Month: July 2013

Dive in and find out about the latest news, tips, digital marketing ideas and trends in graphic & web design, printing and branding from the team at Hopping Mad Designs

Engineering and Construction Melbourne Web Design Sydney

July 31 2013 Engineering and construction firms are two important groups that need to clearly communicate through their website, the impression that they are reliable, credible and have a strong portfolio of past work. Most engineering and constructions companies will have an existing website that needs updating or upgrading and here at Hopping MORE →

Benefits of Using WordPress for Web Design

July 29 2013 There are so many content management systems available – literally dozens. How on earth are you going to make a decision about which CMS platform is right for your business and website design. Some web companies offer their own CMS solutions ( this has many dangerous pifalls) and others offer MORE →

Tips for Creating a Seriously Good Looking Website Design

July 26 2013 If you are thinking about designing a website or redesigning your current website, there are certain do's and dont's that you should be aware of. Web design can be a complex process for any business owner. Some web designers may want you to have a flashy, bling style website, whilst MORE →

Instagram is a Great Marketing Tool.

July 25 2013 I just came out of a meeting and the marketing platform most discussed was...wait for it.....Instagram. Not saying that I'm total addicted to Instagram, but I look forward to my daily hits of images from all over the world. In fact, if I don't get my daily dose from some MORE →


July 18 2013 A crucial call to action button on your website can be a huge factor in determining if people will buy or not but from you. You mat think that you have the world's best looking website, but if it is not converting users into customers then you may not have MORE →

Website Design – Oil, Mining, Gas & Resources Industry

July 17 2013 Are you in the mining sector or in the oil and gas exploration industry and are looking to get a new website designed? Then your problems are solved. Hopping Mad Designs has over 18 years of web design and graphic design expertise. We have the design experience to handle all MORE →


July 15 2013 I was out on the weekend and bumped into a friend who mentioned to me that he really liked my posts on Linked in. Obviously my topics are varied but he did make mention of my regular posts on this social media platform. What this does tell me is that MORE →

If you have a Retail Business in Sydney, Ecommerce Web Development can Help Grow Your Sales

July 12 2013 Retail is booming. A quick walk around the local Westfield shopping centre in my area clearly tells me this. Parking was hard to find and the shops were packed. Granted, this was a rainy Sunday, but still, people were out there in droves shopping. Therefore retail business in Sydney is MORE →

New To SEO? Start With Google Places for your New Business

July 10 2013 Are you a small business or a new business looking to get you website ranked on google? If so, the best place to start is with Google Place registration. This is super easy and can be done in a matter of minutes. Google Places is really the best way to MORE →

The 3 Click Rule and You

July 9 2013 It all depends on the size and scope of your website. A basic website, that is a simple brochure style website can get the user to the critical buy button or inquiry point within 2 clicks. But, for more complex sites the 3 rule click should apply. MORE →
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