Branding for business, why you need a graphic designer

Many small business owners, in fact, many businesses in Sydney, may dismiss branding as an unnecessary expense. An over head that can be trimmed in order to cut the marketing budget. However, the opposite is true. Trimming the graphic design budget will hurt your brand and this in turn, will have an adverse affect on your business. Branding is all about communication and if you are unable to let the public know about your business through clear visuals, then you will be diluting the effectiveness and cut-through of your brand.
In order to get a better understanding of this it is important to get a better idea of graphic design and what it is able to achieve.

So, What is Graphic Design?

Graphic design is the art of conceiving and establishing visual imagery, for a business project. Graphic design is a creative field which mixes images, photography, artistic direction and typographic to create artwork that businesses and companies are able to commercially use to convey a message. The best people to handle this type of work are graphic designers who generally will have had a university or tertiary education in this area. Graphic designers are usually tasked with designing and producing corporate identities, brochures, flyers, reports and newsletters.

Why You Need To Work With a Graphic Designer

– They are experts at creating something visual out of a concept. To sell to the public, you need communication material that appeals to them. Having a professional graphic design team producing this will work a lot better than if you try to do it yourself. Unless you are expert in this field, the final artwork that you may try to produce will fall flat. You may think that you have the skills, but in reality this is far from the truth.
– Graphic designers will be able to design for your customer base. They have done this many times before and will know what works and what doesn’t.
– In the long run you will save money. Getting your marketing and sales material done properly from the beginning will mean that you can start selling straight away. Poor designs mean that you will have to start again, costing you valuable time and perhaps lost market share.
– Graphic designers know how to protect your brand and design artwork that does in fact give it a lift.- They will be able to work on all your marketing collateral. Staying with with one design firm allows them the opportunity to get a good knowledge of your brand and offer creative design solutions for all your material. Forming a close realtionship is a great move and a wise decision for your business. Embracing graphic designers as a professional service will streamline your marketing processes and make your business very competitive.

How Can Hopping Mad Designs Help You?

Having been worked in the graphic design industry since 1997, we feel that we have the necessary; skills, staff, history and credibility to work alongside your business as your preferred design team. Having partnered with many companies in Sydney and Australia, we know that quality graphic design can make a huge difference to the success or failure of a brand.
Graphic design is in our blood. This is the core of our business and we strive with each project to create stunning visual pieces that look to elevate the position and brand of your business; whether online or print.


Types of Associations we work with.

Web Design for Sporting Associations: designing sites for clubs, institutes, sports science groups, dieticians and professional sporting groups. We are able to design and build sites that capture the spirit of the sporting world with highly engaging graphic elements.

Web Site Design for Medical Associations: working with hospitals, specialists, surgeons, doctors and healthcare groups to deliver websites that are modern, professional and very clean.

Design of websites for Education and Teaching Associations: Hopping Mad has built sites for university departments, schools, education institutions and tertiary centres. Design styles vary but we always look at ways of creating web graphics that reflect the nature of the individual association.

Web Projects for Law Associations: these include barristers, lawyers, and other associations within the legal environment. Just because the sites are in the legal world, this does not mean that the design has to be dry and text heavy. We look at web design alternatives to make your legal association stand out.

Professional Associations: these include architects, accountants, chemists, dentists, police, real estate, tourism and optics. Each association requires their own individual web style and at hopping mad designs we know how to craft designs that suit the individual personality of each association.


1) If you are trying to attract members or get donations, you will have a better chance of this happening with a site that looks like effort has gone into the design. People will be more attracted and more likely to engage with a website that looks attractive and one that they are able to relate to.
2) If you want your web page to read well then you need professionally written web copy that will entice visitors to stay on the site longer.
3) If you want you site viewable on all types of screens, then your association site needs to be responsive and only a company that has the latest technological development teams can provide this service. That is, your website can be easily viewed on all hand held, ipad, and mobile devices.
4) Only a credible studio will be able to take your association website and rank it on Google. Throughout the whole process search engine optimisation should be highlighted, ensuring your site ranks for your main searched keywords.
5) You need to protect your brands integrity by designing a site that reflects your corporate image and style.
6) You will need to be constantly updating your site with news, events, promotions, photos, basically anything that your members require and this means that your web site will need to be developed on a very robust and dynamic content platform. Hopping Mad Designs is able to provide your association with the choice of an open source platform or if required a most customised version.


