Instagram is a Great Marketing Tool.

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I just came out of a meeting and the marketing platform most discussed was…wait for it…..Instagram. Not saying that I’m total addicted to Instagram, but I look forward to my daily hits of images from all over the world. In fact, if I don’t get my daily dose from some of my favourite Instagram followings, I can wonder what’s going on. I am an avid surfer so I get a daily picture from my favourite surf break in Bali. This has become habit forming and I realise how powerful a toll this can be for businesses looking to gain a following or hook into a new market.

Instagram is simple to sign into and they make it incredibly easy to post photos. For businesses wanting another avenue to market their products or simply to get their name out to a wider more app and internet savvy client base, this is perfect.

People and businesses all over Australia are only now becoming aware of this new app and are starting to include it into their marketing mix. Download it for free from your itunes store and give it a go. It will take you less than  5 minutes to get started.

A  Instagram case study would be a great way to highlight this.

Imagine you are a boutique hotel in an exotic location. Posting photos daily of your hotel and surrounds is a great reminder to hotel guests and a good way to market your hotel to a massive worldwide potential market. Snap away, upload and let the images do the rest. Simple as that!

Perhaps the exotic is not your thing and you are a cake shop. Posting images of your latest creations is another way to market your business and get a new online following.

As a web design company for example, we can post cool images of websites we like or have just recently designed and get people to comment on these. Instagram is powerful and I feel a lot easier to regulate and promote than Facebook or Twitter.

Photos really have impact and if you can be just that bit creative with the photos you take with your phone, then Instagram will be a great marketing tool and once mastered you will be clicking away. This I can promise you.

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