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If you look close enough most architects websites seem to follow the same old formula; large images and many of them, with little or no text. Basically it’s just their portfolio online and the bigger the images the better. This is great if you are a very well known architect and just want a brochure style website that potential client’s are able to refer to. But, if you are an architect that is wanting to be just that bit different and have this reflected online, then you should really consider an alternative style website that not only drives web inquiries but also a website that sets you apart.


If you are an existing architectural firm and have decided that your current site, whilst it may have looked great in the 90’s is now in need of a serious revamp, then you should consider the following points:

– ask your web designer if they are able to design a site that is just a bit different to the same old web format that has been done to death for the past 15 years. See if they can think outside the box a bit and design your firm a site that is reflective of your architectural style, image and brand. Don’t settle for ‘same as’ design style. Try to push them just that bit more to get something exciting created for you.

– Most architects in the past have relied heavily on their previous work and reputation to drive business. This is something that should be addressed. As times get tougher and clients become more scares, you should be looking at getting a website that is designed to drive new business inquiries and traffic. There are simple ways and techniques to do this and this should be brought up with your web design team.

– If you only get 2 things done for your website then make sure that you get professional photography done as well as have a professional copy writer look at your content or web copy. You property images will do the selling and the copy will compliment this. Awesome looking photos your work will make all the difference. Poorly taken photos will reflect badly on you and your firm. Going that extra mile will be rewarded when all those new business leads start coming in. Plus, well worded copy will help your landing web pages rank better on the search engines. Both are easy to do and it’s a huge win win for the client and for your architecture firm.

– Make sure that your new site is mobile phone and tablet friendly. You certainly do not want to be missing out on this huge new emerging market. The technology known as responsive web design; to automatically resize your website to the various screen sizes is now easier to implement and is something to consider for your new web site.

– Just because you might be a well known architect, users searching for services online, if they cannot find your website, will most likely not approach you. Don’t be fooled by the power and effectiveness of the online search market and your website should be seriously geared towards this. If the phone is not ringing and new business leads are drying up, then there is a simple solution and its called SEO.

If you are a new architectural firm starting out and looking to get an online presence BUT do not have a strong portfolio then you need to:

– get a website that really has ‘wow factor’ – let the design of the website and perhaps your new branding show the online world that whilst you are a new start up, you are cutting edge, pro active and perhaps just that bit different. Consumers are always looking for that next thing and I see no reason why this cannot be the same in the architecture space.

– If you havn’t got many case studies perhaps focus on the staff and play on their past experience, work history and enthusiasm for the job. People might just give you a go if they can see that you are keen and want the work.

– Be honest and open in your online positioning. Sure, try and make your website look as though it is punching above its weight but be sincere in your content and truthful about your experience. Clients will appreciate your honesty and you will feel more confident in the sales pitch.


A good idea is to work with a web company that has an understanding of the architectural industry and has worked on some industry specific websites in the past. Go online and look at their portfolio before making any decisions. If you feel that it’s the right fit, then it’s always a good idea to meet with them to go over a full design brief.

Also, a bad idea is to use the services of web company that is offering cheap packages. I completely understand the temptation to go with a firm that is prepared to cut costs, but you really need to ask yourself what are they sacrificing to meet the price. A cheap site now may seem like a great idea but may end up costing you more money in the future. Due to the sheer volume of web designers, prices have been dramatically cut. Yes, look for a good deal, but never ever go with web studios that are basically giving their services away.

After all, making the right impression online is what counts and I’m 100 % sure that only web design Sydney companies like Hopping Mad Designs will be able to help your architecture firm achieve this.

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