Month: April 2013

Dive in and find out about the latest news, tips, digital marketing ideas and trends in graphic & web design, printing and branding from the team at Hopping Mad Designs

Signs That Your Website Is In Need of a Revamp

April 3 2013 If you are like most business owners, the last thing you are probably going to want to do is have your website revamped. Your current website is probably a couple of years old, doing it's job just fine, and bringing in the business. But, like everything, it might be time MORE →

Social Media Companies in Sydney

April 1 2013 Your business needs social media marketing. Simple as that! Social media companies in Sydney that deliver great results cannot be ignored. While the tools and social media platforms may change (Google+, Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, blogs  and more), the very essence of a successful social media campaign is clear: MORE →
Why Does Google Love Bloggers and Content?

Why Does Google Love Bloggers and Content?

April 7 2013 If you are like me, you are not only blogging to pass on your expertise, but you are in fact, blogging for your businesses benefit. That is, you are writing blog articles about topics related to your business that will eventually get ranked on Google. The end result will be MORE →

Branding for business, why you need a graphic designer

April 29 2013 Consumers on the street are forever being hit with ads, commercial, signage and billboards. If you are a business that wants to be part of the herd then there is no need for you to hire a graphic design agency. However, if you really want to make a statement about MORE →


April 24 2013 Are your looking for a talented group of web designers for your next Association Web Design Project? Then you have found the right website. Hopping Mad Designs has over 17 years of web design experience, helping Associations around Sydney and Australia with all their website design and web development needs. MORE →

Specialists Medical Internet Marketing

April 22 2013 Are you running a busy medical practice and have no time for your internet marketing? Do you find that you have no spare time during the day to market your practice or surgery? If the answer is yes, then stop worrying. We can help. Hopping Mad Designs is a specialist MORE →

Why You Need Responsive Web Design

April 18 2013 As users become more accustomed to searching the internet on multiple platforms and mobile and hand held devices, it is becoming harder and harder to create, design and build websites that can be viewed on all these screens. Just think about how many different devices there are out there MORE →

Essential must haves for your ecommerce website design

April 16 2013 eCommerce shopping has become so mainstream that buying goods online is like going down to the corner shop for a carton of milk. I mean, everyone is online, consumers are now surfing the net, buying products online more than ever. Whether; clothes, toys, books, tickets or even pharmaceutical products, it's MORE →
Why do all businesses need professional logo design?

Why do all businesses need professional logo design?

April 11 2013 Why should businesses need to contract a professional design firm for their graphic design and logo design services and not do it themselves or get a relative, best friend or do it themselves? Technologies and software make it so much easier for the small business owner or marketing professional MORE →
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