Category: Digital Marketing

The Future of Digital Marketing and the Digital Agency

February 12 2016 Why do you need a full service digital agency? To answer that you need to understand what a digital agency actually is and what they can do for you. The word digital, from a design, marketing and communications perspective can mean hundreds of different things, making it hard to define MORE →

Do Not Rely On Google For All Your Website Traffic

June 22 2015 Google is honestly the best place to be seen online. If you have your website on page 1 for all your high traffic keywords then this is seriously the very best thing that you can do for your marketing. Just see what happens when your website starts to hit those MORE →

Why does my website need to be responsive?

June 21 2015 All websites nowadays need to be responsive or what is termed mobile friendly. A responsive website means that it is viewable on all hand held devices and tablets. Essentially it provides the user with a much better viewing experience and allows them to navigate your site so much easier that MORE →

Google Penalty | Advice to help you try to recover from a penalty

July 30 2012 Have you been hit with a Google penalty? Have you ever heard of a Google penalty? Does all this sound completely foreign to you? Have you noticed that your rankings on Google have suddenly disappeared? Is your SEO agency denying all responsibility and you have no idea what is going MORE →
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