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What does Hopping Mad think makes a good packaging design?

April 13 2021 When holding a product you’ve never used before, the first thing you do is judge it by the packaging. You admire the design, the look, feel, style and even the packaging texture. It all comes together to form one neat unit that’s screaming buy me! It’s that state of mind MORE →
The Psychology of Color in Marketing & Design

The Psychology of Color in Marketing & Design

February 5 2020 Colour psychology is a study of how colour affects perceptions and behaviours. It is a very complex theory that has not yet been analysed enough. Because of the lack of information and knowledge, it’s difficult to use in the right way in marketing and branding. In marketing, we use colour MORE →
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Tips for choosing a creative graphic design agency

October 8 2019 If your looking for a creative graphic design agency for your next marketing project then finding the right agency online is not as easy as it looks. Essentially, the choices are limitless and you can find anything from freelancers advertising on sites like Fiveer, Gumtree, even Air Tasker, right through MORE →
5 Reasons why you need to update your logo

5 Reasons why you need to update your logo

February 8 2016 It’s important to have logo that reflects who you are and what you do. For most businesses it makes sense to revaluate your visual identity and make sure that your business is reflected in the most advantageous way. MORE →

Packaging Design Nightmares How to Avoid Them

December 22 2015 If you want your product to have the best possible chance of selling then you need to make the right decision when it comes to partnering with the right packaging design studio. We have seen far too many botched, unprofessional looking packaging design projects that have failed due to not MORE →
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Affordable Packaging Design – Case Studies

November 20 2015 Choosing the right designers for packing is crucial, even if you’ve made an impression on your potential customers at every other junction – online and offline – packaging is the final hurtle between potential and purchase. It’s your last and best chance to make a sale. The good news is MORE →
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20 logos that inspire us as a graphic design agency

September 23 2015 What makes an inspiring, consumer-focused and attention-grabbing logo? A truly classic logo is powerful, recognisable and stands the test of time. A logo helps create an image for your company and should reflect what your company is about; its personality, core values and ethos. In a world where companies are MORE →

Why Graphic Design Is Still Vital For Business Success

August 17 2015 Interesting fonts, beautiful imagery and vivid color combinations are all important parts of successful marketing campaigns and work well to grab your attention - which is exactly what the advertiser intended for them to do. If they can get your attention – and keep your attention – the more likely MORE →

Digital Marketing Agencies Sydney–Why You Now Need Them

June 23 2015 There is a growing trend nowadays for web and SEO agencies to try to combine all their services under the banner of a digital agency. They are ditching their old titles of web design and SEO agencies and calling themselves digital marketing agencies. The idea behind this is that they MORE →
Importance of a professionally designed logo

Importance of a professionally designed logo

March 19 2013 First impressions count and this is why you need to make the best first impression, especially when it comes to your logo design, business and corporate branding. This is one area of your business that needs to hit client right between the eye's and blow them away with a logo MORE →
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