Whatever your association is Hopping Mad Designs has the team of specialist Sydney web experts that can elevate the profile of your Association online to a new and much more sophisticated level.

Specialists Medical Internet Marketing

How Can We Help With Your Medical Internet Marketing?

– If you do not have a website or currently have a site that is not converting visitors into patients, then we can design and build you a medical website design that clearly reflects your medical practice. We never template design and offer you a bespoke, customised website design solution that has a professional and obviously a very stylish edge to it. Sure, any company can design a standard, brochure style web page, but at Hopping Mad Designs we make sure that your site has a certain design flair that will set is apart.

– If you are starting out and need to attract business we are able to rank your medical website on Google. Think about this; if you are a doctor that specialises in paediatric health or say palliative care, we are able to rank your website on the search engines when people are looking for this service. This is critical if you are looking to grow you patient list. As medical internet marketing specialists we are able to drive an enormous amount of traffic/visitors through to your new web site and hopefully convert these people into life long customers. You can forget about placing an advert in the Yellow Pages or other print directories. The internet is the place where users come to look for help with any medical condition and if you sited is not found online, then they will simple go to another; practice, doctor, surgery or medical centre. If you are a suburban medical centre or have a practice in the suburbs, we can optimise your site on the search engines so that it displays when people are searching for medical advice or help within a certain area.

– Internet marketing is not a set and forget practice, especially within the medical field. As doctors, you want to be constantly uploading content to your website such as; new doctors employed, updating patients on new medicines or cures, special events, opening hours, adding new services etc etc. This is why we design and develop your website using a very easy to using content management system platform. Once the site is built and online, you will have total control over all aspects of the site, giving you the absolute freedom to add or delete content at your convenience.

– We are able to push your online internet marketing by clearly explaining what the buzz is all about with social media and then discuss ways to implement a social media marketing campaign that will give your online profile a massive boost. As an online marketing platform, I feel that in years to come these social media sites will become as important if not more, than Google.


We appreciate that as medical specialists, people might think that you are made of money. This however, is far from the truth. Like all businesses you are very watchful of money and how much you are spending on your marketing. This is why we are able to tailor package, internet marketing solutions that will fit your budget. If you have a small marketing budget we are able to look at internet strategies that can maximise your ROI and conversely if you have more of a marketing spend then we can come up with more complex internet solutions that cover many different mediums and platforms, ensuring that you have the widest possible online marketing reach.


Most doctors or specialists are extremely time poor, this is why we will clear our schedule to make a time to meet with you. We don’t care if it is after hours, so long as we are able to meet face to face and go over all your potential internet marketing opportunities.

For more information please call 02 9360 8514 or email

Why You Need Responsive Web Design

Businesses are wanting an easier solution to solve the dilemma that they face in this digital environment. Client’s have come into our studio unaware of what exactly is responsive web design, and how it can solve the issues of multi platform viewing. They are also quite happy to know that this technology is becoming more common practice and is therefore more affordable. Responsive web design affects all businesses whether, large all small; from large law firms, right through to electricians, this new marvellous technology solves so many issues, it’s just absolutely amazing.

Still unclear about responsive web design?

Responsive design is all about developing a website that can be viewed seamlessly across every handheld, desktop and mobile devise you can see. The process begins by:

– designing the interface for the smallest handheld device focusing on key important content and design elements such as; products or services, contact details and a bit of a blurb about the company
– the design team will then focus on a larger device like an ipad and expand the content and interface to match this screen size
– lastly, the website interface will be expanded to the full site size to accommodate the largest and most common of all; the desktop.

As you can see it is a 3 stage process, yet the user, at all times will see the most important company information and be able to get a clear idea of what the website is offering. This means that no matter what device you are using, you will be able to view the website perfectly.

