What Web Content Does Google Love?

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Google loves content that is relevant to the page that it has indexed. For most people this may sound confusing but the following article should clarify what I mean for all those budding content marketers and bloggers looking to get their piece of the Google pie.

I think the best way to approach this is to give a real life example of what I mean. Let’s say for example you are a cosmetic surgeon and you have many part to your business. That is your services include liposuction, rhinoplasty, breast enlargements and even face surgery. Ideally, you want all those individual services to come up on page 1 of Google when someone types in those keywords.

So for example, if I am looking for a cosmetic surgeon in Sydney who can provide me with a liposuction procedure, all I am going to do is type in the words ‘cosmetic surgeons liposuction’ into Google and I will probably base my choice on the websites that appear on page 1. I will probably click on say 5 or 6 websites and base my decision on what looks and what reads best.

Herein lies the beauty and power of your content marketing and what Google loves so much about it. Let me delve into this deeper to make my point clearer.  Google will rank those pages (and you can use the liposuction page as an example) that have fresh, new relevant content that is specific to liposuction. This means that the pages must be all about liposuction and provide me with as much information as I can possibly want about it. This does NOT mean that you can write some basic content of just a few hundred words and expect it to rank. It needs to be a meaty article with lots of content that all web browsers and potential liposuction customers could want. Once you have done this properly and the article has roughly 1000-1500 words, then it should rank on Google.

I want to add a note here that is very important. Yes the page will rank, BUT if it is in a very competitive area like liposuction there will need to be an SEO campaign implemented to boost the authority of this page. So once you have all your ducks lined up neatly all you need to do is wait for the Google magic to happen.

This in a nutshell is how is works and how one can get their content to be loved by Google and in turn give that individual web page the best chance of getting as much online exposure as possible. It’s not rocket science it’s just common sense and if you follow these rules you can’t go wrong.

Saying that I want to list a few DONT’S when it comes to content writing:

  1. don’t try and stuff as many keywords as you can on these pages in the hope that search engines will favour it. This just makes the article page unreadable and will just turn people away – not what Google likes.
  2. Don’t copy and paste from other sources and think you can get away with it. PLAGIARISM IS A massive no no and your page will never ever rank.
  3. Don’t vary the topic. Stay relevant, be consistent and don’t waffle on about nothing just to fill space. Make sure what you write is going to be interesting enough to make people want to stay on the page. The longer they stay the better the chance they will make an inquiry.

If all this sounds too confusing and you want to learn more about how writing effective web content can help with your SEO and rankings, then get in touch with us here at hopping mad designs.

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