Digital Marketing Agencies Sydney–Why You Now Need Them

There is a growing trend nowadays for web and SEO agencies to try to combine all their services under the banner of a digital agency. They are ditching their old titles of web design and SEO agencies and calling themselves digital marketing agencies. The idea behind this is that they are an agency that will handle every marketing aspect of your business in the digital space. This includes; your web design, your search engine optimisation, Adwords, remarketing as well as conversion rate optimisation, online reputation and social media. There is a lot to swallow here, but due to the very nature of how digital marketing and the online landscape has changed businesses now need an all round digital agency that can handle all your marketing.
The very best thing that you can do for the marketing of your business is to engage the services of a really great SEO company that can get your website on page 1 of Google. SEO is without doubt the king of all online and digital marketing but the problem we have is that it is not only very competitive the higher up you go on Google, but you have to also constantly work out the changing algorithm. To stay on top of this is extremely time consuming and in some cases quite unpredictable. Also, if you choose the wrong SEO agency ( and there are heaps of them out there, the ones that offer ‘ no rank, no pay – or are prepared to do your SEO for free till they can prove themselves), you are stuffed. You can kiss your business goodbye.

Like most business owners, you have expenses and products to sell and you need to get your message to market quickly. This is where the services of a digital agency can help. Not only are they able to work on your SEO but they can also look at other digital areas of your business that can bring in new customers and website traffic. SEO, whilst fantastic, is a very long term lengthy process, where you have to be there for the long haul. Digital agencies can speed the whole process of bringing in business by looking at the other mainstream digital channels where you can push your business.

Let’s say for example you are a new business start up or a company that has been going for a couple of years and is now looking to get new customers. Pehaps the phone is not ringing like it used to or what used to work in terms of marketing is now falling flat.

Due to the time lines associated with SEO, a digital agency can get you out there in front of your customers immediately. Think about it, an Adwords campaign can be set up in less than a day. A Remarketing campaign can also be set up in a day as well. Your social media can happen immediately, web amends on your main website pages can happen very quickly. You can publish blogs and write content for your website quickly as well. All of these extra digital activities can be going on all the time, whilst your SEO campaign is brewing nicely in the back ground.

For most business owners, all of these types of activities are put into the too hard basket. Sure, they might write a blog or two and yes they might pop a couple of posts on Facebook, but in most cases, there will be a concerted effort in the beginning and this will drop of fairly quickly. We see this happen all the time. They get excited about having a go at it themselves, but when they don’t see any improvement in sales or have measured success, the motivation suddenly disappears.

This is where we step in. At Hopping Mad Designs we are able to manage all of your digital marketing on an on going basis and show you proven, measurable results on a month by month basis. We are able not only to seriously and radically improve your SEO rankings, but we are also to market your business on a range of digital platforms that are going to bring you a fantastic ROI. It really doesn’t matter what size or type of business you have. We are happy to work with any business that wants to expand their online profile.

Nowadays, simply starting a SEO campaign, registering a Facebook page, posting a few blogs or having an attempt at Adwords is not enough. You have to be so much more aggressive and strategic with your marketing dollar if you are ever going to succeed online. This is the way the digital landscape is evolving and we are seeing a dramatic shift in how companies across Australia look at their marketing. Settling for 1 SEO agency and thinking that a Google ranking will suffice is being short sighted – you now have to be so much more strategic with your marketing to keep your share of the market. Avoiding this will just give your competiton the advantage.

It was just a few years ago that SEO was all that was needed. If you were ranking at the top of Google, then you were sorted. There are now just too many opportunities that have sprung up online, that you cannot afford to miss. Yes, Google is still king, but you have to look beyond this if you are to remain competitive. This is why partnering with a digital agency is now a MUST.

SO WHY USE HOPPING MAD as your DIGITAL PARTNER: We are able to customise a digital solution that is more affordable than you would have thought. We have proven our SEO ability time and time again by ranking businesses on Google who were never previously there as well as turning incredibly bad rankings around within a matter of months. We also have a pool of incredibly talented digital specialists that will take the time to learn about your business and come up with a campaign that will get you MORE REVENUE and MORE CUSTMERS. No one knows the digital space better than we do.

WHY? Because we have been doing this for businesses since 1998. That means we are one of Australia’s oldest digital marketing agencies.

If you would like to know more about the huge opportunities that now exist online and would like to get your share please get in touch with us now. It’s totally obligation free and I can guarantee that after a 30 minute meeting with us, you will be armed and equipped to take on your biggest competition.

Why do all businesses need professional logo design?

