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Your brand is really the foundation of your business and you need a brand management company like Hopping Mad Designs to design your brand and then manage it. We are not only a web design Sydney studio.We are much more than this and can manage your entire brand strategy from the very beginning. If you think about your brand and where it can be applied; stationery design, website design, brochure design, web design and website development, search engine optimisation, the list goes on and on. We can design and develop your brand and then manage and promote it through out the life of your business. As web design and digital marketing experts we cover the entire spectrum of the online web design environment to ensure complete design harmony amongst all your communication material.

Your brand is your intellectual property. It reflects who you are, your companies core values, its direction as well as the client base. It needs nurturing and strict brand management if you are to maintain the integrity and value of your brand. This is why you need to use a professional graphic design and digital agency when designing any marketing or sales material. Compromising your brand or identity will have a serious impact on your business and the way it’s perceived by the buying public.
Why use Hopping Mad Designs for your brand management?

Simply put, we understand design. We are able to design a brand for your business, company or product and ensure that all future sales and marketing material adhere to the strict brand guidelines that we will create. After each and every unique brand we design, we make sure that you have a comprehensive style guide that will be the benchmark for all future print, web or social media material used. Our design style, is always fresh, clean and contemporary which means that your brand will always look as though it has been well thought out with a comprehensive brand strategy behind it.

We understand corporate branding. If you need to develop your stationery or marketing collateral, we are able to take your new brand and apply it to all your new communication pieces. We are brand management experts when it comes to business card, letterhead, with comp slips, brochures, reports, envelopes and email signature design.

We can offer graphic design and web design solutions for all of these items based on the brand that we create. Managing your brand at this stage is crucial for your marketing. Just think about how many business cards you give out on a daily basis. If these cards do not look the part then it can diminish your brands value. It is small things like this that are often overlooked by businesses that can have brand consequences in the future. This is why YOU MUST engage the services of a company like hopping mad designs who can manage your brand throughout all stages of its evolution.

We know website design. This is where your brand can easily become diluted with all the internet noise as well as the online competition. If your website does not articulate your brand clearly, users will become confused and exit your site. Maintaining the strength and positioning of your brand online will be key to the success of your website. Sending out mixed messages, with conflicting brand statements will cause more harm than good.

We know how to draft and create engaging and sales focused copy. So you have a great looking brand but need to position it in the market place. We have copy experts that can take your brand,; whether, business, corporate, organisation or product and come up with concise, fresh and very relevant content that will compliment your brand. As brand management experts in Sydney, we know how difficult coming up with clever content can be so this is why we only work with industries to bring your brand positioning statements; whether print or web that work.


This happens more and more as site reviews and customers comments and blogs become the norm. It is just so easy to trash a brand nowadays online. Anyone who has access to the internet can get in there and post malicious comments about your brand which will eventually get indexed by Google. At Hopping Mad we have a dedicated SEO team that can watch out and monitor any internet chatter about your brand and immediately address any negativity. We call it online reputation management and can help negate and reduce the impact of any bad reviews or content written about your business online.

Ideally, you need to work with just one company that can design your brand, work up a style guide and handle all your external marketing and communication material. At Hopping Mad Designs we have the design experience and wealth of brand management knowledge to ensure design harmony and brand consistency when handling your material.

Please call Hopping Mad Designs on 02 9360 8514 for a chat about your next branding exercise. Or if you are wanting to get a new website design then please call one of our web design team.


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