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Hopping Mad Reviews of 2014 would have to the highlighted by the radical shift in the relationship between web, SEO and social media. If I was as director of Hopping Mad Designs have to review the seismic shift between 2013 and 2014 it would certainly be how far businesses have come in their understanding of the internet. Following are just a few of my insights and reviews over the past year that has past through the doors of Hopping Mad Designs.

Let Hopping Mad Designs Review what has shifted in the SEO Landscape.

As a reviewer of the shifting sands of the Google and the world known as SEO, Hopping Mad Designs has seen businesses gain a clearer and more thorough understanding of what it takes to rank a website on Google. Businesses have now over the past couple of years come to terms with the fact that they do need Search engine optimisation if they are going to drive new business. They have unfortunately been burnt so badly over the past say 5 years that this year has been a real wake up call. Most companies now, (and this is the really important trend that I need to review), know that SEO is not a game and they must align themselves with a credible SEO and web agency like Hopping Mad Designs.

I really feel that the game playing when it comes to SEO costs, and all the to and fro between us and the business is slowly coming to an end. And I have see this happen more and more this year in 2014. Why? Cause they know that they have to pay for SEO. It’s like someone has magically lifted the blind folds off the public and they now are acutely aware and have an inherent value placed on the services that a great SEO campaign can produce for their business.

The amount of phone calls that I get from people who tell me that their previous SEO company charged them X dollars so they want to see if I can match that, is definitely dwindling. In fact, most people now have a very realistic set aside budget for their internet marketing.

Now Have Hopping Mad Designs Review the Web Design Industry in 2014.

This industry I feel has become much more homogenised. OK, so what do I mean by this? Well put simply, pre packaged themes from WordPress; like Theme Forest as well as free websites like Wix have made access for businesses to get online much easier and simpler. If they have the know how and if they have the ability and skill they can easily get a website for their business and be online quickly.

This has had a mixed reaction to the team to the team at Hopping Mad Designs. Why? Because, people have jumped on the bandwagon thinking that this is a great idea and can facilitate their product to market so much easier, but there are real issues with this and we are always the ones who have to pick up the pieces. These sites may be great and very cheap but unfortunately you will look like everyone else out there online. Plus there is no SEO or planning behind this. You will get a basic template and that’s about it.

As a review of websites in 2014 by hopping Mad Designs, this part of the web industry has absolutely skyrocketed. It has gone ballistic and I can only sit by and watch this trend like most others, slowly burn out and crash. It is inevitable as businesses realise that to have any chance of succeeding online and to be competitive you have to have a website that is tailor made for your business, not some off the rack, take it or leave it product. This might be OK for some fly by night start ups who are only online to test the market space. But, for legitimate businesses looking to gain a strong foothold and establish themselves as a real player these free websites are just a fad. This is a real prediction by this industry veteran reviewer at Hopping Mad Designs. It just can’t last and in my opinion is totally unsustainable.

Hopping Mad Designs Reviews the Social Media Landscape in 2014.

If you could overkill any platform with content and fluff it would have to be the social media landscape. Let me give you an example. I posted an article on LinkedIn at 10 am and by midday it was so far deep within all the articles posted that it was lost. Social Media has become the real buzz word of 2014 and every business I know wants a piece of the action. As long as they seem to be doing something active in this space they are happy. Unfortunately, the popularity of Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn means that only really active publishers and well known brands are having any impact. SME’s with little or no time for publishing streams of content are finding that they are not gaining the kind of traction they had hoped for on these platforms. Yes they might post a tweet here and there and they also might put something on their Facebook page, but unless there is a concerted effort with a real strategy in place, most of their efforts are falling flat. So what does this mean for social media moving forward. If Hopping Mad Designs were to review the future of social media I would say that businesses need to become a hell of a lot more serious in their approach to this. Maybe even working with an agency that can actively manage these platforms. Ad hoc posts just won’t cut it anymore in this very cluttered and noisy environment.

Online Review Websites in 2014 Have Hurt Businesses in the opinion of the Hopping Mad Designs Director.

Disgruntled employees, business rivals, angry staff, tarnished family members, I don’t care who it is or where they are from, but the online review market has exploded and businesses are getting smashed. There are so many malicious fake web comments and reviews out there online that I feel that people are starting to wake up and ignore most of them. Anyone can publish something nasty within 5 minutes and the effects can be lasting. This has given rise to a new industry called online reputation management and Hopping Mad Designs reviews this as a real growth area in 2014. The trend for companies Australia wide to protect their online image and reputation is more important than ever with the rise of dodgy review sites. Stay tuned in 2015 as this is going to really heat up!

Content Marketing in 2014, WOW, it’s the real buzzwords

Google has made content publication key to getting your website ranked and SEO. Google will place much more value on websites now that have spent the time and effort to publish fresh, new, authoritative copy. The trend in 2014 was for businesses to really get their heads around this and begin to publish content designed for their customer base and not random snippets of information designed strictly for SEO and manipulating their SEO ranking. You have read it over the years that content is king and my review of 2014 going forward, is that this is going to become much more important.

HoppingMad Designs Review of 2014 Summary.

There is a close correlation now between all facets of the online space. Like a jigsaw puzzle all pieces need to fit together nicely if your are going to get the full picture. Miss out on even 1 small piece of the puzzle and the whole frame will be spoilt. Just like the internet space, if you miss one critical piece of your marketing this will have a real negative impact on your business. The internet space is evolving so quickly that keeping pace with it is almost a full time job. For businesses and companies Australia wide the ramifications are enormous. Finding the right web, seo, content marketing and social media company should now be very high on their priority list.

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