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Hopping Mad Designs Reviews Graphic Design Trends for 2016

November 13 2015 Hopping Mad Designs reviews whats in store for 2016 when it comes to graphic design trends. There is so much going on and happening that we thought we would give you a preview of our insights as to the next ‘big thing’ in the graphics world. Dramatic Typography. Typography is MORE →

Looking for the Cheapest Web Design Quote

October 14 2014 Don't make the grave mistake of price shopping for your web design. Going with the cheapest option you can find may seem like a smart move but there is one thing I can promise you. That is, you will be paying for this in the long run. Cheap, template 'same MORE →

The advantages of having a mobile responsive web design

August 27 2014 Internet access from mobile devices is exploding as more and more people use their hand helds ( iphones and androids) to connect to the internet. All you need to do is look at anyone in a public space and you will see the uptake. It is amazing. Bear in mind MORE →

Cheap Web Design is a Waste of your Money

August 30 2014 The temptation, I know in business is to save as much money as possible. But to look around for the cheapest web designer and get a stock standard template design, is really quite harmful and detrimental to your business. I get so many calls from people who are just starting MORE →

6 Free Great Tips for Marketing your Website

September 15 2014 There are so many businesses that launch a website and have no clue how to market it to the public. They feel that just getting a website is enough and that's simply not true. Having an online presence is really the first step in the online space. Marketing this site MORE →

Is your Website letting your Business Down?

September 29 2014 How many times have I heard from businesses around Sydney that they are really unhappy with their website and it is hurting their business. They complain that they have had their website for a few years and haven't been bothered to do anything about it. It's a real tragedy cause MORE →

Free Websites, Do They Really Work?

October 22 2014 Many people and businesses I speak to come to our web agency after they have tried using one of those free websites. And guess what? The experience they have had has been poor and some what disappointing. Sure as a business owner you want to get the best value you MORE →

What other things can I do to improve my website and online traffic ?

October 29 2014 I can see you there scratching your head and wondering why your website is not bringing in the kind of traffic you were anticipating. You did all the right things: you bought a really cool domain name, you purchased a SSL certificate, you had you logo designed up professionally, you MORE →

Googles Latest Panda 4.0 Update How It affects Your SEO.

June 12 2014 Ive got to let all your Sydney Businesses out there into a little secret. That is, there has been a huge new algorithm change called Panda 4.0 and it's a big one. What does all this mean and why should it affect my business, my SEO rankings, and essentially my MORE →

Retargeting, Google Retargeting and Remarketing Sydney

June 29 2014 Have you ever thought about Retargeting or Remarketing your Website as a form of internet marketing? Do you have any idea how it works or what a powerful marketing and advertising tool this can be for your business? If you have never heard about this new marketing platform then following MORE →
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