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There are so many content management systems available – literally dozens. How on earth are you going to make a decision about which CMS platform is right for your business and website design. Some web companies offer their own CMS solutions ( this has many dangerous pifalls) and others offer open source freely available from the internet CMS platforms like WordPress. The most common and safe CMS option for any business looking for a new website is the WordPress platform and following are some reasons why companies like us at Hopping Mad Designs encourage web development using only the WordPress content management system.

  1. It's totally free. Can you believe that! – WordPress can be downloaded online and then implemented into your website. You never have to pay for complex and very expensive customised CMS platforms that you just don't need. It's overkill for your business and a total waste of money. Be careful when web designers try to flog you their own in house bulit CMS systems. They will intentially quote you a low price for your website design and build, and then because you are stuck using their CMS, they will hit you with monthly fees for this privelege. This is how they make their money – BE VERY VERY CAREFUL.
  2. There are No Monthly Fees. Having a WordPress CMS means that unlike custom built CMS platforms where web companies will slug you heavy monthly ( this is where you get ripped off) fees, WordPress has no monthly fees. Think about al the money you can save.
  3. It’s so Easy To Use. Let’s put it like this. If I can use WordPress then you can certainly master it. The interface is basic and after about 45 minutes of training, you will get the hang of it. You don’t need and university degrees or coding/HTML knowledge. It’s basically copy , paste and click. Simple as that. Plus you can change site wide images on your website easily with the click of a mouse.
  4. You can post/delete/change content from any computer from any where in the world. As soon as your website has been uploaded you can gain access to the CMS and make as many changes as you like. Adding fresh new content also has the advantage of improving your search engine optimisation position. WordPress facilitates this in a speedy manner that ensures all new content will be indexed by Google quickly. Also, you don’t have to constantly bug your web designer/developer to make changes to your site. WordPress alleviates their responsibility and this is firmly place on you. Over time the cost savings are going to be huge.
  5. The Search Engines, especially Google absolutely love Google. Clean coding, easy to read title tags, meta tags and descriptions ensure the web spiders will crawl your site without any hiccups. See how quickly your blog posts get ranked. I personally have been able to rank one of our blog posts within 48 hours. What a brilliant marketing tool this can be for your business.
  6. 100% fully customised design. I have had clients express their concern about WordPress and template design. I guess they still see it is a blogging platform. But, This is far from the truth. You can fully customise the web design of a WordPress CMS. In fact we have designed and built hundreds of unique looking websites using WP.
  7. So many Plug Ins and Add Ons. With WordPress CMS Platform you can add virtually anything onto your website at any point in time. Start off gradually, see how business goes, and then add on a shopping cart, blog, email newsletter, booking systems, videos, gallery areas, forms, Google Maps, events, calendars, basically anything you can think of. Once built these extras are easy to plug in all at a very minimal cost.
  8. WordPress gives your website freedom. Unhappy with your current design team? Not a problem. WordPress, being an open source CMS means that most web dev people will know how to use it. This allows you the flexibility of choice. Purpose built CMS systems will lock you into a contract with 1 company and you can never ever leave them for the life of your website. Be extremely careful about this. I can rattle the names of at least 10 web companies in Sydney that use their own CMS and will never tell you about this. Just wait till you get your first monthly maintenance CMS invoice that is totally uncalled for. At Hopping Mad we never operate like this.
  9. Get Advice Online. If you ever get stuck or need any help, there are WordPress forums where users will be able to answer any concerns or question you have.
  10. WordPress and Mobile Phones. Your website can be easily converted into a mobile friendly website via a responsive web application. As mobile search becomes more common place you will be thankful that you have got WordPress as your CMS.
  11. Have Multiple Users. You don’t’ have to be the only one with access to the CMS. WordPress allows multiple users from within your office or externally to have access to the back end of the site. All you need is different passwords and usernames for each employee. You can even have different levels of access for each user.
  12. You Dont Get Hammered With Monthly Fees. Many web studios with their own CMS will charge you a so called monthly maintenance fee. This is a total rip off and is a way to get money from you without actaully doing anything. They quote a low price for the web design and then make it up by these monthly fees of upto $100! Companies using WordPress as a CMS will never encounter these unneccesary fees.
  13. WordPress is Scalable. If you don't have the budget now for a full web developent, WordPress allows you to build the website in stages. Start off small and add to the website as the business grows using the multiple add ons that WordPress allows. Its a great way to test the market, see the p[otential and then grow the website.

If you are thinking about getting a new website designed and want one that is super easy to manage and inexpensive to maintain, then call us on  02 9360 8514 and learn more about how a WordPress CMS can help your business grow.

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