The way that the public perceives your business is the first step to brand recognition. If you are unable to get your head around this fact and understand the power that your branding and graphic design material has, then you may pay the hefty price for this in the future.

If you are contemplating launching your business with a poor looking and substandard looking logo you will be looked upon as a company that supplies low-quality products or services.

Having a great looking logo is just so important from an overall design perspective. Cutting corners, saving money and doing it on the cheap will only cheapen your brand and image. Simple as that.

Doing it right from the start will get your business off on the right footing and employing the services of a professional logo design company is really the way to go.

Establishing your brand, logo and identity, will form the very solid foundations from which your business can grow.

Why should I use a team of professional graphic designers?

Graphic designers, especially those designers in Sydney are skilled professionals who have spent 3-4 years at college or university learning that art of creativity, so that they may then apply this to your business. Each designer, when taking a design brief, follows some basic steps in order to

Every design job follows certain stages in order to produce the best possible artwork for your business. At Hopping Mad Designs we take the following important steps very seriously:

We ask the right questions

All graphic designers must know the right questions to ask about your business. How else are they going to design a logo for you that you are going to absolutely love? Sure, we can go off on our own tangent and design something that we may like, but if you are not 100% happy then our job is not done. Hence, the need to ask intelligent, factual questions at the briefing stage.

We do the research.

Knowing about your industry, the competition and the logos that are prominent in your area is a fundamental step in the design process. We need to know who has the most recognisable logos as well as the most common. Depending on the nature of the industry, it is a good idea to design a logo that is completely different to what is expected.

Logo Design Ideas

We will present some various design options, colour combinations, fonts and typestyles. You are employing us to be as creative as possible, so we will come up with design styles that closely reflect your initial brief as well as a few ‘curve balls’ that push the design boundaries. It’s all about getting those creative waves happening and allowing us the freedom to work our design magic. If the client is a little bit open-minded, then that’s even better.

How Does Your Stationery Look?

Once we have the logo approved we can then look at mocking up all your internal and external communication especially stationery. Think about your business cards and the statement they make about you. Are they a relic of the past? If so, as graphic designers we can take a good look at all your stationery; business cards, letterheads, email signatures etc and come up with new fresh design options that are sure to boost your image.

Let’s have a look at your online profile.

Graphic designers are just not limited to the print world alone. They are able to look at all your online graphics ensuring that everything you publish online has that professional design edge to it. This includes your website, blog, newsletters, branding and social media. Most graphic companies are comfortable with designing for the digital environment. The great advantage for the business owner is that everything is produced by one studio.

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Hopping Mad Designs would be more than happy to look at your logo, make design suggestions and come up with a whole suite of graphic design solutions that will work wonders for your business.

Importance of a professionally designed logo

Your business brand has to exude a certain personality and it must raise an emotion out of the person; whether good or bad.

It should be strong and be able to stand on its own and above all be memorable. A logo designed today should be able to stand the test of time and last throughout the life of your business.

If your logo has been professionally handled it should be something that you can be proud of; an identity that you are happy to associate yourself with and one that reflects you and your business. Because your logo will have more exposure, due to the fact that it will be on your website, you need it to send a clear message to your customers that you are a serious player in business and that you are concerned about your image and the way that you are perceived online. Forbes elaborates on this by telling us a logo is not just about what it looks like but also how it attracts attention from current and potential consumers

The logo for your businesses website needs to speak to many various audiences and must therefore be well thought through before putting pen to paper. A clear understanding of your market, digital strategy, and business must be discussed so no stones are left unturned. Satisfying one market is not good enough. You need to look at all demographics and all the markets where your site will be promoted and design a logo accordingly to these parameters.

Professionally designed logos engender trust and in turn, will promote customer loyalty. Basically, if you look at the part then people will notice this and appreciate the effort you have gone to. Logos that have been designed on the cheap will be spotted immediately and the consequences for your brand will not be good for you now and in the future. It just makes all the difference if you spend that bit more and get a professional graphic design studio to work on your brand. Only a graphic or web designer will be able to get a clear and undiluted brief from you when it comes to getting the right information out of you. You will need to develop a strong relationship with your designer if you are going to get the best design work out of them.

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Following are some points to consider when exploring logo design options for your brand.

