Month: February 2015

4 website critical stuff ups that will hurt your business

February 15 2015 The online landscape is getting more and more competitive and if you are going to survive your website needs to be far better than the next persons site. It's easy to make critical stuff ups and following are some tips to help you avoid these. If you follow what I MORE →

5 Reasons Why Remarketing is Very Important

February 20 2015 What is Remarketing? Remarketing is a great opportunity that gives your business another second or even third chance to reach out to your customer base who have visited your website and perhaps not purchased anything from it. What happens is that when you are on another site a banner ad MORE →

Why Work with a Digital Marketing Agency?

February 27 2015 Let's be very honest and frank here; traditional forms of advertising as we used to know it are fast becoming a thing of the past or completely useless. Old-fashioned marketing mediums like magazines, newspaper adverts, Yellow pages directory listings, even radio are now considered pointless. The internet, Google and social MORE →

What Web Content Does Google Love?

February 11 2015 Google loves content that is relevant to the page that it has indexed. For most people this may sound confusing but the following article should clarify what I mean for all those budding content marketers and bloggers looking to get their piece of the Google pie. MORE →

Responsive Web Design, SEO, Google in 2015, you have been warned

February 9 2015 This is the year that mobile web design or responsive websites are going to count heavily towards your SEO. In the past having your website mobile friendly has really been for the aesthetics, the ease of use and the whole consumer experience. But Google has since started to look at MORE →

Why I Can’t Find My Website on Google

February 4 2015 This is a critical question and if you are in the position where you are unable to find your website on Google or when you search for your main keywords, nothing comes up, then something is definitely going wrong. Being on the first page of Google is what it's all MORE →