Why Graphic Design Is Still Vital For Business Success

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Interesting fonts, beautiful imagery and vivid color combinations are all important parts of successful marketing campaigns and work well to grab your attention – which is exactly what the advertiser intended for them to do. If they can get your attention – and keep your attention – the more likely you are to invest in their products or services.

Now, apply that same logic to your own brand.

Does your current advertising campaign include aesthetics with the power to grab – and keep – the attention of would-be clients?

Regardless of what you may have heard, graphic design is still vital for the success of any business and there are many reasons for this. Incorporating professional graphic design into your advertising campaign will:

Increase the visibility of your brand – A professionally designed logo instantly increases the visibility of your brand by allowing consumers to put a ‘face’ with the name. To achieve this, your logo should be memorable and unique, while accurately representing what your brand at the same time.

Establish brand loyalty – The most common reason consumers become loyal to certain brands is because they remember the experience they had with their product or service. The easier your brand is to recognize, the more likely clients are to become repeat customers and recommend it to someone else.

Give your brand a competitive edge – Humans are visual creatures and, by definition, are drawn to beautiful imagery that tells a story, conveys a message or evokes certain emotions. Piquing the interest of would-be clients focuses their attention on you, instead of ‘the other guy’ and provides your brand with a competitive edge.

Create a lasting impression on would-be clients – When consumers are looking for a product or service, most do a quick online search to find companies that can offer a solution. That means a company’s website is responsible for making that all-important first impression on would-be clients. A professionally designed website is usually indicative of a professionally managed company, which is very attractive to would-be clients.

Establish continuity across a variety of platforms – Savvy business owners will expand their advertising campaigns to include a variety of outlets that include the printed form, such as signs, business cards, stationery and a host of other printed mediums. Graphic design elements are just as important offline as they are online. Professionally done graphic design helps facilitate continuity across all these mediums, ensuring that your color schemes, layout, logo placement and other crucial elements look their best, regardless of their form of presentation.

Enhance searchability – Graphic design isn’t just about images, fonts and layouts. A great graphic design campaign also enhances a website’s searchability, which improves search engine rankings, generates more traffic and increases conversion rates.

Ensure compatibility across multiple browsers and devices – If your website looks great in one browser, but horrible in another – think of all the business you’re losing out on because would-be clients who prefer one platform over another are unable to access your site. This is a costly, but common mistake that many businesses make – and one that you brand can easily avoid with professional graphic design.

Increase sales & website conversion rates – The goals of any advertising campaign are pretty much the same – increase sales, attract new clients and grow your business. Effective graphic design with a multifaceted approach ensures any brand will be successful in reaching those goals.

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