Business benefits of responsive web design

The biggest benefit, by far, is the ability for businesses to appeal to a wider market. All you need to do is to take a look around you and see the enormous amount of people ( of any age) using mobile devices. It’s actually quite scary, the uptake of this new technology. For you, the business owner, this means that your website will be in full view, 24/7 in front of a new generation of consumers. Think of the huge potential this presents and the marketing opportunities that becomes available. This affects everyone and every business no matter the size or location. Pubs, bars, restaurants, corporates, government organisations are all part of this and all need to have responsive web design implemented.

One other benefit, is really the cost saving. If a one size fits all approach is taken from the beginning of the design and development phase of your web project, then you do not have to go back and reinvent the wheel post desktop launch. Having it all the interfaces designed from the beginning will be so much more cost effective, delivering you a better return on your online investment. Plus, the other added benefit of responsive web design is that is immediate. Once your site has been developed and online, you are instantly marketing to a massive new audience. There is absolutely zero gap or downtime in this happening. How cool is that!

Essential must haves for your ecommerce website design

Having a successful eCommerce website is not as easy as it looks and if you think that you can just go out and develop a website and expect it to be a huge success then you are very much mistaken. Consumers are far to internet savvy to hang around on a website that they don't like ot they find hard to use. They expect instant information and to be able to navigate throughout the site with a sense of total control. Any hurdles or speed bumps and they are going to abandon the site – be warned – this requires the skills of professionals who understand what will drive a consumer to buy from you. So choose your web or digial agency wisely.

Having a really great e-Commerce website

There is no silver bullet or guarantee that your new ecommerce website will suddenly become a huge overnight success, but there are a few ‘must haves’ which cannott be neglected when developing an online shopping cart store.

You Have to Make Your eCommerce Website Sell Hard
Many online sites are designed by web studios with absolutely no thought put in to the sales funnell process and what goes on in the consumers mind online. Ideally, you want to funnel the consumer from the home page right through to the buy now page, with as little effort as possible. Many sites may look spectacular, but clearly ignore the fact that the ultimate aim of the website is to sell a product. This is why you need to speak with a web team like Hopping Mad Designs that understand the psychology of the online consumer, and are able to design your site that will drive slaes and push your brand hard online.

So if you have a eCommerce website and it is not converting into sales or if you are thinking about setting up your first online shopping cart, following are some golden tips to help your business survive online.

1. Be clear with your branding
Make sure that your identity or logo is prominent on the site. If you have a recognisable brand, then make sure the public can see this. Trust is a huge issue online, especially in the eCommerce environment, so you should have a logo that clearly reflects the trust, reliability and credibility. People are afraid of getting ripped off online, so your logo is the first step in calming people nerves. Make sure you look at your social media and what you are posting on these platforms as that too can and will affect public perception.

2. Offer some gifts, free deals etc etc.

Having users come to your site is one thing, but having them stay on the site and buy your product is another matter. People absolutely love freebies and your site should pander to this. Offer them free shipping or even free gift wrapping. Make these statements very bold and in their face as soon as they land on the site. Perhaps even offer a 2 for 1 deal. I know this may sound crazy, but if you are in a competitive area, nothing will get people to buy your goods more than discounts and special offers. Be sure to get your web designers to create very visual banners on the homepage to really push this point. Hidden boxes with small non existent call to actions just won’t cut it. Be in their face and make it very loud and highly creative.

3. Do you have exciting news?

If you need to tell your customers something, then let them know straight away. Perhaps a new remarkable product has arrived that people have been waiting for, or perhaps you have a event that will be a ‘must attend’. In any case, have a news icon on the site that is easy to see and is updated regularly.

If you have a newsletter sign up area, and have captured the email addresses of your customers, then always keep them updated with the latest news, events, special offerings and company changes. Fresh up to date news will keep people returning to the site and will have the added bonus of improving your search engine rankings.

4. Password Protected Login Box

Every website that has a eCommerce functionality should have a password protected area where users can register their details and be able to see what they have bought in the past; a history of their purchases. They should be able to update and edit their personal information as well. Once they register for the first time, they should receive a polite email acknowledging them as a preferred customer. This information should be kept by you for future email marketing campaigns.

