Month: February 2013

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Marketing Ideas For Real Estate Agents

February 7 2013 Most real estate agents are just far too busy worrying about their next lead or listing to put time and effort into any marketing strategy other than what they have been doing in the past. Traditionally, most real estate agents have relied on cold calling, door knocking, letterbox drops and MORE →


February 2 2013 If you are reading this article then there is a very high probability that you are actually viewing this on your mobile phone; whether iphone or android, it doesn't make a difference The fact for the purpose of this blog entry is that you are on you mobile and viewing MORE →

Common Website Design Mistakes that Business Owners Can Avoid

February 2 2013 It is not often that I discuss web design mistakes that business owners should avoid at all costs as I do tend to focus on all the ' must do' things that business owners need to concentrate on for a successful web outcome; such as SEO, copywriting and intuitive design, MORE →
What is content marketing - a brief overview

What is content marketing – a brief overview

February 8 2013 Content Marketing Will Really Help Boost Your Web Traffic, Search Engine Rankings as well as site Conversions. If you haven't thought about content marketing and being the dominant player online with expert content, news, blogs and videos then you should really think again; content is a powerful marketing tool and MORE →

How to Write Effective SEO Articles for Your Blog

February 11 2013 With the updates of Google, blogging has never been so important for your SEO or overall Google ranking. Many business and companies are unaware of how or why this works but I cannot stress enough to you the extreme importance of blogging for your SEO. And what is the best MORE →

Web Design for iphones, Mobiles and Androids

February 12 2013 Mobile phones including all iphones and androids usage has grown dramatically over the past 24 months with growth rates exceeding well over 35% per year. This rate is expected to grow & with mobile phone technology enhancements coupled with the price reduction of these iphones, it is just a matter MORE →


February 27 2013 If you look close enough most architects websites seem to follow the same old formula; large images and many of them, with little or no text. Basically it's just their portfolio online and the bigger the images the better. This is great if you are a very well known architect MORE →


February 18 2013 If you follow these simple yet fundamental rules for making your website touch friendly, you will win over a whole new touch focused market that now expects all their web UX browsing experiences on iphones, ipads and tablets to be extremely touch friendly. MORE →
Does Adaptive Design Work for Mobile and Tablets?

Does Adaptive Design Work for Mobile and Tablets?

February 18 2013 Adaptive design is current, in fashion and is a very simple and easy solution to solve the huge issue of delivering web content to many individual devices. The huge question however remains, does it really deliver a seamless solution? Remember in 2022, if your website is not adaptive you are MORE →
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