digital arm as well. This way everything is done under one roof without the need to source different suppliers. It saves you loads of hassle and ultimately you end up spending far less.

# 4: Are you woking with juniors, someone straight out of uni or cafe or are you working with senior creative designers. If your a small start up with a seriously small budget then going and sourcing your design work from a uni graduate or going online to community based platforms might be your best option. But, if your looking for a creative edge and are wanting your product or business to out shine your competition then you need a graphic design agency that has been around for at least a few years.

# 5 They should have a strong design portfolio, backed up by a variety of work. There are a lot of niche graphic studios out there that specialise none particular area of work such as: medical, legal or travel. You do not want to align yourselves with these agencies as their design style is very particular. Try to find a studio that has handled many types and varieties of business.

# 6: Always check their online Google reviews to see what other people have said about their work. Obviously there may ( and you’ll have to expect this) be some negative reviews but don’t focus solely on these. Look at the positive ones, and cross reference this in their graphic design portfolio.

# 7: Go with an agency you like. Meet with them and see if you like the people you will be working with. Sometimes, graphic design projects can take weeks if not months and ultimately this is a close relationship so yo have to get along with the people. If you get a funny feeling about them when you meet for the first time or you don’t feel the fit or work culture they have is in line with yours then look elsewhere as it won’t work out.

# 8 : Make sure they are able to handle your pricing if necessary. Graphic design is only one part of the process. You then need to get brochures or your reports printed and this should be dome by a printer that the design agency can manage. If it’s a complex print job then you definitely have to rely on the designers for the best outcomes. Again, only a team of professional designers can handle this.

These are just a few tip to help those business owners find a decent graphic design agency that won’t cost the earth and do a great job. If you need any further help please contact us here at Hopping Mad Designs.

We have been in the graphics industry for over 20 years, so you’ll be dealing with experts.