Why your business must be blogging in 2021

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Blogging is a great way to promote your business by publishing content online. It is a very powerful marketing tool and if used effectively, blogging can really drive an enormous amount of visitors to your website. Having your blog designed by a professional agency in Sydney will also make a huge difference to your blogs performance and conversion rate.

Blogging is awesome for your Search Engine Rankings!

Blogging is a great way to get your message out there online and if you can get your blog designed by a qualified team, combine it with unique & well-written content, then your online rankings will be soar.

Blogging is now considered a huge factor when it comes to digital marketing. Known as content marketing, regular updates to your blog will keep the search engines interested and in turn will boost your overall rankings MASSIVELY! According to HubSpot: Blogging is such a scalable and affordable approach that it’s the third-most-common content marketing strategy for businesses. And, marketers that prioritize blogging see 13-times the ROI of businesses that don’t. 

Hopping Mad Designs can help with all of this. We are able to design your company blog – help you with writing and publishing great content and integrate this with your social media – it’s an all-around package, fully intended to generate A LOT of interest and traffic to your website.

What is a Blog?

A blog allows you to publish your own content or message online. There are many types of blogs but the most common ones sit on your website as an extension of your URL.

The actual word ‘blog’ comes from a combination of web and log.

Blogs, generally allow readers to comment on what you have written and is a great way of communicating and interacting with people of similar interests. This engagement is what differentiates blogs from standard web pages.

Blog Designers in Sydney

Blogging has become such a common practice that having a well-designed blog is essential for making your business stand out. Like a website, you should not be settling for a standard template which unfortunately is common practice. Instead, you should be wanting a graphic design agency preferably in Sydney to design and build you a blog that looks great.

The theme of your blog should be in harmony with the design style of your website so as to avoid confusing your customer base and readers.

Using a studio-like Hopping Mad Designs for your blog design will give it the edge it needs PLUS:

– maintain your brand’s integrity by incorporating your corporate style. Most of the best well know blogs have a certain design edge to them.
– be designed to so people will remember it and be more than happy to return
– targeted to your particular audience
– easy to work out – we use the WordPress platform for blogging, which is super easy to maintain.
– built for easy download speeds
– be extra search engine compatible. Blogging is the new SEO and if done correctly, you should be able to blog about your business all over the internet.

Advantages of Blogging for your business

Blogs are very affordable. Your web designer should include a blog as part of the web design package. But, if you already have a website and need a blog attached, the setup cost is minimal. There are free blogging platforms online, but ideally, you should be getting this professionally done. If you are on a very tight budget, then blogging is a cheap and immediate way to reach your readers.

Blogs are simple to use and understand. Blogs that are integrated into your website can be accessed through your content management system. All you need to do is write the article, and presto, your blog is live for the world to see.
Blogs are a great way to keep your readers informed. By having RSS feeds on your blog, your clients can automatically be alerted when a new blog has been posted.

Search engines love blogs. Dominate your online landscape with fresh new content, that will get indexed regularly by Google. If the content is unique and worth reading, then it will have prominence on page 1. Keeping your blog updated on a regular basis shows the search engines that your blog is active and in turn, they will keep coming around looking for new content.

Ways that Blogs can increase your Business Search Engine Rankings include:

– having tittles that your readers will be searching for.
– put appropriate keywords in the content, but be careful not to overstuff the blog with repetitious keywords.
– include links from your blog to other pages within your website and other social media sites. Google will reward you big time for these actions.

Blogging is a great way to market your business. If you have something new to say or have an important announcement, then a blog is the perfect vehicle for this.

Users coming to your site can access this new information simply by heading to your blog page. It keeps your business relevant.

Other Reasons Why Blogs are So Popular

> You are the master of your domain. You can publish content whenever you like and target any market you want.
> You can engage with like-minded people, who will appreciate your input and commentary.
> you can access news as it happens. It’s very immediate and blogs can easily be linked to social media platforms for greater reach.
> Blogs have become the new magazines and newspapers for some people.

Who Reads Blogs?

Blogs are read by everyone. They have become quite fashionable and user uptake and blog readership is skyrocketing. Blogs have no specific audience, age barriers and market. They are used by each and every person who uses the internet.

Why Sydney Businesses Should Be Blogging.

Blogs in the past, have been used by travel writers, authors and other educational institutions and have generally been ignored by the business community.

It is only recently that businesses in Sydney have begun to understand the power of blogging and its full potential.

Over the past 24 months, we have seen a huge shift in businesses attitudes towards blogs and blogging in general.

As blogs are so easy to use and because of their popularity with search engines, corporate business blogging is now massive. In fact, some companies will have a team of bloggers and copywriters working for them writing content and articles on a regular basis.

Having something published by a newspaper or magazine is now very ‘old school’. Blogging circumvents this whole outdated process with the click of a mouse.

Some Useful Tips to Successful Blog Writing

> Know your audience and write for them. Your business is probably in a niche market, so your blogs should cater specifically for this.
> Write unique content. This may be difficult in some cases, but if you can write blog copy that covers your area of expertise in your style, then, you will get a wider audience.
> Try to blog at least twice a week. Again, this may prove difficult, but if you are time poor then you may like to contract this out to a web copywriting team who can do this on your behalf.
> Don’t worry if the comments you get back are negative. This is an opportunity to engage with the public and repair any damage. If you are sincere in your replies, in most cases you will win over new customers.
> Make sure you post your blogs on Google +, LinkedIn and Twitter. Search engines look for new content and these links will trigger this search.
> Never hard sell with your blog posts. Over time, and through gaining trust,  your audience will buy from you. Blogging is all about informing, not hard selling.

So, Where Do I Get My Blog Ideas From?

This is a good question as finding interesting blog topics can prove difficult. But, if you think about it and look carefully blog topics can emerge from many places, including:
> Your customers. See what interests them and write blogs about it. Perhaps even encourage them to write a guest blog about their business and publish it. This may sound odd, but believe me, most people will jump at this promotional opportunity.
> Look at what your competitors are blogging about and see if there is a common theme. If you read something you like, then you too can blog about the same topic as well.
> Share real-life working experiences you have. If you are in business, then write about parts of your business that you like/don’t like. Anything of interest is fair game. Even go behind the scenes of your company and share them with your blog followers. Add pictures and video for real effect.
> Blog about something current. Perhaps a news item that is relevant for your audience. A great example would be a home loan broker blogging about the latest interest rate cuts.
> Speak to professional content experts who can create an editorial calendar for the year.
> Conduct an interview with a contractor, supplier, staff member, family member or even a friendly business rival.

How Long Should a Blog Article Be?

Some blogs can be short and snappy, whilst others can be many thousands of words. Blogs are generally tailored to the audience and will therefore vary in content size.

Basically, enough to keep the readers interested. Developing a blog relationship with your readers takes time and loads of effort, but if you are able to keep them reading your blog, engaging them through online dialogue, then you will over time work out the best blog length for your business.

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