Month: July 2013

Dive in and find out about the latest news, tips, digital marketing ideas and trends in graphic & web design, printing and branding from the team at Hopping Mad Designs

Why does your Business need Mobile Website Design?

July 9 2013 The need for mobile website design is something that is no longer a pipe dream for most businesses. It is not something that should be tabled for another day or next year. Mobile website design is current and all business owners as well as marketing people should be well on MORE →

Tips for Designing a Website for Seniors and the Elderly

July 4 2013 Do seniors and the elderly use websites differently from the younger audience? Is your business losing potential customers by not accommodating the needs of the senior audience? Seniors are big users of the internet. From booking tickets to the opera, right through to checking out cruise information, senior citizens MORE →

A beginners guide to website search engine optimisation

July 1 2013 Search Engine Optimisation or what is commonly referred to as SEO is the technique of ranking a website in the organic, that is non paid, results area of the search engines. MORE →
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