5. Eway + PayPal

Give users the option of paying directly through their credit card as well as PayPal. The latter is a lot easier to set up and may be the way to go if you are just testing the waters with a new product. Getting the banks involved using eway is time consuming and should only be implemented if you will be in this for the long haul.

6. Remember your Social Media Icons

People want to see that you are part of a community, this is why your site should have all the old favourites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Marketing your products on these platforms is a great way to reach out to more customers and users will often click on these sites before they actually make a purchase. Reason being, is that they want to make a connection with you in the first instance. Kind of suss you out and see who you are before buying.

7. Prominent phone number

Having no number on your site makes people wary. They like to be able to know that they can contact you if there is an issue or a problem when they receive the goods. Most eCommerce sites will sell nationally so having a 1300 or 1800 number is a good idea. If you just have an email address as a point of contact, expect some angry emails if things go wrong. If this happens you may have to deal with some online reputation issues, which will harm your brand online. Be very careful about this point. Nasty comments or reviews will only serve to drive users and potential buyers away.

8. Do you have physical stores?

If you are a retailer with an online eCommerce presence, let users know where to find you. Perhaps give them an incentive to pop on by your store. Having a physical location adds heaps to your credibility as well as trust. If you have multiple locations then have a page on your site, with a map. This will make it easier for people to find you..

The above points should be enough to help you get started with your ecommerce site, but if you really want to succeed online, then you need to speak with a t web professional company like Hopping Mad Designs – or call 02 9360 8514.

Why do all businesses need professional logo design?

The way that the public perceives your business is the first step to brand recognition. If you are unable to get your head around this fact and understand the power that your branding and graphic design material has, then you may pay the hefty price for this in the future.

If you are contemplating launching your business with a poor looking and substandard looking logo you will be looked upon as a company that supplies low-quality products or services.

Having a great looking logo is just so important from an overall design perspective. Cutting corners, saving money and doing it on the cheap will only cheapen your brand and image. Simple as that.

Doing it right from the start will get your business off on the right footing and employing the services of a professional logo design company is really the way to go.

Establishing your brand, logo and identity, will form the very solid foundations from which your business can grow.

Why should I use a team of professional graphic designers?

Graphic designers, especially those designers in Sydney are skilled professionals who have spent 3-4 years at college or university learning that art of creativity, so that they may then apply this to your business. Each designer, when taking a design brief, follows some basic steps in order to

Every design job follows certain stages in order to produce the best possible artwork for your business. At Hopping Mad Designs we take the following important steps very seriously:

We ask the right questions

All graphic designers must know the right questions to ask about your business. How else are they going to design a logo for you that you are going to absolutely love? Sure, we can go off on our own tangent and design something that we may like, but if you are not 100% happy then our job is not done. Hence, the need to ask intelligent, factual questions at the briefing stage.

We do the research.

Knowing about your industry, the competition and the logos that are prominent in your area is a fundamental step in the design process. We need to know who has the most recognisable logos as well as the most common. Depending on the nature of the industry, it is a good idea to design a logo that is completely different to what is expected.

Logo Design Ideas

We will present some various design options, colour combinations, fonts and typestyles. You are employing us to be as creative as possible, so we will come up with design styles that closely reflect your initial brief as well as a few ‘curve balls’ that push the design boundaries. It’s all about getting those creative waves happening and allowing us the freedom to work our design magic. If the client is a little bit open-minded, then that’s even better.

How Does Your Stationery Look?

Once we have the logo approved we can then look at mocking up all your internal and external communication especially stationery. Think about your business cards and the statement they make about you. Are they a relic of the past? If so, as graphic designers we can take a good look at all your stationery; business cards, letterheads, email signatures etc and come up with new fresh design options that are sure to boost your image.

Let’s have a look at your online profile.

Graphic designers are just not limited to the print world alone. They are able to look at all your online graphics ensuring that everything you publish online has that professional design edge to it. This includes your website, blog, newsletters, branding and social media. Most graphic companies are comfortable with designing for the digital environment. The great advantage for the business owner is that everything is produced by one studio.

Also read: Signs that it’s time to redesign your website

Hopping Mad Designs would be more than happy to look at your logo, make design suggestions and come up with a whole suite of graphic design solutions that will work wonders for your business.

