Do Not Rely On Google For All Your Website Traffic

Google is honestly the best place to be seen online. If you have your website on page 1 for all your high traffic keywords then this is seriously the very best thing that you can do for your marketing. Just see what happens when your website starts to hit those coveted page 1 rankings. You are going to see a huge increase in website inquiries plus you will notice the phone start to ring. The only BIG problem with this is that Google has only 10 spaces on page 1 and to get your website there for some niche or competitive keywords can be extremely difficult if not impossible. This is why we need to look at other online digital spaces to get more web traffic. Goole is really only 1 option. The following article will explain how a digital agency like Hopping Mad Designs can deliver extra web traffic that you may not have thought of.
Google is seriously competitive. Getting to page 1 is half the battle and the other half is the constant struggle to keep your rankings stable and maintain them. This is why businesses need to look at partnering with a digital agency that can boost their profile online and source web traffic from areas other than Google.

Let’s look at a few of these:

Social Media is a great way to expand your reach and the tools at your disposal are easy to implement and they are FREE. The issue here is that most businesses do not have the time nor the expertise to fully leverage the benefits that social media sites like Instagram, Facebook and Pinterst can bring. Tweeting, posting, getting genuine followers is extremely time consuming, but believe me when I tell you this, the rewards are there. To achieve mesurable reults in the social media space is not as easy as it looks. This is why you need ( and this goes for all sized businesses) at least some type of social media planning. It doesn’t have to be much, but you should be active in this space.

If you want to really dominate your niche you have to be writing and publishing content. In other words you need to be blogging. Getting content out there online via your blog posts will ensure that your website is kept fresh, up to date and being indexed by the search engines. Blogs on topics that relate to your business position you as authoritative source which will bring traffic to your website once your blogs are picked up.

What about the other search engines Yahoo and Bing? In my 20 years here at Hopping Mad no one has ever wanted to rank on these sites. Saying that, they do get traffic and businesses need every lead they can get their hands on.

Long Tail SEO. When I said that there was other ways to get web traffic, I still think that the very best place to be is Google. If the traffic for your main keywords are too hard to get or it’s simply going to take too long, think about the ‘long tail’ options. Other easier to rank keywords that admittedly do not have the volume of traffic you would like but there are still some searches for this every month – go for this – you will be surprised by the type and number of leads you can get.

Start looking at videos. People search on YouTube almost as much as Google so this is another lucrative area that you can look for new business. Videos are an extremely powerful way to get your message out there and all you need is you iphone and you can have that video up on YouTube that same day. YouTube is not all about videos of crazy animals and people doing stupid things. Promoting your business on YouTube can bring in massive amounts of traffic. If you want to have a more professional edge to your videos, speak with us as we have a great relationship with a corporate video production team that has done some seriously good work in the past.

A Hopping Mad Designs Review from a happy client is going to go a long way. Ask clients if you can get some reviews and post them on your social media accounts. This will reinforce the whole trust factor. If you have any negative reviews that you can see online, this can really have an impact on website traffic so make sure you have these looked at by a reputation management team. Again Hopping Mad Designs review team are reputation specialist and can help eliminate those nasty comments quickly.

Hopping Mad Designs is all about implementing successful digital strategies. We do this through a detailed stakeholder engagement process. We seek to understand the organisation, it’s objectives of each department and the KPI’s that we are delivering to. From there we can implement practical, multi channel strategies to ensure that we are getting real results. For Hopping Mad it’s really all about building long term relationships with our clients, helping them evolve their business by delivering positive measurable results.

What is unique about Hopping Mad Designs is our in house capabilities. We can help you implement your strategy end to end all under one roof! One of the main points of difference at Hopping Mad Designs is our search and digital marketing expertise. As soon as you become a client of we are able to hit the ground running and get some quick wins on the board for your business. We are able to develop and implement successful search and social media strategies. What this means for you is that we can come up with the design, develop this into a cohesive digital strategy and get this to market for you. ULTIMATELY, our integrated solution is a lot more efficient and effective for your business.

Google ultimately is king. But, if you want a digital agency that can cover of all areas of your online marketing ( including Google) , then get in touch with us now on 02 9360 8514.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the amount of new technologies out there and all the places that your business needs to be seen online, don’t stress. We can handle all of this for you. Our digital agency can cover off all areas from web design, SEO, social media, graphic design right through to content marketing.

It doesn’t matter who you are or how big your company is. We would love to work with you and bring in tons more web traffic and revenue.

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