20 logos that inspire us as a graphic design agency

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September 23 2015

What makes an inspiring, consumer-focused and attention-grabbing logo?

A truly classic logo is powerful, recognisable and stands the test of time. A logo helps create an image for your company and should reflect what your company is about; its personality, core values and ethos.

In a world where companies are fighting for the consumer dollar, it’s essential that your businesses logo presents something unique.

As a graphic design agency, logos that inspire us are the ones that are iconic and engage the audience immediately. The logo is the first that customers see when they interact with your brand, so it’s no coincidence that some of the biggest and best brands in the world have the best and most aspiration logo designs.

There is no easy answer as to what kind of logo is the best or most effective, but it would be fair to say that the most creative designs catch our eye and inspire us to create.

Logos can consist of symbols and icons, but the text is also important and you can be just as creative with it. Most logos communicate an idea, an idea of what your company is about. Logos can be simple yet create a bold statement or can be a playful pun on your business name. Whatever it may be, logos that inspire us as designers represent the company in the best possible means and leave us with a long-lasting impression of that company.

Below are the logos that inspire us and really push us to create great identities, brands and logos for our clients.


  1. Nike (Swoosh Mark)

The swoosh is a corporate trademark, originally designed by Carolyn Davidson while she was studying graphic design at Portland State University.

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  1. Boundary

The boundary is a performance monitoring solution for data networks, the continuous line between the letters is both visually appealing and conceptual.

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  1. BarCode

A fun play on the name of the brand, the logo is recognisable and you get an idea of what the brand is even without the wording below.

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  1. Air BNB

Created around the concept “Belong Anyway” the logo encompasses a heart with a map pin icon.

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  1. Mastercard

Simple design, that is easily recognisable. The interlocking circles show strength and the dynamic colours are recognizable.

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  1. Penguin Books

The logo works for its simplicity and repetitive use over time. The penguin is distinct, and easily recognisable and has become synonymous with books.

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  1. Adidas

The iconic trefoil is mean to represent the continents America, Europe and Africa and the three intersecting lines representing diversity. The three lines have become key in branding, and although simple, they’re easily distinguished.

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  1. Chevron

Using the V shape to reference military history, the brand has embedded itself in American culture.

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  1. BP

Created with a strategic rebrand in mind, the sunflower represents the energy of the sun and the use of the colour green shows the brands environmental consciousness. The simple shapes are what works best for this brand.

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  1. MTV

The distinctive M was originally a sketch, with the ‘tv’ being spray painted. The relaxed, rough nature of the logo makes it accessible and relatable.

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  1. Puma

The Puma logo is a sign of courage and athleticism, encompassing the nature of competition.

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  1. Fedex

The bold colours, clear type and clever use of negative space to create the arrow make this logo work.

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  1. Circus of Magazines

Visually stimulating, clever use of negative space while avoiding clichés.

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  1. uBear

Another interesting use of negative space, while maintaining a strong graphic the doesn’t immediately make you think of a teddy bear or something childish.

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  1. Oz Harvest

Oz harvest logo is interesting in the sense that it doesn’t follow a conventional logo form, is increasingly busy and breaks most design rules, but it works, its memorable and definitely shows you what their brand is about.

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  1. Curvature

Interesting play on the name, will make a simple logo stand out. Although the wording isn’t completely legible, your mind fills in the gaps.

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  1. Made in Britain

The logo immediately makes you think of the Union Jack – the most recognisable British symbol. When you look at this logo the brand is aligning itself with that of Union Jack. A play on something so recognisable works this brand and the simplicity has ensured its longevity.

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  1. American Table

A simple reflection of the brand and a well thought out way to combine the A and the T.

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  1. Six 3 Nine

A clever combination of shapes and use of clear space. The combination of text and number makes this particularly interesting.

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  1. Killed Productions

A clever play on the company name leaves it up to the customer to decide which other letter has left the I for dead.

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I am updating this blog on 10 May 2021 by adding 3 more logos that are current today and stand out as great logo and graphic design example.

1)Australia new Trade logo



According to CNN this now looks like a virus and in the world of COVID is this really a great design? Let’s leave it up to you to decide.

2) NRMA Parks & Resorts

best logos for 2021

NRMA Parks & Resorts logo is clean, simple yet easy to recognise for people wanting to travel around Australia.

3) Australian Art Supplies

best australian logos 2021


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