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14 Tips for Writing Killer Blogs for your Business

March 8 2017 Writing blogs is so important nowadays especially if you want your business to be known as an industry leader. Plus Google absolutely loves new content on your website, which is essential for SEO and your rankings. The issue however, is that many people do not know how to write effective MORE →

Google is getting tougher on Travel Bloggers

March 17 2016 If you’re a travel, food, product, hotel or lifestyle blogger and you have been receiving free gifts or accommodation or meals in return for a positive or favourable written blog with an internal link back to the providors website then things are about to change and they will change for MORE →

The Advantage of Blogs for your Business

October 12 2015 Blog your way to the top of Google and dominate your niche Businesses will swear blindly that blogging is helping them attract customers. They have been able to write informative articles which their customer base has found useful and in turn are attracting a loyal client base that keeps on MORE →

5 Reasons Why Remarketing is Very Important

February 20 2015 What is Remarketing? Remarketing is a great opportunity that gives your business another second or even third chance to reach out to your customer base who have visited your website and perhaps not purchased anything from it. What happens is that when you are on another site a banner ad MORE →


July 22 2013 I have just come out of a meeting where a couple who where starting out one their first business got totally ripped off by a web design company. This is not the first time that I have come across such a situation. Time and time again I hear horror stories MORE →

Is Yellow Pages Advertising A Waste of Money?

September 17 2013 For years businesses throughout Australia relied on Yellow Pages for their main source of advertising. Basically, the Yellow Pages directory was their only source of paid advertising. Google, has radically shifted the advertising landscape. Organic SEO, and pay per click gives businesses another avenue for advertising, rendering the Yellow Pages MORE →
Why your business must be blogging in 2021

Why your business must be blogging in 2021

April 9 2021 Blogging is a great way to promote your business by publishing content online. It is a very powerful marketing tool and if used effectively, blogging can really drive an enormous amount of visitors to your website. Having your blog designed by a professional agency in Sydney will also make a MORE →

Educational Web Design Sydney | University Website Designers

July 10 2012 Since 1998, Hopping Mad Designs has been designing and building websites for universities , educational institutions, colleges and schools in Sydney and throughout Australia. Hopping Mad brings cutting-edge custom website design and development capabilities to the fore in fulfilling the requirements of universities and educational institutions on-line and digital needs. MORE →

Marketing Company Sydney

June 3 2012 Check out our 4-point strategic and well thought out step by step process to effective and extremely powerful marketing for your business: MORE →

Corporate Communications Agency Sydney

March 20 2012 With over 16 years of corporate communications graphic and website design experience, Hopping Mad Designs is the perfect agency for all your corporate marketing and sales collateral. We are a boutique design agency with 10 staff but can handle any size project from any corporate client. Simply call us on MORE →
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