Month: May 2020

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covid19 & seo

Start your SEO as COVID19 eases

May 8 2020 What can we say except these are terrible times? COVID19 has really hit all businesses throughout Australia and the world in a way never imagined before. All sectors have copped a beating; travel, food, cafes, restaurants, real estate, hotels, gyms everyone and every business has been touched by this horrid MORE →
SEO prices sydney

SEO PRICES SYDNEY | How Much Should SEO Cost?

May 16 2020 What is a fair price to pay for SEO - how much should an SEO campaign cost? This is a very common question that I get asked all the time. SEO costs can vary depending on the competitive nature of your keywords and how competitive the industry niche is. Therefore, MORE →

Why SEO is a monthly fee

May 16 2020 One important fact that all businesses should know is that SEO is not a one off fee, BUT is a monthly fee. Following are a few reasons why SEO is paid each and every month. MORE →
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