Why Does Google Love Bloggers and Content?

Following are some great ideas to help you start writing better blogs that your clients, customers and blog followers will absolutely love.

Why Do Google love bloggers?

Writing blog articles can be an extremely difficult task and to add to that making Google love and rank your blog is even harder!

One of the best things that you can do for your website is to publish a blog post. This is because blogging is great for your search engine optimisation, web traffic and establishing your business as an authority in its field.

Why is Blogging Great for SEO?

A blog makes your website larger by increasing the number of pages. Each individual page is able to target a set of what is termed ‘ long tail keywords’. The more and varied blog posts you can write, the more keywords can be targeted. And this will ultimately lead to more web traffic. Ideally, you can write a blog and have it ranking within a couple of weeks. Google absolutely loves new content, and blog writing is the best way to get Google to keep coming back and indexing your website. The more you can dominate your niche with great, informative copy the more people will have eyeballs on your website and in turn more web traffic. It’s a simple rule; create copy and generate traffic.

A must for all blog posts is to have a set of social media links somewhere on the page. The idea is that people who read your post are able to share it with friends, the family who might also find it interesting. It may be as simple as a blog post about a recent cooking recipe but if it is shared and ‘liked’ on the social media platforms, then this will also result in Google loving the blog.

Can Bloggers Forget About Google?

Some businesses that blog strictly for SEO purposes are happy enough to just have their article rank and are not concerned about what the audience thinks. As long as they are up there, then that’s good enough. Well this might be fine for some people but for me and I’m sure many more out there, this is not what blogging is about. Blogging should be more about entertaining and informing your audience, even spicing their day up with juicy articles that make for good reading. That is what it is all about and if you write for your audience, you will be rewarded.

10 Tips For Writing Blog Content That Your Customers Will Love.

1) Who is your reader and write accordingly.

Write for your specific audience – cater to their needs and write blogs that will interest them. Try to avoid being over generic. Covering all industries and sectors in 1 article will alienate your readers.

2) Understand your market.

Write at their level. Just because you may be an authority in your field, does not mean you have to be over professional or condescending in your tone. Try to keep it light if the occasion calls for it. On the other hand, if you need to be technical in your writing style, then do so. But make sure that this one blog is for that particular segment of your audience. HubSpot tells us to keep your buyer personas, motivations, challenges, and interests in mind. It’s also important to choose topics that will resonate with your potential customers and address their pain points.

3) Kill them with kindness.

Be certain to address all your audience concerns or questions they may have. Be sure to answer to the best of your ability and if unclear, refer them to another site. Whether it’s money, finance, health, well being, housing or travel, make sure that the interaction you have with your readers is open and honest and overly polite – they will remember you and pass your details on. This is a great way to foster, nurture and grow a new client base.

4) Invigorate your posts.

Keep your blog posts upbeat and engaging. If it starts to get boring, and you feel like you are losing interest, have a break and continue writing later. Maybe add a video in the blog to keep people on the page, more informed and more excited about the topic.

5) Keep the language simple.

Obviously, this will help users read the blog. Overcomplicated grammar will just annoy the user.

6) Don’t forget about headings and subheadings. Users like to browse the post and skip to points of interest. Make their reading experience easier with bold headings combined with bullet points that allow for easy scanning.

7) Be topic-specific.

Each heading should be about 1 subject. Never deviate from this or merge topics within a bold heading.

8) Use links on your blog.

Link internally to other relevant blog articles ( and in this case write effective SEO blog articles ) you may have written, or link to external pieces of interest.

9) Think about writing amazing, eye-catching headlines.

This will encourage sharing, more reading and like all good blog posts, a better ranking on Google. For SEO purposes, think about having your main targeted keywords in:

– Two to three sub-headlines;
– In your opening statement plus every one to two hundred words. However never overkill this part of the blog, even though it may be very tempting. You want your blog to sound natural, not sterile and clinical. Your readers will soon pick up on keyword stuffing for SEO purposes and abandon you very quickly. Optinmonster tells us that Your headline will determine whether or not someone reads your blog post, becomes a subscriber, or purchases your product. That’s why you need to put a significant amount of focus on crafting better headlines.