– What is your company’s ultimate goal? Where do you want to be in the long term
– Who and where is your target audience?
– Is the brand a product that needs promotion?
– What emotive response do you want the logo to produce?
– What do your competitor’s logos look like?
– Should we be aware of any specific industry-related colours?
– Does your web logo need to be clever, humorous, or just to the point?
– Is there a deadline?
– Would you prefer the logo to be typographical or more illustrative?
– What geo-specific area will you be targeting? Will the logo have an Australian tone?
– Are there any cultural sensitivities that should be known in advance?
– Do you require a style guide?
– Where will the brand be applied to?
– Are you able to provide examples of other logos that you like and can you provide any logos that you absolutely hate.

Getting a thorough perspective on the above questions will make the design process a whole lot easier. More often than not design can go off track, but just by asking these few easy questions will end up saving you so much time and money.

Look at the world’s most popular logos. Coca Cola, Google, Mercedes Benz and finally Nike. They have lasted for years and years because all the hard work and effort was done upfront. Each logo is known for a certain point of difference; Coke for the red type, Nike for the swoosh, Google for the child-like font and colours and Mercedes Benz for its simplicity. As a business owner, you too want to be recognised for something. A certain spark that says you are different to your competition and if you end up working with a company like Hopping Mad Designs for your logo design, you just may end up getting that special design element that eludes so many companies.

Although your business is not the size of Coca Cola the point I’m trying to make here is how important logo design is for your website, branding and customer base. Do it right and you’ll be able to position yourself as a market leader.

Professional Logo Design Company

Don’t cut corners when it comes to your companies branding, marketing collateral, social media and especially web design. Your logo deserves a lot better than a $99 Make-Your-Own-Logo website package. Going down this path is a recipe for business disaster. Try to work with a design agency that also has a strong background in brand development. Having the whole package designed under one roof will keep branding consistent and keep the creative juices all under one design house.

Brand Management Experts Sydney

Your brand is your intellectual property. It reflects who you are, your companies core values, its direction as well as the client base. It needs nurturing and strict brand management if you are to maintain the integrity and value of your brand. This is why you need to use a professional graphic design and digital agency when designing any marketing or sales material. Compromising your brand or identity will have a serious impact on your business and the way it’s perceived by the buying public.
Why use Hopping Mad Designs for your brand management?

Simply put, we understand design. We are able to design a brand for your business, company or product and ensure that all future sales and marketing material adhere to the strict brand guidelines that we will create. After each and every unique brand we design, we make sure that you have a comprehensive style guide that will be the benchmark for all future print, web or social media material used. Our design style, is always fresh, clean and contemporary which means that your brand will always look as though it has been well thought out with a comprehensive brand strategy behind it.

We understand corporate branding. If you need to develop your stationery or marketing collateral, we are able to take your new brand and apply it to all your new communication pieces. We are brand management experts when it comes to business card, letterhead, with comp slips, brochures, reports, envelopes and email signature design.

We can offer graphic design and web design solutions for all of these items based on the brand that we create. Managing your brand at this stage is crucial for your marketing. Just think about how many business cards you give out on a daily basis. If these cards do not look the part then it can diminish your brands value. It is small things like this that are often overlooked by businesses that can have brand consequences in the future. This is why YOU MUST engage the services of a company like hopping mad designs who can manage your brand throughout all stages of its evolution.

We know website design. This is where your brand can easily become diluted with all the internet noise as well as the online competition. If your website does not articulate your brand clearly, users will become confused and exit your site. Maintaining the strength and positioning of your brand online will be key to the success of your website. Sending out mixed messages, with conflicting brand statements will cause more harm than good.

We know how to draft and create engaging and sales focused copy. So you have a great looking brand but need to position it in the market place. We have copy experts that can take your brand,; whether, business, corporate, organisation or product and come up with concise, fresh and very relevant content that will compliment your brand. As brand management experts in Sydney, we know how difficult coming up with clever content can be so this is why we only work with industries to bring your brand positioning statements; whether print or web that work.


This happens more and more as site reviews and customers comments and blogs become the norm. It is just so easy to trash a brand nowadays online. Anyone who has access to the internet can get in there and post malicious comments about your brand which will eventually get indexed by Google. At Hopping Mad we have a dedicated SEO team that can watch out and monitor any internet chatter about your brand and immediately address any negativity. We call it online reputation management and can help negate and reduce the impact of any bad reviews or content written about your business online.

Ideally, you need to work with just one company that can design your brand, work up a style guide and handle all your external marketing and communication material. At Hopping Mad Designs we have the design experience and wealth of brand management knowledge to ensure design harmony and brand consistency when handling your material.

Please call Hopping Mad Designs on 02 9360 8514 for a chat about your next branding exercise. Or if you are wanting to get a new website design then please call one of our web design team.