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This is a critical question and if you are in the position where you are unable to find your website on Google or when you search for your main keywords, nothing comes up, then something is definitely going wrong. Being on the first page of Google is what it’s all about and let’s not mince words here. Google is the only place to be found and this trend is NOT GOING anywhere. Basically, if you want to get any new business or succeed in the business world nowadays, you are going to need a SEO strategy that will get your business ranking. I want to point out one other very crucial part of this process. That is, you are going to need a kick ass, awesome looking website that is totally geared for consumer conversion if it is also going to work. So there you have it. You have 2 very essential and imperative factors that will determine if you arte going to make it big time or die after a couple of months. Don’t think that these 2 points can be side skirted getting a cheap n nasty website or even worse a free website and combine this with bargain basement SEO. All that will happen is that you will be staring at your phone waiting for it to ring. And if in the unlikely event it does, I can guarantee you it will probably be a cold caller looking to sell you some thing. This is not what you want for your business and if you go down this path – you will end up BANKRUPT.

OK, so how do I find that elusive SEO and web agency that will be able to deliver the kind of measurable results I am looking for and help my website get found on Google? Well, it’s not easy and there are many traps and pitfalls to avoid, and be on the look out for. Make 1 false move and it could spell disaster for the unsuspecting and trusting business person. Don’t be a sucker and loose out on the full potential a great Google ranking can bring to your business. Be savvy, be smart and NEVER compromise on quality when it comes to SEO and Web design – this is the only way you are ever going to get found online.

So, following are some tell tales signs that you need to be extremely wary of when engaging your digital marketing and web strategists.

Watch out for those SEO companies that say they don’t want any money upfront for their service and they only want payment once they can prove they have got you a ranking. This is a BIG warning sign and there are heaps and I mean heaps of SEO shonky companies out there trying to sucker you into this. It’s a massive scam and the worst thing about this is that their sales people are so convincing and backed up by fake, bogus, fabricated, call it what ever you like testimonials, that many businesses end up getting duped. It’s really prevalent out there so be careful? Why, I hear you ask? Cause these guys will use very dodgy trick in the book to rank you and once they have you confidence they then lock you into a contract. Once Google ( and this may take a few weeks), indexes these crappy, insanely dodgy back links, your site is going to get slammed hard and be hit with a Google penalty or manual action. This is real nasty and it will all be too late for you to do anything as you will have already signed that very tight contract. I see it all the time and have witnessed businesses with great products and awesome service offerings get hammered online because they ended up using these incredibly shift SEO companies.


Be on the watch for web agencies that tell you that they can design and build you are great website that is custom designed for a really cheap rate. Whilst this may sound all well and good when you are starting out and looking to save some money upfront ( and I appreciate that all businesses want to save as much as they can), but when it comes to your website this aint going to work. Again, there are companies by the hundreds out there online looking to fleece you of your money by pretending to offer customised design when all they actually do is give you a stock standard template. The consumer researching online is less likely to engage with a dull, ‘same as’ style website if they have been systematically bombarded with these over time. They want something different, they want something that is going to wow them and a site that is going to implant your brand in their mind. This unfortunately, will not happen if you get a website that has been designed and built on the smell of an oily rag. I know this sounds harsh and you may think that I’m just trying to prop up and sell our web services at Hopping Mad, but all I am doing is trying to highlight the online environment and how difficult it is to succeed. Truth is you have to be bigger and better than the next company. This is just the way it is and I’m here to telly you that it’s only going to get harder.


Honestly, the very best option for business start ups, established companies looking to get a bigger market share, organisations wanting to attract more members, is to go with a digital agency that can straddle all your design and internet marketing needs under 1 roof. This means that you should not spread out and give 1 job to 1 company and 1 task to another. Go with a credible studio that can sit down with you. Look at your business at a macro level and offer constructive proven advice and strategy based on years of previous performance. When I see potential clients for the first time I never concentrate on 1 particular area of their business. I tend to look at things in a very holistic and integrated manner, and come from the perspective that we need to tackle all marketing platforms evenly; web, SEO, content marketing, social media, remarketing and Adwords. Everything is interrelated and this is why you MUST spend the time doing the research and go with someone who really knows what they are talking about.


I’m so serious when I tell you that the internet landscape is a dangerous place to be if you are left in the hands of people who are just out for the fast buck…they are going to try and blind you with statistics, charts, fake testimonials, and even videos of themselves really looking honest, decent and sincere. WAKE UP people this is all a con and a scam.  Don’t be the next victim.

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