10) If you are passionate and knowledgeable about a topic, then go for it.

Write from the heart and not for the search engines.

If you write for your audience will that blog post be SEO friendly?

In simple terms, the answer is a definite yes!

A blog post written for your audience will always be SEO friendly and if you follow the above 10 points, you will be well on your way to getting your post ranked and hopefully more potential customers.

Signs That Your Website Is In Need of a Revamp

Following are some vital signs that your website is looking old and in need of a revamp.

Does your Current Website use flash animation?

This is perhaps the most important sign that your website needs a huge revamp. Flash is no longer read by the search engines and most browsers just don’t like it. It slows download times, cant be read by most hand held devices and is extremely bad for your search engine optimisation. So, if there are any flash banners or animated pages using flash p on your current website, then its a sure sign that it needs a complete overhaul.

You Have Been Ignoring Your Social Media.

People expect to see that your company has some social media presence. Ideally, you should have at least a Facebook page and a LinkedIn or Twitter account. If you do not have these icons on your site, then look to start implementing a social media campaign for your next new website. A great reason for a website revamp!

The User Interface (UX) Looks Dated.

If you have noticed a sharp drop off in inquiries then quite possibly people are coming to your web page and then exiting. This happens all the time to old style, out of date websites and if this is the case then it is time for an urgent upgrade and revamp. Web graphics and websites styles are changing so very quickly that if your site does not look current, then this will reflect very badly foryour online image, and in turn a massive drop in online visitors and traffic.

You Cant Make Changes Yourself.

If you find that your are contacting your web design agency  for the smallest web amend then it is time for a revamp. Reason being, your website has not been built using a content management system and you are tied to your web developer who would have coded the site. Most new websites today are built on a CMS platform, which means that you will be able to make as many changes as you like. This is certainly a great reason for a revamp. At Hopping Mad Designs all our websites that we revamp are built using a WordPress CMS  – its so easy to use and you will love the felxibility it gives you to make site wide changes.

Where are all the Call to Action Buttons?

Users need to be guided through the web process. Older, more traditional websites had a very basic navigation structure, and relied on users going to the contact us page to make an inquiry. If you can see this on your site, then it is time to make the call to your web design company and ask urgently for a revamp. Ask for highlighted call to action buttons on all pages throughout the site.

You Should Put a Blog on your Website.

Having a blog is now common practice and is a great way to communicate with your client base – without a blog your website looks very dated – another good reason for a revamp or even a small overhaul. Haveing a blog allows for content marketing, which is now a great online marketing tool, that should be used frequently. At Hopping Mad Designs we constantly blog and the results are absolutely fantastic!

Are all the Staff Members Current?

If staff profile photos have never been changed then it is a sign that you have not updated your site. Get professional images of you and your staff taken and then look at getting your website revamped.

How is Your SEO Going?

If your online rankings have dropped because you are not able to access your site due to a lack of a CMS then it is time to turn things around. On top of this, a new refreshed website will be looked positively upon by Google and you should see your rankings start to climb. One point to note as well is your web content. This will definitely need a complete refresh as your services, goods or products will have most likely changed over the years.

Is your Web site Mobile Phone and Tablet Friendly?

With growing mobile phone usage increasing yearly, your website must be 100% responsive and be viewable on all mobiles, smartphones and ipads. If not, you are going to miss out on a huge market share. This is a massive sign that your website is in need of an urgent revamp!

Has your Corporate Identity or Brand Changed?

If you have changed your corporate image or company identity, then your website needs to reflect this. Branding must be 100% consistent across all your communication, especially your website. Your website needs to include your new styling, colours and content throughout every page. If you are looking at your site now, and can see that it still has the old logo, then this is a good clue that it’s revamp time.

Speak with Hopping Mad Designs taday if you are thinking about having your website revamped – call 02 9360 8514.


Social Media Companies in Sydney

Hopping Mad Designs is an industry leading, innovative Social Media Company in Sydney that is able to help breakdown the myths and secrets shrouded with social media marketing in a way that will benefit your business. We are able to pilot your online social media marketing onto a new level that you never thought possible before the web 2.0 revolution.We are able to take your brand to a whole new and very exciting level by using existing and proven Social Media strategies, that create an enormous ‘social buzz’ around your business.

