7 ways to smash your competition online in 2019

It’s no secret that competing in the online world is difficult. In fact as years go by it’s becoming seriously hard to do well online, especially if your starting a new business. The online space and the digital world is so competitive that standing out and being seen is in fact, near impossible.
If you think that you can create a website and be successful then your in for a rude awakening. It’s not going to work! You are wasting your time, money and good intentions. We get phone calls from far too many businesses who have tried to get away with little or no digital marketing and are now wondering why there are no sales or phone inquiries.

So following are 7 great tips that all businesses can use to help them be competitive online and smash the hell out of their competition. I follow these tips regularly and it’s helped us last & thrive for well over 20 years in a really competitive environment. We are up against some aggressive web and SEO agencies but we are always getting inquiries.

SEO is a must

If you think you can launch a website with no future SEO planning your in for real trouble. SEO or search engine optimisation is the on going technique of getting your website ranking on Google. SEO is now a must and if you want to have any chance of survival online then you have to be starting your SEO when you meet with your website design agency.

An important point to note is that SEO commences from day 1. SEO should be an integral part of the planning process of your website. It’s much better to do it at the start as opposed to doing it once the site has been launched.

Have really creative website copy

When people find your website they have to like what they read. Therefore your website copy has to be attention grabbing, straight to the point and clearly articulate what that specific page is about. The copy has to persuade them to make contact with you and this is the tough part. Consumers must be motivated and convinced to make the call or email & without copy that’s sells they will simply look elsewhere. One way to smash your competition is to have much better copy. Plus and I need to stress this point: if people like what they read they will look around your site and stay longer. Google will notice this and you will be rewarded with better online rankings as Google likes to push popular sites.

Don’t use cheap n nasty website templates

As tempting as this maybe because they are so cheap, free websites ( like WIX) and cheap web templates do not work. If your on a really limited budget and don’t care what your website looks like or how it performs online then fine go for it. But, if you want to beat your competition you will need a site that has been where planning and some form of strategy has been done. In the online space ‘you get what you pay for’. Expect to get little online traffic or great results if your not prepared to invest in the future of your online presence.

Know your audience

Know what your audience wants and give it to them. No point in designing a website with loads of copy if your selling clothes. In this instance you need visuals. Conversely, if your in the medical field (ENT, physios, medical specialists, cosmetic surgeons etc) your going to have to provide lots of great content that answers questions. Give the readers what they want and they will buy from you. Don’t design for designs sake. Be clear about the purpose of your website and cater to the needs of your consumer base.

If you want to drive sales on your eCommerce site make sure you have clear buying pathways and easy to see buy now buttons. If you want to get the phone ringing have your number prominent and make sure that your audience doesn’t get lost in pages of content. Images, videos, and testimonials are a great carrot to dangle in front of your customers.

Understand Google Analytics

For most businesses this is a frightening concept. Getting your head around Google Analytics is hard enough for people like me who have been in this industry for years. But for the average business it’s going to be too hard. Unfortunately, you have to understand GA as this will tell you how well your website is performing and what people are doing when they land on your site. My advice is to do this in baby steps and not be afraid of it.

After a while, you will get the hang of it and soon be able a whizz at Analytics. It’s a great tool in understanding consumer behaviour and you can adjust your site based on the information you obtain. It’s probably best to leave this to your web designers who can refine and retune based on the analytic data they have. It’s part of your SEO strategy so don’t just bury this point because it looks to hard. It is vital to the success of your website and digital marketing.

Facebook, Instagram, You Tube

Make sure that you keep updating your social media. Know where your audience hangs out and cater to them. Are they on Instagram or Facebook or both? If you have a fashion label then Instagram is a must. If you have a service offering then Facebook is the area you should be focusing on. Whatever it is, make sure social media is part of your marketing plan. Remember, you can compete with the big boys here. Just do it smarter and better.

Websites are never a set and forget

You can’t launch a website and do nothing for the next 5 years. Websites have to evolve with the digital landscape and this means you have to be constantly fine tuning it. Never for one minute think that you can leave your site untouched. At a minimum you have to be updating it with news or blogs every month or so. Remember, your website may look great now but in the online space it will date very quickly. Be very aware of this.

If you want to learn more about ways to beat your competition please cal us here at Hopping Mad Designs on 02 9360 8514. Make 2019 the year you really invest your energies into your website and see the fantastic returns you will get.

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