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If you are reading this article then there is a very high probability that you are actually viewing this on your mobile phone; whether iphone or android, it doesn’t make a difference The fact for the purpose of this blog entry is that you are on you mobile and viewing this.

The trend for this mobile explosion is set to continue and if the statistic I read over the weekend are right then mobile phone usage will increase by roughly 33% per year. On top of this the amount of time that users spend on their mobile phone scanning for information will also increase at an alarming rate of 45% per year. This means that in the coming years, a bewildering 47% of 17-28 yr olds will spend the majority of their search time using their phones.


With these figures in mind, businesses and companies that are web savvy and are at the cutting edge of technology are ensuring that mobile phones are m-commerce friendly by allowing users to make online purchases with the slide of a finger. It boggles the mind to think about the emerging power of m-commerce as a sales tool considering the uptake in phones. More and more users will be be making online purchases through an m-commerce gateway with the simple swipe of an index finger. This is great news for retailers, ecommerce sites, companies looking to break out and establish a new market base as well as traditional household names wanting to make the buying process more simple via m-commerce technology.
The reputable eMarketer has forecasted that m-commerce growth through mobile phone payments to grow by well over 1000% by the year 2017 in the US alone.


– all businesses selling a product
-businesses looking to tap into emerging markets
-online retailers wanting to cash in on this growth
-businesses with sluggish sales
-multi national/national brands looking for a larger slice of the pie.

Basically, this is awesome news for anyone wanting to break into an untapped market and generate more revenue and sales for their business.

For the more adventurous business person this is an ideal way to expand your market without risking too much. M-commerce is a lot easier to implement than you think so those marketing professionals who might be baulking at the idea should perhaps give us a call here at Hopping Mad Designs to show you what is really achievable. More often tan not you will be totally surprised at how simple, quick and economical an m-commerce platform is to integrate into your marketing mix.

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