The emergence of Social media has opened up the channels of communication; you are communicating directly with clients, plus you are allowing them the necessary tools to talk back,to you as well as one another. And all this can happen instantly. This means that there is so much at stake here for your business and we take this very very seriously.

Get more social online

At Hopping Mad Designs we also know that a social media marketing campaign should not only be about building your reputation and brand online. We know that social media engagement is a nice to have but doesn’t pay the bills. This is why all our social media campaigns will be designed to:

1) Generate short to mid-term sales inquiries.
This means that if a campaign is going well we can refine and extend it’s life – conversely if it doesn’t hit the spot then we can reassess the campaign very quickly. Social media is all about being dynamic and adjusting to trends and consumer tastes and influences.

2) Engage existing customers. We never forget about your existing database of clients and customise and design social media campaigns to maintain them as well as promote word of mouth referrals.

3) Increase brand awareness to new customers. We know how to assess, find your target market and develop campaigns for them. We have the staff and experience to tackle any social media demographic, no matter how niche they may be.

4) Inform a larger/wider audience regarding an initiative or new product. We have a very big mouth when it comes to your social media marketing. We are able to spread your companies message online and do it FAST.

5) Breath life back into an existing campaign. We are able to audit your current social media standing and look at ways to invigorate and push it even further and harder online.

Why should your company invest in Social Media?

If you are looking at alternative ways to expand your marketing reach and attract a whole new client base then you seriously need to look at social media. You might be currently investing in traditional forms of marketing ( TV + print + radio) plus you may have a great Google ranking, but there is a whole new area that has literally exploded on the scene. If your business is not looking at ways to expose themselves to this new market then it is going to miss out on some HUGE opportunities.

Moving forward into at least the next 3-4 years all businesses, companies, Government bodies, NFP’s and NGO’s will need to have a social media strategy in place. And Hopping Mad Designs is positioned itself to facilitate this through out office in Sydney.

If you have got something to say and need to spread the message quickly, then social media is for you. Following are just a few more reasons why you should be considering a social media policy:

-You want to tell the public about a new product or service and want immediate feedback;
-If you want to interact with your clients online – start to engage with them;
-You need to send a message or announcement to a certain group;
-You are fed up with alienating your customers;
-You would like to engage and involve staff members more;
-You are unclear about your audience and want to know more about who they really are;
-Someone has damaged your brand and you need to put out the fires – this is known as online reputation management;
-Customers are deserting you and you want to retain them;
-You want to increase your potential sales, website traffic, as well as corporate exposure;

Social media like any good PR campaign can influence and sway opinion as well as perceptions about businesses, people, brands and products. The beauty about it is, that there is not one type of platform, but many. And the numbers keep on growing and expanding.

Here at Hopping Mad Designs, we are experts at adapting particular social media platforms into a cohesive, structured and well planned strategy that you will be able to integrate into your marketing to grow your business, with immediate results. The good news for you is that social media is now accessible by most people, which means that you can start speaking with them now. Waiting will only give your competition the edge in this space.


So how do I find the right social media company in Sydney?

The answer is simple. Look for companies that advertise that they offer a social media service and go and visit their office. For example if you Google the words: ‘ social media marketing strategies in Sydney’, you will find a whole range of companies coming up on the Google search. Pick out a handful and see if they are the right fit. Generally speaking a good social media company will be able to show you:
-their past campaigns
-an ability for reputation management
-possess strong search engine optimisation skills and be able to back this up with solid credible results. This is really an important part!
-a strong team of copy writers who have worked on past social media projects.
-a solid graphic and web design team
-awesome in house programmers and developers.

At Hopping Mad Designs we like to think of ourselves as a extension of your business by encouraging a real and very friendly partnering style relationship. We are not the type of company that offers a template style solution – a one size fits all. We are alternative thinkers that offer creative solutions that are very affordable.

Ready to get social?

If you want real solutions as well as a clearer insight into the workings of social media, and want to deal with an established, reliable and mature company, then please call us on 02 9360 8514.