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A crucial call to action button on your website can be a huge factor in determining if people will buy or not but from you. You mat think that you have the world’s best looking website, but if it is not converting users into customers then you may not have enough strong call to action or buy buttons throughout your site. These buttons ensure that the required actions have a high profile and are extremely visible on your site making the buying process as easy as possible for visitors. They need to be large, visible and colourful. With clear link paths right though to the buy now or inquiry page. Those websites that are hard to navigate without clear call to actions may be good for some industries, but overall you really need to assist and entice users to make an inquiry. The answer is clear. Strong, loud and in your face call to actions. Following are three main reasons why large and bright calls to action navigation buttons on your website can help capture, inform and in turn convert browsers into paying customers and help drive your sales.

It Will Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment
Shopping cart abandonment rates are absolutely staggering and can range between 60 and 80%. Yes, they may love your product and want to make the purchase, but just because they are on your site does not necessarily mean that they are going to part with their cash. Most businesses that have engaged a credible user interface and web design company have got this right, but there are still many businesses out there who have no clue about this. Having strong call to action buttons on each page of your website will make it simple for potential customers to commit, hence reducing the amount of exits. Consider pop up windows asking ‘if users are sure they want to exit the page’, for users that have added an item to the cart but not proceeded to buy.

It Improves Customer Engagement
Potential customers are less interested in sales jargon than call to actions that will emotionally appeal to them. They are more interested in how a product or service may benefit them, than cheesy sales slogans. Therefore in your call to actions, make sure that the wording is all about how the customer can benefit. For example, as a web design company, we might want to have a button saying: “ you are 1 click away from getting 5 new customers per week’. Remember people will respond more if they can see how buying from you will benefit them.

Let’s Make a Deal.
A well placed call to action is the best way to drive sales. It’s a super catalyst to converts browsers or tyre kickers into full paying customers. Make sure that every landing page of your site has these conversion points. Without them you may have a great looking site, but completely worthless when it comes to bringing in the dollars.

 Have a good look at your current website and see if there are any call to action buttons. If you can’t see any why not get in touch with one of our web designers here at hopping mad designs and we can audit your site and make the best recommendations on where to place these. You might just be surprised what a few simple, minor alterations can do for your bottom line. Try it out. Add just one call to action on your home page and check out the difference it makes.

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